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Monday, August 28, 2006
There may be no ‘I’ in Team, but there certainly is one in Olmert. A big one too.

As investigations into Olmert’s activities in the last Knesset begin to warm up, Olmert spoke today to the nation from Haifa. He spoke how He takes responsibility for (winning?) the war and explained His decisions.

In His words:
“the responsibility for the decision to go to war, to respond with military might, not to be silent about harm to our soldiers, our civilians and our sovereignty, as well as the responsibility for the outcome of this war – is mine.”

He explained how He has decided a (weak, powerless) commissions of inquiry will be established to uncover and help fix the failures (as opposed to a state commission that could demand resignations). He explained that He selected who will be on the commissions.

I wonder if the commission will discuss the failure of the Ministry of Social Welfare failed to help those in the North, and if they will discuss the responsibility of the Minister of Social Welfare to fulfill his most basic task.

Of course, since the Minister of Social Welfare is also none other than Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It was truly amazing how many times Olmert said the word ‘I’ in his speech.

What worries me is how he promised that He, Ehud Olmert will bring home the kidnapped soldiers. It sounded like there is a deal already completed with Hizbollah. I want our boys home, but how many terrorists has He already promised to release in exchange? What is the price of Olmert’s ego and our security?

In other news, Hizbollah continues with their psychological warfare with an upcoming documentary on Ron Arad with ‘new’ footage (presuming it is real).

Hizbollah and Iran are merely playing a psychological warfare game on the people of Israel. I (not Ehud Olmert) say it is best to ignore it, though no one will.


Anonymous said...

MK Sharansky: Shin Bet assessment unequivocal and frightening

Published: 08.29.06, 11:28

MK Natan Sharansky (Likud) said in response to the report of the head of the Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, "Ten years I have been hearing security reports. I have never heard such an unequivocal and frightening report that calls for immediate action."

According to him, "Every kind of weapon, except for tanks and airplanes, are getting into the Gaza Strip through the Philadelphia Route, including terrorist experts who have been trained in Iran. Hamas is establishing a terrorist army in Gaza. Now it is no longer possible to say they didn't warn us." (Ilan Marciano)

Anonymous said...

It's time to fight with all we have got.

Infect the soon to be released terrorists with the mumps (they dont get regular vacinations) and send them home to infect their supporters.

JoeSettler said...

Biological warfare and slow-acting genocide.

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