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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
In retrospect, the last (16th) Knesset may not have been the most corrupt.

After all, many of the same people continue to serve. Ehud Olmert, who partook with Ariel Sharon in some of his illicit scandals keeps finding his name mentioned and then suddenly buried. Tsachi HaNegbi, is being indicted. Haim Ramon it seems may be a perv. And the Chief of Staff Dan Halutz is apparently a war profiteer.

Meanwhile Tzipi Livni’s Deportation committee is suddenly finding problems with realignment (such as the missile threat, gee who would have thought), not that it will stop Olmert from trying.

And of course all the zigzagging, lack of goals, fear, and other problems caused us to lose this round and embolden our enemies.

Iran is again talking about hitting Tel Aviv (maybe that would get them interested?), and not only is Assad talking war and taking the Golan, but Amir Peretz is openly saying that he has what to capitulate to with Syria.

And of course Gaza is still shooting at us, Hizbollah is not disbanding and are even moving back to our border, and we haven’t gotten a single kidnapped soldier back for our effort.

Is there what to do?

Besides hoping the war restarts soon enough and we are better prepared, decisive, and led by better leadership, and of course our consistently brave and unselfish soldiers, I think the answer is yes.

There are practical steps that can be taken before Israel forgets next week what happened last week.

I will discuss them in a future post.


JoeSettler said...

It's incredible the amount of Iranian and advanced weapons are troops found throughout Lebanon. I doubt it will be discussed much, but soldiers have reported storehouses with volumes of weapons they've never seen in their lives.

Anonymous said...

What did they do with the weapons?I hope destroyed them.Or are these the 'hidden 'weapons the Lebanese army is allowing to remain.

JoeSettler said...

daaty: IDF took the stock.

JoeSettler said...

Among other failures I want to add are:
-Failure to care for the housing of 1 million refugees (which ultimately was done privately).

-Failure to have a clear evacuation plan, or at least implmenet it in a timely manner.

Now if I were cynical, I wouldn't say that Halutz was profiteering from the war, but rather he didn't expect to win so he cut his financial losses and bet against his own team.

bluke said...

Lieberman had a great comment about Peres
"It is just this kind of obliviousness to reality that brought the country to the present conflict," Lieberman said.

"After Assad announced that the Golan Heights would be liberated by Syrian soldiers and that Hizbullah won the conflict, Peretz's call for negotiations with Syria will be received as a weakness and an invitation for another attack," he said. "It is preferable that the defense minister focus on preparing the army for the next unavoidable conflict rather than unrealistic wishful thinking."

Anonymous said...


How can you claim we took the stock, we were never in control of any city in Lebanon?

Maybe we took here and there, but come on, our troops never "cleansed" the area to say the least.

The weapons are still there. Don't stick your head in the sand.

JoeSettler said...

We controlled a number of villages in S. Lebanon where weapons were being stored.

Cosmic X said...

The whole "Halutz STock Selling Scandal" is just a spin to divert attention from the failures of the government. BTW, if I am not mistaken the stock market did not plummet in the last month.

JoeSettler said...

C X: It's scapegoating, but deservingly so. He did lose the war after all, along with Olmert, Peretz, Livini and the rest.

Anonymous said...


I dont want to get into a chit chat over this, but lets say we controlled "10" villages, what about the other 100?

South Lebanon is stocked with Iranian and Russian weapons.(And IDF weapons ) Hizballah is just waiting for ACT II. If you dont want to believe this, I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge :)

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