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Friday, September 29, 2006

It never fails. Whenever my Left-wing acquaintances speak, I never fail to walk away with the feeling that I am listening to a parody of everything I read in the paper, whether it be that missiles are no threat, or disengagement is good for Israel, or whatever other nonsense is being spewed that day.

Last night I think they outdid themselves.

I mean, true, I’ve heard similar statements like it from MKs and Leftist organizations, but to hear it in person from a typical secular leftist I know, it was like watching a parody on TV.

I sat there in utter bemusement as one said, “Peres is an honest man, and everything he does, he does for The Peace.” (Yes, she managed to capitalize the letters when she said them in Hebrew).

I could barely restrain the laughter, it was like watching “Eretz Nehederet” but actually being in the audience.

In other Parodies that have occurred recently, A Yitzhar resident was arrested for living at home, and another 2 arrested trying to get home. That’s not so bad I guess, because Jewish residents in the Old City aren’t even allowed to leave their home. I wonder who has it worse?

Yitzhar Resident Arrested for Violating IDF Restraining Order
09:49 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767

( A Yitzhar resident was placed under arrested after he was found living in his home in Yitzhar. The suspect is prohibited from entering any Samaria community as per an IDF administrative order.The suspected will be remanded in a Petach Tikvah court on Friday morning.

Two Arrested in Yitzhar for Violating IDF Order
10:22 Sep 28, '06 / 6 Tishrei 5767

( Authorities on Wednesday night arrested two Israelis in the Samaria community of Yitzhar, reportedly for violating an IDF order prohibiting them from entering the community. The military order was signed by Central Commander Major-General Yair Naveh.

Old City Street Closed to Jews Two Hours Daily During Ramadan
09:08 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767 Police have notified residents of Jerusalem’s Old City that during Ramadan, Haggai Street heading to the Kotel (Western Wall) will be closed to Jews from 10pm until midnight. Jerusalem officials explain the move is to avoid skirmishes between Jews and Muslims following Ramadan prayer services on the Temple Mount.

And talk about too little, too late. The guy is retiring and only now decides to question the disengagement.

Army Chief Rabbi: There Will Never Be Another Disengagement
19:19 Sep 28, '06 / 6 Tishrei 5767

( The Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Defense Forces Brigadier General Yisrael Weiss said Thursday in a speech that, “There will never be another disengagement.”Rabbi Weiss was speaking at a ceremony in honor of his retirement.“I have never stopped asking myself if the destruction (of the Jewish communities) was in vain.”

Ben Gvir: Weiss Apology is Not Enough
09:31 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767

Nationalist activist Itamar Ben Gvir reacted to outgoing IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier General Rabbi Yisrael Weiss’ comments that he fears that the disengagement was for nothing.“His apology is not enough for the thousands of Jews whose lives were destroyed after they were expelled from their homes,” said Ben Gvir. He continued, “It is strange that a year and two months after the expulsion, all the collaborators remember to apologize.

When were they then?” he asked.

MK Hendel: We Won’t Accept Repentance of Those Who Expelled Us
23:18 Sep 28, '06 / 6 Tishrei 5767

MK Tzvi Hendel of the National Religious Party – National Union said today that those expelled from Gush Katif will not accept expressions of regret from those who supported the disengagement plan.Hendel was speaking in reaction to comments made Thursday by outgoing IDF Chief Rabbi Yisrael Weiss that he wonders whether the expulsions were done for nothing.Hendel, who himself was expelled from Gush Katif, said about Weiss, “He is not the first senior officer to say that which we have been saying for a long time.” Hendel continued, “To those expelled, repentance won’t help. However, I hope that finally the lessons have been learned and that the corrupt officials who caused damage to the state will be removed from the government and the army.”

And talk about timely answers. Despite video tapes of Arabs destroying their own trees and blowing themselves up, the Left simply can’t imagine why a Palestinian would harm his own trees.


Do trees and olives take longer to grow up than Arab children do when they are sent out to blow up? Or do Leftists simply believe that Arabs value their trees more than their children?

Army prepares to safeguard Palestinian olive farmers
2006 3:45 Updated Sep. 29, 2006 5:25

However, Emily Amrusi, a spokeswoman for the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, said that 90 percent of the stories of settler violence against Palestinian farmers were exaggerated. Amrusi said the council even has video clips, which they released last winter, which show the Palestinians harming their own trees.

[Palestinian coordinator who works with Rabbis for Human Rights, Zachary ] Sadeh discounted such films as illogical. Why would Palestinian farmers harm trees that take so many years to grow and on whom they rely on for economic sustenance, he asked.

Police Investigating Destruction of Trees in Hevron Hills
15:43 Sep 28, '06 / 6 Tishrei 5767

( Police are investigating the uprooting of
some 100 oak trees in the Hevron Hills area near the community of Beit Haggai.

According to the report, police suspect Arabs may have cut down the trees for

You simply gotta laugh.

Ah. Nothing like some parodies to make your Friday complete.

Monday, September 25, 2006
First Lurker sent me the link, and then Jameel wrote about it, but I’ve been thinking if we could get the names of those Border Policemen (hopefully none named Martin) and bring them over to my settlement.

Apparently the Border Police felt that their job was to beat up the guy leading the Rosh Hashana prayers at the Kotel Hakatan (who had reached the point where you blow the Shofar) because some Arab lady complained.

If you didn’t know, the Kotel Hakatan is where the Jews used to pray when the British and Arabs wouldn’t let them pray at the big Kotel. Of course it was convenient for the Jews back then because what is today the Muslim Quarter of the Old City was actually then the Jewish Quarter until 1948 - when the Arabs massacred and chased out the Jewish residents. It is also pretty close to the area around the Kodesh Kedoshim which makes it even more important.

You see, every morning at around 4:00 and of course late at night (and of course throughout the day), the muezzins all around us blast their prayers at near full volume (they only go to full volume when they know it‘s a Jewish holiday). And for some reason the muezzin’s speakers are pointed directly at my home, even though nearly all their residents live on the exact opposite side of the muezzin - go figure.

I admit, it’s risky bringing the Magav near us, after Amona and Rosh HaShana it seems that the internal confusion the government inculcated into them is pretty serious and they don‘t know who the enemy is.

On the other hand, until I get around to secretly replacing their tape late some night with some Menachem Herman perhaps we can get some relief.
As Olmert denies meeting/speaking with Saudi officials, and maybe even with their chief dictator, you have to wonder if certain sectors have completely no sechel whatsoever.

We must remember first and foremost that the Saudi’s are still presenting the Saudi Initiative for cutting down Israel in size (if not completely), and they have more than enough money to have resolved any “Palestinian refugee” issue if they actually wished to at any time. Nor should we forget their not so tenuous familial connection to Al-Qaeda.

But now let’s look at what the news is reporting.

Olmert doesn’t deny praising the Saudis for their “responsible” position during the Lebanon war, he only denies meeting with them.

Saudi Arabia took a “responsible” position?

Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars in Lebanon’s infrastructure and real estate which they hoped to make big profits from. When Hizbollah attacked and the IDF responded they were watching all their investments go up in smoke. Literally.

They weren’t taking responsible positions vis-à-vis Middle East stability as Olmert & Co. are fooling themselves (yet again) into believing. They were trying to prevent the further and complete loss of their investments in Lebanon.

But let’s consider something even more awful.

Is it possible that Israel didn’t properly strike Beirut and restrained itself against other Lebanese infrastructure targets because the Saudis did speak to Olmert and asked him not to?

Is it possible that Olmert took the concerns of an enemy state which is still putting forward a plan to weaken and potentially destroy Israel ahead of the needs and concerns of the State of Israel?

Like all those on the Left, did Olmert & Co. instinctively lose control and his knees quiver and buckle with anticipation when the words “Peace” and “Recognition” were casually and meaninglessly thrown into the conversation asking him not to hit Lebanon anymore because it is hurting the dictator‘s investments?

Is he preparing for more concessions for peace, and his lack of action in Lebanon just a lead-in for what he has prepared for us?

I believe the answer is yes - and I’m sure you my readers must now think so too.

There is no question that this also needs to be investigated by whatever cover-up committee is “investigating” the PM’s actions during the war.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the truth from them.

In other news, Lebanon is asking for heavy weaponry from Europe, include anti-aircraft batteries, and anti-tank missiles, explicitly to defend against the Israeli enemy. There is no comment I need to add here.
Friday, September 22, 2006
May this be a year where we see only good things for Israel:
Our strength and love of Torah should grow.
We should defeat (all) our enemies.
Our Jewish towns throughout the Land of Israel should increase.
We should return to all our homes in Israel we were expelled from.
We should finally get a Jewish government in the Land of Israel.
We should be forgiven for all our sins.
We should have a year of health, wealth, and happiness.

Shanah Tova

Thursday, September 21, 2006
It’s a shame that the US can't arrest or kill Ahmedinejad while he is in the US. It’s also a shame while the UN protest wasn't small, it wasn’t overwhelmingly huge either and completely filled with American citizens who care about their future who recognize the threat Iran represents.

Obviously the reality is that removing Ahmedinejad will do absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from getting the bomb (and using it), but it’s a first step (and it would make me feel better).

Iran has been showing off their missiles, airplanes, armies, and making other scary noises - but that is not how they’ll nuke the US.

You have to first consider how Iran really fights. Except for against Iraq decades ago, Iran has been using proxies to fight its battles. Proxies like the suicide bombers in Iraq, Hizbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas and Fatah in Israel. And who knows their connection to Islamic Jihad in Egypt?

And of course we can’t forget that Iran’s biggest export after oil is evidently terrorist weapons.

And they’re very good at it. Weapons to Hizbollah. Weapons to Syria. Weapons to Fatah. Weapons to Hamas. Weapons to Iraqi suicide bombers.

Weapons flow through Syria. Weapons flow through Egypt. Weapons apparently even flow through Turkey (until the US says stop).

But when Iran gets the Bomb, they aren’t going to be putting in on top of a missile and sending it to Europe.


Iran is going to pack it in a suitcase (or 12) and send them through Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and perhaps even Saudi Arabia. And then they’ll give them to their proxies who will happily blow themselves up in their country of (Iran's) choice.

New York will get one, D.C. will get one. L.A. will get one. London will get one. Israel will get two of course, and a few other cities will get theirs.

It’s about time the world wakes up and realizes what Iran is and what they plan to do.

Iran wants Armegeddon. They go to heaven or they rule the world. Either way they win.

Ahmadinejad wants to be the next Hitler (or Mohammad, both equally mad) and Iran’s clerical leaders want Iran to be the next Nazi Germany - and unless we nip this in the bud now its going to be a lot messier than WW II was.

If we learned nothing from history (and our name isn’t Shimon Peres) the world should have learned this.

Stop Iran now (and Olmert go home).
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
While unfortunately my blog tends towards cynicism and negativity (and I’m not happy about that at all), every now and then something opens your eyes to the good things in Israel.

Those of us living in Israel sometimes don’t appreciate the positive side of organizations like Bituach Leumi and even the Kupot when compared to say Social Security, Medicare and the HMOs in America. We’re annoyed that we pay so much into the system, yet the reality is that we potentially can get a lot more out of it in return if G/d forbid we needed to.

True, medical care isn’t on the technical level of say the best hospitals in NY or Boston, but if you are sick in Israel, in most cases the government will cover your medical expenses from A to Y (not necessarily Z). And if you are incapable of working, disability is a given for all citizens, as is retraining if applicable. And for the new mother and mother-to-be the attention you get is incredible (and mostly free) if you are willing to wait your turn in line.

Sometimes you have to fight for it, but usually you get your help, and sometimes we take for granted what Israel gives back to us compared to other countries.

In America, one can ever so easily fall between the categories, and that’s it. You’re truly stuck.

You can find yourself without money, without proper health care, without anything.

The HMOs in America are fundamentally evil in the way they try to avoid their obligations, and while dealing with the Kupot in Israel can be infuriating, and your often limited choice of doctors can be annoying (though some Kupot allow you to go outside for special cases) and when you can get an appointment, at least you know that it is usually just a matter of swapping your membership card and payment is guaranteed. Not something you can take for granted in the US at all.

Yes, Bituach Leumi and the Kupot has a lot of things that need serious fixing, but you know what, compared to other first world countries, we don’t always realize how good we have it.

Please have in mind for the next few weeks a Refuah Shleimah for: Naftali ben Tzila.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Why are we in Eilat?

A report shows that Eilat is and has been a prime target for a global Jihad attack. Eilat is not part of Biblical Israel. We are wasting valuable resources defending such a remote settlement. There is even talk now of building a new IDF army base near it, as if we weren’t already wasting all that Navy and Air Force money defending this remote community.

And worse, they don’t even carry their fair share of the tax burden. Those Eilat settlers finagled their way out of paying VAT like the rest of the country, and are getting a free ride on our tax shoulders.

And they are bordering two enemy entities, Egypt and Jordan, where the report says the attacks will emanate from, but all they do is party there.

And should we discuss all the illegal activities that go on down there?

It’s time we unilaterally realigned away from this den of iniquity, illegal activities, and tremendous drag on our military resources.

Eilat first.
Way, way back in January, I wrote a post that discussed a conversation I had with some left-wing friends in Tel Aviv.

We discussed the missile threat from Gaza, and they pooh-poohed any and all missile threats and said that missiles aren’t effective weapons and they are no big deal militarily (they also dismissed Hizbollah, but I didn't mention it in the context of that post).

Since the war I haven’t discussed with them the missile threat and how “ineffective” a military weapon they are.

I’ve been thinking about it, you know, giving them a good 'ol “I told ya so”.

But I’ve decided it would be a waste of time.

They’ll simply come up with some convoluted sophist answer why it was different and it wasn’t what they meant. Some might even say they were wrong, but so what, we still need to amputate the Jewish heartland for whatever their convoluted, distorted logic.

I really recommend reading the old post to get a better idea of the attitude that brought us Lebanon this summer.

In my comments I wrote, It was an epiphany that explained why all my Tel Aviv friends quite explicitly (and until then, inexplicably) don’t give a damn that missiles are falling on us from Gaza.”

Of course Lebanon is old history already (except to some of the reserve soldiers).

So I’m going to save my words for people who actually listen to what I have to say (that’s you guys).
Monday, September 18, 2006
Saw this on IsraellyCool.

Visit this website:
Sunday, September 17, 2006
I don’t have any other words to describe America’s policy in Iraq as anything other than failure.

I don’t think a week goes by without a car or suicide bomber killing and injuring people and US soldiers.

The US simply does not belong in Iraq (except controlling the oilfields).

But it is not exactly the US’s fault it failed.

The fact is that Islam - both the religion and culture - are primitive throwbacks that simply can’t allow such modern values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (much less democracy). It certainly doesn’t help that Islamic Iran is surely behind much of the mayhem too.

The US is fighting a losing battle trying to help a people that wants, or more accurately, needs to be subjugated and managed with a heavy hand. Saddam’s style of rule was unfortunately right when it comes to Arabs.

Just look at all the primitive Church burnings the Arabs are doing now merely because of something the Pope quoted.

These are the actions of a primitive people - nothing more.

It’s time the US stop trying to democratize and civilize Iraq because it just won’t happen. They don’t want it. Let them blow each other up, while the US keeps control of the oil.

And while they’re at it, I really, really do recommend nuking Iran. Extreme, it sounds like it, but Iran plans to use their nukes, so the US should do it first before it is too late.

Islamic countries, be they Iraq, Egypt, the PA, or Iran are primitive throwback and they need to be treated that way.
Everyone knows that Israelis like to imitate America - or at least the America they see in the movies (the bad parts for sure). And there’s the problem, because in the movies what you see isn’t real. American movies are designed for American consumption, where they know what is imaginary and designed for the story, and what is real.

Unfortunately, foreign citizens overseas see American movies and misunderstand them. They think they represent America as it is, as opposed to the stories that Americans like to see.

So Israelis tend to imitate what they see - but the worst parts.

I write this because I just read how a US Congressman stepped down after it was found out that he accepted free international flights. Last year we read how a Governor stepped down after an illicit affair with his (wouldn’t you know it) Israeli aide. In real America, politicians lie and steal, but when exposed - step down immediately.

Yet the Israeli leadership does not see that stepping down in the movies, so they don’t follow suit.

We have a Prime Minister washing money through dirty land deals, we have a Police Chief apparently with mob ties, we have a Chief of Staff doing insider trading, a former Supreme Court President who owns 17 luxury apartments all on a civil servant’s salary (perhaps legally acquired with no perks from the banks or other loan sources, but let‘s get real) and a President who (despite what I originally thought) apparently has the morals of an alley cat.

Just like in the movies.

The problem is that in the movies there is usually a loose cannon hero that comes in to save the day.

While we do have Nadia Matar, Moshe Feiglin, and even Avri Ran, it just doesn’t work like it does in the movies.

So the bad guys know there is no rogue (good) cop or unintentional citizen hero coming to save the day and put them (the bad guys) in jail or six feet underground.

So they brazenly keep there jobs and continue on their merry life of crime and immorality, while we citizens suffer.

If you think about it, the hero in American movies actually represents the Mashiach. He’s usually some underdog who simply wants to do what’s right, fighting against a larger, impersonal system and crime - against all odds, yet something spurs him on, and he succeeds in doing a tikkun to the world around him.

If only our story would end that way soon.


Speaking of movies, it actually goes both ways, American understanding of the world outside of America is actually quite dependent on what they see on the big screen.

Would it be so bad if $200 million was taken from the defense budget and a big Hollywood producer and some big name actors were hired to create a quality, real pro-Israel (action) movie, and the profits used to produce pro-Israel sequels?

No Israelis should be involved in the production, and certainly no Israeli left-wingers who would feel the need to show something bad about Israel.

Americans would eat it up, and love Israel.

Here’s some plots:

Steven Seagal, former Sayeret Matkal soldier, dishonorably discharged for exposing his commander’s insider trading becomes a baal tshuva and is now a laid back settler from Bat Ayin (with a pony tail).

It transpires that members of the Israeli government plan to secretly release a group of evil terrorists in exchange for a kidnapped soldier, and a share in the casino in Jericho not to mention a big donation to their Peace Center.

Seagal accidentally learns of all this, from a hot (but tzanuah), 18 year old trempistit he picked up on her way to Gush Etzion, and finds himself dragged into the fray.

Seagal then proceeds to kill all the terrorists, including the ones in the meetings with high Israeli government officials. He frees the captured IDF soldier, gets rid of some bad Israeli politicians along the way, and of course marries the hot settler trempistit.

This movie would make Americans so pro-Israel (not to mention pro-hot settler trempistiot).

And there are so many other great movies we could film.

Vin Diesel as an accidental Mossad agent sent to Lebanon to kill Nasrallah (and clear out Israeli politics) after he is threatened with severe jail time for standing on a sidewalk holding up an orange poster.

And just imagine Pierce Brosnan as an Oleh from England now living in Neve Aliza, hiding his secret past as a pro-Israel MI-6 agent (which was why he was fired), now working for the Jewish Agency. He discovers that Israeli politicians are actively discouraging Aliyah from the West because they don’t want American and Jewish values overrunning the country.

In order to save Nefesh b’Nefesh, and get birthright! back on track he must trace the money coming from certain elite families in the Gush Dan region to a certain Prime Minister and his cabinet and expose it, hoping it will be enough (with media influence) to get them to step down.

Wow. Oscar Time. (And it might even make some Israelis pro-Israel).
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Last month we said finally goodbye and good riddance to one Barak who recklessly and impetuously damaged Israel, and yesterday we finally said goodbye to the other Barak who quite impudently and deliberately hurt Israel even more.

Former Prime Minsiter Ehud Barak destroyed Israel‘s deterrence and former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak destroyed Israel’s democracy.

The Jerusalem Post quotes Dorit Beinish, the next autocrat and tyrant wannabe to take up the position of Supreme Court President. Beinish said, “Barak set up standards to last generations“.

G/d Forbid.

The article then goes on to praise two of the worst and most anti-democratic concepts and models that Barak introduced into our Judicial and Legislative system that made it the most anti-democratic and worst in the world.

There was his “constitutional revolution”.

A term he misused and abused and applied to a series of (“basic”) laws that were passed by the legislative branch. A branch who not only had no idea of what these laws could mean, but even considered them to be so irrelevant that no more than a dozen or so people actually showed up to vote on them.

12 out of 120 people showing up to vote in a poorly written law everyone thought was incredibly minor, and then turning them into a “constitutional revolution” which he used to constantly and consistently overturn legislative rulings he disagreed with is not a constitutional revolution - it’s a “Judicial Coup” no different than if Sharon had surrounded the Knesset with tanks.

The JP then continues on saying, “He was also the man who dramatically expanded the number of people who could petition the High Court of Justice, making it accessible to virtually any citizen or group taking upon itself to represent the public interest."


This man did something virtually unknown in any democratic society. He took “Judicial Activism“ to the level of tyranny and totalitarianism.

He allowed nearly anyone to petition the court on any “public” matter even if it had no direct or personal connection to the plaintant.

Even the ACLU in the US must at least find someone damaged and connected to a case in order to petition the courts.

But not in Israel.

If you don’t like how the Knesset voted, then just go to Aharon Barak. If he decides you were right (meaning Left and in agreement with his world view), then the elected Legislatures decisions would get overturned.

It didn’t matter that this is what the elected officials of our state wanted. It didn’t matter if this is what the majority of the people wanted, or even what our declaration of independence wanted.

If Barak’s cozy friends from say Peace Now petitioned the courts against the Settlements, well, then clearly it was an opportunity to not apply the law as was written, but to redefine it to what he wanted it to be.

This was particularly true when it came to removing the Jewish from the Jewish state and attempting to transform us into the Left’s “state of all its citizens”.

He even forbade the Jewish Agency from fulfilling their mandate - the organization that since even before the state was created, Jewish families, rich and poor worldwide, unreservedly donated their money to, specifically to help redeem the land for the Jews and restore Jewish sovereignty and control to the Land of Israel.

Barak pure and simply stole money from generations of the Jewish People.

Amazingly the article continues on and states, “He also expanded the number of issues that the court was willing to consider and frequently intervened in decisions made by the executive and legislature.”

That’s not called “Checks and Balances“. That’s called taking over a competing branch and enforcing your own elitist views on the country that doesn’t agree with you or want what you have to say.

Barak redefined the Rule of Law to not mean that the Law rules and applies to all, but that he, as supreme Judge, ruled over the law.

Good riddance to this dictator.

Hopefully Beinish will be too weak a replacement to follow in the footsteps of her sinister, dangerous and imperial master.

As I saw someone else point out, the article accurately points out, “Beinisch will be crowned his successor“. In democracies replacements are appointed, in tyrannies only tyrants are crowned.
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
I just started rereading Rav Nebenzahl’s book on Elul titled appropriately enough “Thoughts for the Month of Elul”. It’s an unusual book in that I always find the content appropriate for the events whirling around me.

I was reading the chapter “Teshuva is Very Near to You” and he is discussing the army and war.

Specifically he asked why did Moshe need to send the entire army (600,000 soldiers) to take down Ai, when 3000 would have been more than enough, and conversely, why did Gideon go out to battle with just 300 men, when 32,000 is really what he needed.

Rav Nebenzahl answers, it is to teach us that Israel being victorious in battle is related solely to our national spiritual merit. To capture Ai we needed all the nations spiritual merit in the battle (why is a separate question). For Gideon to win, he needed just a mere 300 men (specifically to teach us that G/d is fighting the battles for us).

In Shoftim it says that the Jewish people forgot G/d and our punishment was that the generations of Israel learned to make war.

That was our punishment? Learning how to make war!

Yes, because when out merit is high, we don’t need to know how to fight in order to win, as G/d takes care of that, but when our merit is low, we need to actually learn tactics (and logistics).

Applying this to our past wars and the recent Lebanon debacle, it would seem there is much truth in Rav Nebenzahl’s words - if we choose to hear them.
Monday, September 11, 2006
Effy Eitam gives his solution that would stop the terrorism, demographic threat, and remove one of Israel’s fifth columns.

Quite interesting, Jameel told me today that in 1986 a poll was done in Tel Aviv, and it was found that a full 25% of Tel Aviv residents supported Kahane and his solution. It was after that that his party was banned.

A Secular Jewish Terrorist was convicted of murdering 4 Arabs whom he knew and used to drive for work in an attempt to thwart the disengagement. This secular terrorist took on religious garb and life-style after his terrorist attack – for reasons unknown.

Conservative Judaism is taking another step to becoming totally Reform (or is it not Jewish at all).

Olmert plans to begin propping up Abu Mazen and himself with unconditional talks, despite that it is the PA (unless he is already in Egypt) that is holding our kidnapped soldier hostage.

And the Road Map is back after Peres declared Unilateralism dead, which is fine, because Tzippi Livni is looking forward to a phased-in terrorist state next door – just like Peres.

That’s all for now.
Arutz-7 is reporting that airline security personnel are now considering putting cameras and microphones in airport bathroom stalls because that is where terrorists tend to go to assemble their bombs.

Call me paranoid, but I’m sure Ben-Gurion Airport not only has no qualms about introducing this technology, but they probably introduced it a while ago (certainly in the new terminal). But what do I know.

How do we balance our right to privacy and need for security?

It is an age-old question, but I personally no longer enjoy flying as already the checks have become too invasive and hands-on.

New technologies can make this invasive process even more so.

Perhaps they‘ll merge the technologies. They’ll check you while you wait on line to go to the bathroom.

So next time you fly, do you want to do your striptease for security while in the can, or while waiting on the line to go?

Of course if you really want security, this isn’t far behind.
Saturday, September 09, 2006
I’m sure most of you remember the front-page headlines regarding the young Chareidi Torah student from Meah Shearim who shook and beat his son to death. I’m sure you all remember how the Chareidim rioted when they went to arrest him. I’m sure you all remember the media's recriminations against this student and the Chareidi community.

Does anyone remember how much time he was sentenced with?

Last week Caroline Glick wrote an
excellent piece (as usual) about Shmuel Cytryn, a boy being held, accused, and charged with attempted murder of a Gazan Palestinian without a single piece of collaborating evidence, merely because he is a right winger, and one of many people on the scene in Gaza of an event that Caroline reports didn’t happen as it was reported.

Glick reported the events based on collaborating testimony given by both sides involved in the fighting.

From people I talked with, her version sounded right to me, and she is a very careful reporter when it comes to the facts.

During the week, Larry Derfner
rabidly attacked Glick’s reporting of the event.

Derfner was in Gush Katif. Derfner was even on the beachfront where the events happened.

Derfner then describes the settler youth as Judeo-fascist (I guess he couldn’t say Judeo-Nazi in the JP).

He described how the Palestinian evicted owners were there standing by their house watching. He described the evil actions of the Settler youth.

At this point I didn’t know what to make of it. He was there, and other people I spoke with were there, and he is telling a completely different story. But if he was there, maybe there is something to it.

This week Glick, rather surprised that her reporting was being questioned in her own paper
wrote a response.

It seems I didn’t actually read Derfner’s article carefully enough.

You see Derfner was not actually there when the alleged stoning occurred. But he only mentions that towards the end of the article, after he has you tricked into thinking he was there, from the beginning of his article.

Derfner only showed up afterwards, and was shown a video by the reporters, the same reporters that manufactured the lynch story in the first place with their partial reporting and selective photography (we’re all familiar with that now after the Lebanon war).

More so, as is public knowledge the house was long abandoned and the boys were fixing it up, they evicted no one.

The supposed “victim” Halil Mejeida openly admits that he started and organized the attacks on the Jewish boys. He also claims that he wasn’t hit by a stone, but rather the butt of a rifle by an IDF soldier.

And amazingly enough, his life threatening wounds turned out to be rather superficial.

But for Derfner and his stereotyped negative preconceived notion of Settlers, he won’t let minor facts like that affect his agenda driven reporting.

And that’s what it is all about.

The Left report the news based on their agenda.

Last week I
discussed the deceitful, skewed, omitted, distorted statistics that were reported in Yediot Achronot in order not to make the Settler look good (or that we exist at all).

The Left want to besmirch the Settlers and they want to besmirch the Chareidim. They won’t let minor points like the truth (or facts) get in the way.

So to go back to beginning of this post, you are probably wondering what happened to the murderous Torah Student from Meah Shearim. Did he go to jail? How long is his sentence for?

Well, unless you read the Chareidi papers you would probably never know.

You see, it wasn’t reported on the front page of Maariv or Yediot or Haaretz the results of the pathological examination done on the baby’s body.

If it were, you would have known that the baby didn’t die because the father hit him, beat him or dropped him.

No, the father took his baby to the hospital where quite possibly he died because of some negligence on the part of the hospital.

But in agenda driven reporting, that simply doesn’t make the front page.

I highly recommend you read Cosmix-X's post on the Cytryn story as he point out Derfner's discrepencies, bias, and all out fabrications far better than me.

And here is the A-7 post on the story.
Friday, September 08, 2006
I have absolutely nothing to write at the moment (unless I write something very cynical – which I’m not in the mood to do), so I’ve decided instead to simply wish all my readers a Shabbat Shalom – and thank you for visiting.
Monday, September 04, 2006
You got to love Leftists (or not). Hassan Nassrallah doesn’t understand Israel, they claim. Hassan Nassralah doesn’t understand Israeli ethos and morality. Hassan Nasrallah should have known we would attack if our soldiers were kidnapped.

They are so busy touting their moral ethos of supposedly never leaving a soldier in the field – that they ignore that they have, a number of times.

Hassan Nasrallah understands Israel quite well.

Nasrallah knows certain (leftwing as it happens) Israeli government will and have left soldiers in the field. Nasrallah was almost right in not expecting Israel to attack or make a war of it. Look at Kever Yosef (Labor government), or for that matter the previous soldiers (and drug dealer) he kidnapped in 2000 (Labor government).

But he made one little mistake this time.

He did what he did to one-up the Gazans. He didn’t think this one completely through before he did it. If he had waited just another 2 weeks, then he would have gotten away with it – without a war.

This government only reacted this way because it reached a stage of total panic – it was one more attack than they could handle, and not because of any moral values.

Nasrallah’s mistake was only in his timing. If he had waited until things cooled down, he could have one-upped the Gazans and avoided a full-out war. Instead he let his ego get ahead of his intellect.

After all, why was Nasrallah surprised that Israel reacted?

Because Leftwing Israeli governments don’t normally act the way this one did, and this one wouldn’t have either if it hadn’t already been pushed into the corner and Olmert hadn't panicked.

Just look at Sderot and Ashkelon – does anyone see 30,000 troops in Gaza fighting to stop the missiles or get our soldier back?
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Haaretz has yet another rather disturbing article about the war.

It seems that many of the short-range Katyushas were actually not mobile at all but rather entrenched in the farms and groves of local Lebanese farmers hidden by vegetation and thermal blankets.

When Hizbollah wanted missiles launched they told the farmer by cellphone (whom it turns out they were apparently paying) to launch the missiles.

These missiles were found by accident when the IAF hit a grove and the vegetative cover was burnt down revealing the embedded missile launchers with their hydraulic lifts.

While Haaretz is concerned by the lack of intelligence transfer between the various army units I am concerned by something else.

Why didn’t we napalm all the farms (if not at the beginning of the war, then at that point)?

Once we knew the farmers and their farms were active participants we had an obligation to obliterate them completely – yet we did not.

There is no reason our soldiers needed to enter villages with buildings still standing (full of snipers and terrorists), and there is no reason our citizens had to sit in bomb shelters for a month when we could have burnt out their fields and destroyed the launchers hidden there.

Was this an intelligence failure, or actually yet another moral failure?
David Copperfield would do incredibly well in Israel.

Only in Israel can an illusion not only be passed off as reality but turned into government policy.
  • Don’t like the Arabs, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Don’t like the Settlers, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Hizbollah has missiles, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Ashkelon gets hit again from Gaza, David Copperfield can make them disappear. (Your choice: Gaza, Missiles, Ashkelon)

Just transpose David Copperfield for your favorite Leftist.

I write this because I had a disturbing conversation with some fellow settlers this Shabbos. They believe that Olmert is so politically weakened there is no chance he will be able to promote any of his leftwing policies.

I am so embarrassed that they allow the wool to be thrown over their eyes.

Do they not understand that the memory span of the average Israeli is less than that of a goldfish?

School is starting, it’s a new year, Lebanon and the hostages are old news.

How do I know?

Count how many missiles fell on the South last week. Take a look at how much progress they are making right now on the imaginary wall that won’t block missiles or tunnels (or even suicide bombers in reality), Hamas, Hizbollah, and Egypt (say it in one breath) are stating that we will release 1000 terrorists for our 3 soldiers. Did not Olmert rip down homes and hand out new destruction orders during the Lebanon 2 war?

Has anything changed?

Look past the smoke and mirrors.

David Copperfield would do incredibly well in Israel, but no surprise there when The Amazing Ehud continues to fool the masses every time.

* No disparagement of David Copperfield is meant at all. He is an incredible illusionist, though not as good as our leftwing politicians.

Friday, September 01, 2006
I normally wouldn’t buy Yediot Achronot, but there was something very interesting on the front page. They were publishing the once secret draft demographics for IDF inductions.

After reading the article I realized the numbers are irrelevant.

Does it really matter that Tel Aviv actually does have the lowest percent of those drafted from the applicable population of inductees (excluding the Arab and Chareidi cities)? Does it really matter that the percent of those actually inducted from Tel Aviv that go into combat units is also not so great.

Nope, none of it matters because as the article points out, “Northerners and Southerners are drafted the most, but no one beats the Kibbutzim when it comes to percents of Combat soldiers”.

One little problem with the article. There is not a single statistic on Settlers (there is one and I’ll get to it).

It’s very easy to crown the Kibbutzim, when you kill off the actual King.

There is not a single breakdown of Settlers whether as a unit or as a whole.

5% of the population is ignored. The article completely doesn’t mention that we simply outrank the entire country in our percent of inductees and those that go into combat units.

So that’s right, so read their stats with a grain bag of salt because they deliberately wiped the Settlers off their statistics map (and obfuscated other numbers) – because we beat all the other sectors.

Other little games they played.

They claim that between the Moshavim, Kibbutizm, and the National Religious, the National-Religious have the lowest percent of draftees (still more than the national average though).

One little problem. If you actually read the article to see that their numbers for the National-Religious don’t come from those actually claiming to be National-Religious (or even Settlements), rather just from those that went to State-Religious schools.

That’s right, they excluded all other religious school that aren’t State-Religious schools (which is definitely not where a significant number of the National-Religious or Settlers send their children), and they ignored that probably half the student body of State-Religious schools aren’t even religious much less “National-Religious”, but rather their parents send them there for a variety of reasons (less violence, better education, etc.) – which is perhaps part of the reason why most actually National-Religious kids (and definitely the Settler ones) go to private schools.

And then the only actual statistic they have on Settlers is the number of those released for mental health reasons. There somehow the Settlers come in third, right after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (they didn’t mention the Chareidi cities).

We know Jerusalem leads (with an extreme percent) because the Chareidim pretend to be crazy to get out of being inducted, many in Tel Aviv have obviously learned to do that trick to, but…

But again a purposely misleading number as they are including the Chareidi Settlements (Beitar, Elad, etc.) which is where they play their “crazy” game to get out of the army.

So I ask you, what is the point of this article and these numbers?

They don’t show the true breakdown of who goes and who doesn’t.

They purposely obscure the Settlers true contribution, and purposely show false numbers when it comes to the “National-Religious” in order to prop up the Kibbutzim.

You know what?

Not only are these numbers worthless, so is the newspaper that wrote the article and their agenda.
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