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Saturday, September 09, 2006
I’m sure most of you remember the front-page headlines regarding the young Chareidi Torah student from Meah Shearim who shook and beat his son to death. I’m sure you all remember how the Chareidim rioted when they went to arrest him. I’m sure you all remember the media's recriminations against this student and the Chareidi community.

Does anyone remember how much time he was sentenced with?

Last week Caroline Glick wrote an
excellent piece (as usual) about Shmuel Cytryn, a boy being held, accused, and charged with attempted murder of a Gazan Palestinian without a single piece of collaborating evidence, merely because he is a right winger, and one of many people on the scene in Gaza of an event that Caroline reports didn’t happen as it was reported.

Glick reported the events based on collaborating testimony given by both sides involved in the fighting.

From people I talked with, her version sounded right to me, and she is a very careful reporter when it comes to the facts.

During the week, Larry Derfner
rabidly attacked Glick’s reporting of the event.

Derfner was in Gush Katif. Derfner was even on the beachfront where the events happened.

Derfner then describes the settler youth as Judeo-fascist (I guess he couldn’t say Judeo-Nazi in the JP).

He described how the Palestinian evicted owners were there standing by their house watching. He described the evil actions of the Settler youth.

At this point I didn’t know what to make of it. He was there, and other people I spoke with were there, and he is telling a completely different story. But if he was there, maybe there is something to it.

This week Glick, rather surprised that her reporting was being questioned in her own paper
wrote a response.

It seems I didn’t actually read Derfner’s article carefully enough.

You see Derfner was not actually there when the alleged stoning occurred. But he only mentions that towards the end of the article, after he has you tricked into thinking he was there, from the beginning of his article.

Derfner only showed up afterwards, and was shown a video by the reporters, the same reporters that manufactured the lynch story in the first place with their partial reporting and selective photography (we’re all familiar with that now after the Lebanon war).

More so, as is public knowledge the house was long abandoned and the boys were fixing it up, they evicted no one.

The supposed “victim” Halil Mejeida openly admits that he started and organized the attacks on the Jewish boys. He also claims that he wasn’t hit by a stone, but rather the butt of a rifle by an IDF soldier.

And amazingly enough, his life threatening wounds turned out to be rather superficial.

But for Derfner and his stereotyped negative preconceived notion of Settlers, he won’t let minor facts like that affect his agenda driven reporting.

And that’s what it is all about.

The Left report the news based on their agenda.

Last week I
discussed the deceitful, skewed, omitted, distorted statistics that were reported in Yediot Achronot in order not to make the Settler look good (or that we exist at all).

The Left want to besmirch the Settlers and they want to besmirch the Chareidim. They won’t let minor points like the truth (or facts) get in the way.

So to go back to beginning of this post, you are probably wondering what happened to the murderous Torah Student from Meah Shearim. Did he go to jail? How long is his sentence for?

Well, unless you read the Chareidi papers you would probably never know.

You see, it wasn’t reported on the front page of Maariv or Yediot or Haaretz the results of the pathological examination done on the baby’s body.

If it were, you would have known that the baby didn’t die because the father hit him, beat him or dropped him.

No, the father took his baby to the hospital where quite possibly he died because of some negligence on the part of the hospital.

But in agenda driven reporting, that simply doesn’t make the front page.

I highly recommend you read Cosmix-X's post on the Cytryn story as he point out Derfner's discrepencies, bias, and all out fabrications far better than me.

And here is the A-7 post on the story.


JoeSettler said...

I want to clarify something with regard to the baby story. (Like Larry Derfner,) all the information I have is oral and have not seen anything in print myself - particularly regarding the hospital giving him the wrong medication.

What I have seen in print is the very clear statement of Prof. Yehuda Hiss (no comments about him please) that there were absolutely no external signs that father in anyway hit, beat, or hurt his child.

Here are two links for your perusal until I find more or see the story in print myself:

JoeSettler said...

In English:

How about that, Derfner wrote an article defaming the Chareidi community:

I am glad that other people are fisking him, and he hopefully won't get away anymore with his fast and loose (and biased) personal opinion pieces.

If he wants to write that way, let him blog. :)

chardal said...

I wonder if any of the Rabbis who attack these "fanatic" youth at the time based on the footage have come forward with any appology.

Anonymous said...

rather then yelling "see, the Jews didnt attack the arabs" we should be asking why didnt the Jews attack the Arabs. Any Goy who is in israel and not a Ger Toshav is deserving of death, let us stop this desire for Hellenist approval and simply follow the Torah.

rockofgalilee said...

while you don't want comments about hiss, in general if he says someone wasn't beaten it means they were beaten bad.
In any case, the whole story of the chareidi biting and beating his son for crying didn't make any sense.

bar_kochba132 said...

Yes, I will control myself and omit any comments about "Dr" Hiss....
In addition, I have to do teshuva for the fact that I, who am well aware of the distortions of the media, still fell into the "pach" (garbage can) when they reported that the father "bit" the baby. Why do I bother to even look at these news media?
I once saw a news item in the NEW YORK TIMES (no less!) mentioning someone who davens in my shul and who had done research showing that the world is heating up over the past several centuries. It also mentioned that he lived in New York. When I saw him my shul here in Israel the next Shabbat, I mentioned that I saw the article but I was puzzled by the fact it said he lived in New York, since I had seen him regularly in my shul for years. He told me that he happened to be in New York when he was interviewed, but he never told them that he LIVED in New York. In addition, he told me that his research showed the world was COOLING DOWN! They got EVERYTHING WRONG in the article (again, it was in the presitigious New York Times). Since "global warming" is the latest fad of the "green freaks" like Al Gore, all news media must be mobilized to push that issue, even if it isn't true. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Cosmic X said...


Thanks for the plug.

BTW, I also wrote about Yisrael Valis.

Anonymous said...


This was great but I dont get why. Why even read JPOST at all ever?

The entire paper is an obvious attempt by the editors to appease the goyim.

With the freedom to vote with our wallets, why not cancel you subscription and use your time to read somthing worth reading?

JoeSettler said...

I don't have a subscription to the JP. I read it online, and buy it on Fridays.

But,with Caroline Glick, Evelyn Gordon, and Sarah Honig, the paper has its redeaming qualities.

Anonymous said...

Joe, while all the so-called mainstream Israeli press is hard-core hellenist, at least some of them are well written hellenism, but the JPOST is just such condenscending mediocrity, it just seem like a waste despite the few redeeming writesrs they do have

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