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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
With all the excitement about the Yeshu cave I decided to drive over to Talpiot and see it for myself.

Instead of writing about it, Jameel interviewed me in a podcast which he will be uploading on Sunday.
When Yosef Lieberman was running, there was concern from diverse poles if it would be good for a Jew to be President of the US. The Jews worried he might go to an extreme to show he wasn’t partial to Israel, the anti-Semites worried that this was part of Jewish world domination.

The funny thing is, it turns out that if Lieberman had won, he wouuld not have been the first Jewish President of the good ol' USA.

That honor, according the New York Times goes to none other than the Hebrew speaking, Turkey loving, third president of the USA, President Thomas Jefferson!

It seems we have some DNA available from relatives of TJ, it was traced back, and it seems that not only did TJ have a Jewish paternal ancestor, the guy was a Moroccan (funny, he doesn't look Jewish).

So, was it good for America that it had a (of) Jewish (descent) President?

I’d say the answer was a resounding yes.

Of course, Columbus was a Jew, and America was named after navigator Amerigo Vespucci, also a Jew, so overall, I’d say our Jewish cabal is doing just fine in secretly taking over the world.
Tommorow is the Fast of Esther, and this Sunday/Monday (depending where you are) is Purim.

At the request of Jameel I made a Purim Podcast which will appear on his site. Personally I think it's very funny, even if it does insult a lot of people. Jameel thought I was making fun of him too, but I'll leave that for you to decide.

Once it's up over there (Sunday?), I'll repost it over here.

Chag Sameach and Tzom Kal.
Sometimes it’s a good thing that the Israeli government’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing.

Haaretz is all upset about government plans to build a Chareidi community to house 11,000 Jews up in Northern Jerusalem.

To be more specific, the plan is to build the community in the middle of a region that is a majority Arab, and houses the now useless Jerusalem airport (which I’ve flown out of in the past) of Atarot.

If the name Atarot sounds familiar to you, it’s because there is a Jewish built industrial area there.

It used to pay salaries to hundreds if not thousands of Arab families living in North Jerusalem – until the Arabs decided it’s more fun to kill Jews there then to work for them. So a lot of the factories have shut down or moved.

The airport is not used anymore because a (some?) airplane(s) may have been shot at a few times (all officially unreported) and the government decided it could no longer properly protect the Arkia flights or any of the other airplanes that took off there from the pistol and rifle fire aimed at them – so their solution was to shut down the Jerusalem airport.

No one in Haaretz apparently asked the Chareidim what they think about the idea, because except for Schneller, everyone else they asked thinks its crazy, incendiary, whatever.

Personally I think the Chareidim will love it. For one thing it is right next door to Kochav Yaakov – the largest Chareidi settlement in the Binyamin region (actually the city attached to Kochav Yaacov is, but I forgot it’s name).

Furthermore, by bringing a Jewish presence back to the North of Jerusalem, and extending a Jewish corridor to Binyamin we are further ensuring our complete hold on Jerusalem, and perhaps taking that part of the city back from the terrorists that have forced businesses to close and the airport to shut down.

Nothing bad about this story – as long as the neighborhood gets built in the end.
Monday, February 26, 2007
I didn’t know Erez Levanon, but he was murdered for no other reason than being a Jew.

Levanon was known as a Torah scholar and gifted musician. He was a 42 year old father of 3. He lived in Bat Ayin. He was also a good friend of many friends of mine.

Levanon was killed while quietly praying to God in an empty field.

He was snuck upon by Palestinian terrorists who violently stabbed him to death during his prayers.

This Arab culture of death that has no respect for man or Gad must be destroyed and those that promote it, believe in it, and follow it must be destroyed too.

In the past 2 weeks, 3 Arabs were caught in the Jerusalem region as they were about to stab Jews to death (in Gush Etzion, in Gilo, and near Atarot).

The army caught the murderers today. Unfortunately they caught them alive.

Why does “Never again” ring hollow?
Sunday, February 25, 2007
I wasn’t surprised at the Peretz binocular story everyone is talking about. I’m not surprised at the latest allegations of corruption against everybody.

But sometimes when I think I can’t be shocked anymore, it takes just one little article to shake me out of my apathy.

Ha’aretz is reporting… and to be honest, I don’t know how to even present this… that Yisrael Beiteinu MK Esterina Tartman, who is set to be appointed as tourism minister, is not allowed to work more than 4 hours a day for medical reasons.

You heard me right, but it gets better (or worse).

I don’t know if you are following me, but this lady was in a car accident 10 years ago,and as a result she claims she suffers from the following health problems:

1) her ability to work had been severely compromised,
2) she suffers from problems of memory, concentration and attention.

In her own word, "I maintain the demeanor and image that everything is okay, but no one sees that I'm collapsing."

In short she has declared herself completely incompetent to be a public representative and yet… here she is – and she even gets extra money for milking the system.

She says, “this Knesset is easy work - inconsistent and consisting mostly of talk”.

But I ask, how would she know that if she can’t remember properly, can’t concentrate on what anyone says, and can’t pay attention to the issues at hand?

Does someone tell her how to vote?

How does she remember which way she is suppose to be voting on each issue?

Oh, did I ask that already? I forgot.

And how the hell can I get a job at her salary and only work 4 hours a day?
If it happened once I’d write it off, but when it happens repeatedly, you begin to suspect there’s something else going on.

How many of you, when visiting Israel, or when having visitors from Israel have asked or heard the question, “Is that for security reasons?”

I’m not talking about them asking about the guard at the front of the mall, I mean when they visit your house and ask if the trissim (external window shades) are there for security reasons (to stops bullets). Or people listening intently to the news every hour on the hour (listening for the top secret IDF call-up message). Or the wall around Jerusalem (to stop terrorists). Or not letting you go into the movie theater with food bought from outside (might have a bomb in the family-sized bottle of coke you’re sneaking in).

What does this fence have to do with security?

I ask this, because I have been seriously asked about all the above (and others).
I mean seriously, is that really how Americans see Israel?

Do they really see Israel as such a dangerous and security conscious country that even the everyday and mundane become symbols of fortification and defense in the eyes of the otherwise intelligent tourist?

OK, I admit, I understand their reactions when they see the off-duty, yet armed soldiers hanging around Ben-Yehuda, I understand that even seeing me walking around with a gun can be off-putting. And I know that seeing all the guns around probably puts them into a slightly different frame of mind (but by the way, has there ever been a movie that came out showing Israel with all the civilians walking around with guns?).

But seriously, window shades, news addicts, and political white elephants?!

Anyone have any questions you asked or were asked?

Friday, February 23, 2007
The Last Amazon has a post about a UK charity setting up an IDT-style telephone call center in Gaza.

Read her article first and then read a support conversation that was recently overheard.


"Hello TBN?

Listen the switch isn't working.

No, I pressed it...yes double-clicked it too.

No, no, don't put me on hold, I'm on a tight schedule here.

Hold on, let me check... yes it's plugged in.

I assume the battery is charged, it's brand new right out of the box.

Wet? I mean I am sweating a lot, and they have the heat on high in this mall I'm in.

Wait a minute. Could you guys keep it down and point those things the other way, I'm on an important call.

Ok I could try - Hey, I asked you guys nicely to not point those things at me, I'm a professional and I have a job to do, Inshallah.

OK, I'll try the remote on the count of 5.

5...4...3... "[BAM]

"Hello TBN?

Yes, I'm in Paradise, but there seems to be a problem.

No, no, the virgins are all here.

No, no the beds and food are fine.

What's the problem? What's the problem!

There are 70 virgins here and one of my body parts is missing."
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Apparently there is an ad for the
Jewish Music Group on my blog.

They've got this great music-video on their site which I also found on YouTube.

Don't forget to buy from & support my advertisers, who then help keep JoeSettler in business (oh, I would do this anyway, but extra money is always good).
A typical Leftist wrote an idiotic article in YNET that God is a Leftist and hates the Settlers. His premise: The expelled settlers are suffering far more than the Leftist leaders who are under investigation and losing their jobs.

My response to his idiocy is below:
According to your logic, the Holocaust proves that God hates Jews.

No, the answer is quite different.

Just like in the Holocaust, what was done to the Settlers and the resulting fallout was done to them by other people with free will.

The "suffering" we see many of the pullout supporters and leaders undergoing (criminal investigations, jail time, and lost jobs) results from their lack of basic morals in their own personal conduct and professions (as if we didn't see that from the Expulsion).

They caused their own suffering.

Sorry you can’t tell the difference.

Does B. Michael also believe that God was a Nazi Sympathiser during the Holocaust?
Study: 57 percent of East Jerusalem residents are Arab

What exactly is the intention of this article in Haaretz?

As an ideologically driven tabloid Ha’aretz’s reporting and choice of words tends to reflect the goals and doctrine of the paper. We know that Ha’aretz are Oslo-worshippers, we know they are against settlers, we know they are Left, and we know they are for dividing Jerusalem.

The other day I wrote about how Ha’aretz calls Jews who moved into East Jerusalem homes “settlers”. I discussed whether they were settlers because the neighborhoods were in East Jerusalem or whether it was because the neighborhoods had an Arab majority.

This week they cataloged for us the larger “Jewish” East Jerusalem neighborhoods: “Pisgat Ze'ev (population approximately 41,000), Ramot (40,000), Gilo (27,000), Neve Yaakov (20,000), Ramat Shlomo (14,000), and East Talpiot (12,000)”, as well as the larger “Arab” neighborhoods, “Shuafat (34,000), the Muslim Quarter of the Old City (26,000), Beit Hanina (24,000) and A-Tur-Aswana (22,000).”

Yet, when a Jew moves into the “Muslim Quarter” (which until 1948 was contained a Jewish majority) or Shiloach he is called a “settler” by Ha’aretz.

It is becoming clearer that Ha’aretz is not only driven by the ideologies I listed above, but they are also inherently racist (in one direction only).

Clearly they believe in apartheid (as the Left abuse the term) – that Jews may not live in Arab areas, of course when it comes to the other way around, such as the Jewish village of Katzir in the Gallil, they clearly believe the opposite. Perhaps for all their “progressive” thoughts, they inherently believe Arabs are aborigines, Jews are colonialists, and they simply hate themselves (OK, we know that’s probably what they believe).

But moving away from Ha’aretz for a minute it raises another important question.

In the article it says, “The report indicated that the government targets for Jerusalem's Jewish population have not been reached.”

I find that strange as the government is doing all it can to prevent Jewish families from moving into East Jerusalem (or is that only into Arab dominated areas of East Jerusalem?).

If the government has these target goals, then start helping the Jewish “settler” move into East Jerusalem and strengthening our hold on the city in the face of the battle to split it.

If that isn’t the goal, then stop claiming that it is already.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
If a suicide bomber gets caught, and doesn’t succeed in blowing himself up – does that mean we still have quiet?

No seriously, it’s not really a question because an Israeli was shot and wounded by a Palestinian terrorist today, and yesterday the body of another murdered Israeli was found (well he was alive when he was found minutes before he bled to death in his truck), and another Palestinian terrorist about to perpetrate a knifing was stopped mid-act in the Gush today, and just the other day a huge Palestinian bomb was found and safely detonated before it blew up the Gush Etzion tunnels.

"Mom, Can I press the button yet?"

So you see, the question is really a joke, because with all the other acts of Palestinian terror we’ve suffered through in the past 3 days – its considered “quiet”, so who really cares about a failed suicide bomber.

In this forest the lumberjacks are deaf.

Following the success of kicking out some Jews from the City of David, the government decided that Hebron would be a good next step.

The JP reports on “scuffles” when “security forces checked if Hebron settlers had illegally moved into property abandoned by Palestinians. In two instances, they found settlers living in such properties. Security forces took note of the settlers' presence but took no steps to evict them at this time, the spokesman said.”

The police claim all they were doing were investigating.

Continuing in the article, it says, “A police spokesman said he did not know if a hole had been made in the wall or not, but he said those involved in the inspection did not cause any unnecessary property damage. “

We already know what liars we unfortunately have in the police.

Not sure for yourself. Go see the more pictures of the police "investigation" with a sledgehammer.

Or read Caroline Glick’s op-ed today where, among other things, she discusses the Police Chief who perjured himself in court not knowing his assault on a peaceful (and legal) demonstrator was being videotaped (he of course continued to be promoted over the years despite the perjury!).

The point of this post though is not actually police values and violence.
It is about the purposeful and forced abandonment of Jewish property in Israel by the Leftist elite in charge.

After all the hard work and money that went into acquiring the land in the Shiloach (King David’s Jerusalem) and the amazing Jewish archeological finds, the government purposely forces Jews to abandon strategic and important locations because it will interfere with their future plans to disengage from our own heritage.

The land in Hebron belonged to the Jewish community from before the ’36 massacre. Does that matter to the Leftist elite? No. Jews in Hebron are problematic, regardless that the land is indisputably ours.

Hashem Yerachem.
Monday, February 19, 2007
Ha’aretz is reporting that the courts have ordered Jewish families to vacate and seal the building they built in East Jerusalem. The area is specifically the Shiloach, Silwan, or what was originally King David’s City of Jerusalem.

While the anti-Semites and Leftists will immediately jump and say the settlers stole the land, the issue is not ownership, which is clearly in Jewish hands and the court agrees, but rather building without permits which is a different issue entirely.

But that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is actually the title of the Ha’aretz article: “Court orders settlers to evacuate East J'lem building”.

You see, as far as I recall, all of Jerusalem was annexed by the State of Israel.

In fact looking at the official map so conveniently supplied by the Jerusalem Municipality, it is very clear that Shiloach/Silvan/Ir David is quite clearly deeply within the borders of municipal Jerusalem.

Which raises the obvious question.

If Jews living in municipal Jerusalem are called Settlers by Ha’aretz, then I would have to assume that any Jews living anywhere in Jerusalem are called Settlers, whether that be in Shiloach, Gilo, Rechavia, French Hill, the Old City, (need I mention Maaleh Adumim and the Golan – also annexed) and so on.

Or could it be something more sinister?

Could radical Left-wing Ha’aretz be a racist paper, and consider it wrong for a Jew to move into what is currently a predominantly Arab neighborhood in the capital?

I would hope that isn’t the reason, but highly suspect that it is.
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Ha’aretz is reporting documented evidence of deliberate Wakf destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount.

I don’t blame the Arabs for trying to destroy any trace of Jewish history in Israel as it doesn’t diverge from their everyday policy of attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

Nor do I blame the Arabs for their Apartheid policies that prevent Jews from praying on our Temple Mount they are occupying.

It’s in their nature culture.

But I do blame us Jews for accepting this situation and not following their example.

Uzi Landau has an interesting op-ed on the government’s capitulation to terror by the Arab Occupiers.

A fascinating Q&A with Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of the most respected archeologists in Israel (and part of the Mazar family of archeologists) can be found on the JP. Well worth reading if you want to learn more about the politics and archeology on the Temple Mount and surrounding areas.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
The JP writes about an interesting new development. The IDF has introduced phones (and a mouse) that minimize any problems of Shabbat for religious soldiers on duty. The phones are designed and produced by the Tzomet Institute that Jameel has written about in the past.

More interesting than the phone is the IDF’s investiture in the technology.

Sometimes there are halachic problems that arise with serving in the IDF (besides the Expulsion which was one of the biggest desecrations of Judaism), and while they have a confused ethicist who writes and screws up the IDF’s moral value system with his Leftist idiocies (read the article), halacha occasionally goes to the backburner due to the overall membership of the organization.

And that’s why this is so interesting.

As a result of so many religious soldiers beginning to take significant positions in the IDF, they have begun to be able to influence the army (from the inside) to start taking religious issues more seriously.

Just like in many other organizations in Israel. Years ago they weren’t concerned with Jewish issues (Kashrut, Shabbat, etc.) but as religious Jews entered those spheres, things began to change for the better.

And as unfortunately, too many of our ideologically strong youngsters are declining to enter the army after the Expulsion, I still assert that that decision is a mistake.

Yes, a ShabbatPhone is a small thing in the big picture, but just like the Foreign Ministry wasn’t kosher decades ago, until religious Jews started to join, the army is just the same.

Rejection is not the answer.

Joining, standing firm on your values (and knowing what your values are), influencing from the inside, and making a difference is the only way to make change and the only way to eventually take over.

Perhaps one day, that may even include rewriting the IDF Code of Ethics and basing them on Jewish values.
Jameel wrote a post the other week as to how Israel is better, mentioning “quality of life”, yada, yada, yada.

For years, every time I visited the US I complained to my parents that the Coke tastes funny - like it turned or something. They said I was nuts, and it was driving me crazy. Everywhere I went, the Coke tasted wrong. Not like it does in Israel, and not like I remember it from my childhood.

Was it the altitude? The attenuation of kedusha? The copepods in the water?

Yesterday I wrote an off the cuff comment at daboys where they were discussing Israeli soda cans. I said Coke tastes better in Israel. I was expecting to be lambasted or laughed at.

Turns out they agree with me.

Not only that. I was right, Coke does taste better in Israel and there is a reason for it. Go know.

Thanks boys (and dagirl).

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas second, right, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, center, and PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, left, walk inside the Animal House. Friday, Feb. 9, 2007. When do the 70 virgins show up?
Photo: AP

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Monday, February 12, 2007
Warning: This post has pictures!

As archeologists try to save whatever they can from the Wakf’s deliberate destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount, and as the Arabs continue to build freely on top of the Temple Mount regardless of what damage they do, or whose religious sensibilities they hurt, one can only step back and be amazed at their chutzpa they have to protest the construction of a ramp onto the Temple Mount which actually serves them. Protesting of course, only since it is Israel that is building it (and as it also gives the police a quicker access to the Temple Mount in case of future riots).

I use the word “protest” very casually, as what they are doing is actually rioting quite violently for the purpose of trying to set off a wider conflagration.

But in reality, there is nothing new with their actions, or the Jewish complacency to their actions, and the world’s utter silence in the face of their violence.

It is amazing how a bridge being built for the Arabs sets them off. Of course, it could be that the archeological findings under the bridge (again proving to their dismay that we were here first) also upsets them.

As part of my new policy (when convenient) to visit controversial sites and figures, I decided to go up to the Kotel today and check out what is going on – and while I was at it, I took a spur of the moment Kotel Tunnel Tour with Mrs. JoeSettler and JoeSettler Jr. (don’t try this at home, we just happen to have connections to get in at the spur of the moment to a bunch of different places.)

In this first picture we see a bulldozer ripping up the Kotel Plaza. No connection to the bridge other than to show that I don’t see any Jews rioting.

Here we see the current temporary bridge that is being replaced after the old one was destroyed in an earthquake 3 years ago.

The amount of lying that comes out of their mouths, and the excuses they use to riot.

In short their riots are all an act.

What follows are picture of JoeSettler Jr. in the Kotel Tunnels. If you recalled the crazy Arabs rioted then too – only because it proves yet again that they are latecomers to the scene in Israel.

JoeSettler Jr. standing next to a lower layer of the Western Wall (which is actually the restraining wall of the mountain.
Our Temple stood on top of the mountain where the Mosque temporarily sits at the moment.

JoeSettler Jr. running down the length of the Kotel walls.

JoeSettler Jr. in front of what was once (2000 years ago) the Western Entrance through the Kotel wall directly onto the Temple Mount.

JoeSettler Jr. standing on a glass floor that allows you to see the Herodian street at the base of the Kotel.

Sunday, February 11, 2007
About time someone remembered JoeSettler when it comes to Haveil Havalim - even if the mention was a nothing more than a one-liner. I was beginning to feel out in the wilderness here with the complete lack of mention these past few months.

Finally I get a shout-out, and not only that, I learn that Jack is apparently an avid reader of JoeSettler. Good for him.

Anyway, you can read Haveil Hevalim #106 over here.
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
“If someone raises a hand against my house, I will cut it off.”

A rather extreme incendiary comment, if I say so myself. Someone who says such a thing should be investigated for incitement and thrown in jail.

More so, someone who says such a thing about a member of government must also be charged with insulting and threatening a civil servant. The Police must be called in to investigate these remarks.

Unfortunately, no such thing will happen.


Because they weren't said by someone thrown out of Gush Katif, or from one of the small settlements sprouting (and being uprooted) thoughout Judea and Samaria.

No, its because the statement was made by retired judge Michael Cheshin towards Israel Prize-winner Prof. Daniel Friedman who is slated to be the next justice minister.

Cheshin is extremely upset because Friedman made strong comments against the Supreme Court and its president Dorit Beinish. Cheshin feels his invectives are within the rule-of-law, while others, who actually were defending their homes are not.

Double-standard? I’d say so.
Saturday, February 03, 2007
This is a very upsetting post to write, as it shows that the lessons of certain mistakes and failures still haven’t been learned.

I’ve been getting a lot of criticism offline (and on other blogs) for my last post on Rav Bina. Apparently in certain segments of the Orange community it is becoming unacceptable to do anything but hate and reject, and if you aren’t one of us, then you are one of them.

Last year I spoke with a group of pre-Army age kids and all they could tell me is how they won’t serve in the IDF and how evil it was.

I suspect, that because of a lack of direction, of a defined strategy, of any achievable goals, part of my community is reaching an extreme position that is defined by exclusions and rejection rather than action and change.

This past summer we watched brave young Jews willingly sacrifice their lives for the People of Israel in a war that our Erev Rav dragged us into.

But will you be the one to tell Roi Klein’s family that he was a frier for defending the Jewish people for whatever reason we forced into fighting?

Maybe it’s time to consider that Jews like Roi were on the right path? That one way to make change is to be there, getting your hands dirty, setting an example, and doing what is right.

Maybe Feiglin has it right. He is one of the few people presenting a strategy, a direction, a goal. Is it achievable? Perhaps if people weren’t acting like total rejectionists it could be.

Maybe Nadia Matar has it right. She openly welcomes criticism of what she says and does (from our side of the table), and then gives solid, powerful, devastating answers, instead of simply dismissing and rejecting her critics as if they didn’t exist.

And each one has their own path they are taking to bring about positive change for Am Yisrael.

Diversity within our community must be embraced. Everyone taking a monolithic position of rejection and hate will not bring about any change. Accepting that there are multiple paths to achieving our goals, and realizing which goals are achievable now, and which ones will take time is too important to ignore.

Making enemies of friends is not the answer. It’s not the answer to reject instead of challenging, influencing and eventually dominating. Forgetting that “Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah” doesn’t do our society any good.

I don’t have a real ending for this post, except to say that if you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem and extreme rejectionist, exclusionary positions are not part of the solution if we are to rebuild our Jewish society in Israel the way we want it to be.
No cries shame, or heart rending breat beating to the world accompany this story.

Leftist and Arab protesters destroyed a Sde Boaz orchard consisting of apple, cherry, pomegranate, pear, carob and olive trees this Shabbat of Tu b’Shvat.

While Arabs regularly blame us Settlers for uprooting their trees (and the Leftists promote their tall tales), so far all the videos that have come to light are of Arabs uprooting their own trees and then blaming the Jews – but alas no one cares.

This incident involved Leftist violence, which included a security guard being hit and run by a Leftist driving a car.

Again, I expect no public announcements by the Prime Minister on this matter.

You can read more about it here, as it isn’t yet newsworthy for the rest of the mainstream media.
Friday, February 02, 2007
Last week Rav Bina of Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh publicized a full page ad in some Right-wing religious newspapers showing support for Ya’ir Naveh. It has generated a considerable amount of controversy and criticism which you can read about in this Jerusalem Post article, including a strongly worded counter-ad that is being distributed. A typical reaction to the original ad can be seen on this blog.

Rav Bina is known worldwide as an educator extraordinaire. I personally do not know his political leanings, nor do I think I have ever heard of him taking any public political stances or positions.

But when a Rabbi of Rav Bina’s stature takes such an openly controversial, apparently political, in your face, very public stance, which appears to be completely out of character, much less, out of the blue, you need to ask why.

So unlike all his detractors, I decided to ask why.

I drove to the Old City, went to Rav Bina’s office in his Yeshiva, and very, very politely asked him, “What is this Naveh thing all about?”

I did not know what kind of reaction or response I would get to this act or question.

But he very graciously explained to me why he did it.

I won’t publicize his answer, other than to say it wasn’t political, and that I am satisfied that for Rav Bina it was 100% the right decision.

Sometimes there are more things that meet the eye, things going on behind the scenes. In my opinion, Naveh has done and is doing some bad things as of late, actions that are bad for Klal Yisrael and bad for Israeli democracy and society.
But there are times when showing support for an individual is not the same as showing support for what he has done or is doing.

Yes, that also raises other very serious questions and she'alot, but hameyvin yavin.
Thursday, February 01, 2007
If you know what the title of this post is, then you know how awful New Blogger is.

'nuff said.

Unless you want to read this too.
There is an interesting article in today's JP.

Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg does some textual analysis and comes up with an interesting idea.

His idea is that the "Shnei Luchot Habrit" normally translated as the "Two Tablets of the Law" is actually translated wrong. Actually it was one stone tablet with the law written on both sides.

I recommend reading this article, it has some interesting insights into other aspects of the "Luchot"
Those crazy Arabs are at it again. I wrote about it once here.

Is there something simply endemic among the world Arab population that they always get imaginary symptoms from imaginary causes, yet blame them on Israel and the Jews? It’s like how they blame the “Occupation” in Gaza for their little civil war (it’s not big enough yet). First we’re at fault for being in our own homeland, then we aren’t in our own homeland, so we’re at fault. I wish they could just decide. Of course, now the US is to blame for their trying to kill themselves and smuggle in weapons. You got love ‘em, they’re such a comedy show.

Speaking of which, reading the op-eds can be amusing too. Every day brings a new one with a Left-wing variation of giving up land will somehow bring peace. Somehow this tweak or that tweak will fix what they still can’t comprehend is a fundamentally flawed idea from bottom up.

Moving on, we find out the real reason (or not) as to why the girl Ramon kissed is upset. Apparently she no longer finds him attractive - as if she really didn't flirt with him.

Anyway, lots more stuff happening today, come back later and maybe I’ll write about them.
Those crazy Arabs are at it again. I wrote about it once here.

Is there something simply endemic among the world Arab population that they always get imaginary symptoms from imaginary causes, yet blame them on Israel and the Jews? It’s like how they blame the “Occupation” in Gaza for their little civil war (it’s not big enough yet). First we’re at fault for being in our own homeland, then we aren’t in our own homeland, so we’re at fault. I wish they could just decide. Of course, now the US is to blame for their trying to kill themselves and smuggle in weapons. You got love ‘em, they’re such a comedy show.

Speaking of which, reading the op-eds can be amusing too. Every day brings a new one with a Left-wing variation of giving up land will somehow bring peace. Somehow this tweak or that tweak will be fix what they still can’t comprehend is a fundamentally flawed idea from bottom up.

Moving on, we find out the real reason (or not) as to why the girl Ramon kissed is upset. Apparently she no longer finds him attractive - as if she really didn't flirt with him.

Anyway, lots more stuff happening today, come back later and maybe I’ll write about them.
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