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Monday, August 28, 2006
Caught this from the Muqata, originally posted on Gateway Pundit

Two videos showing, nothing less than UN complicity in Arab terrorism. Go Kof Go.

UN Ambulances: More than just saving lives!"

Here are two different video's taken of UN ambulances helping to transport armed militants in Gaza.

** The first video clip shows the crazy life in Gaza where everyone runs around with an AK47 strapped on their back and if you're lucky you get a lift from the UN ambulance driver to your next gig.
** The second video shows armed militants setting up a rocket and then running back and loading up their weapons in the back of a UN ambulance before taking off in a getaway.

UN Ambulance Video- Take 1:
A UN ambulance picks up fighters in Gaza Strip.

Your United Nations dollars at work.
-- If this does not load up right away HERE is the direct link.

UN Ambulance Video- Take 2:
This time a UN ambulance fires missiles into Israel.

Your hard earned dollars at work.
-- Once again, HERE is the direct link if the video does not load immediately.
Hat Tip Tom Pechinski


There may be no ‘I’ in Team, but there certainly is one in Olmert. A big one too.

As investigations into Olmert’s activities in the last Knesset begin to warm up, Olmert spoke today to the nation from Haifa. He spoke how He takes responsibility for (winning?) the war and explained His decisions.

In His words:
“the responsibility for the decision to go to war, to respond with military might, not to be silent about harm to our soldiers, our civilians and our sovereignty, as well as the responsibility for the outcome of this war – is mine.”

He explained how He has decided a (weak, powerless) commissions of inquiry will be established to uncover and help fix the failures (as opposed to a state commission that could demand resignations). He explained that He selected who will be on the commissions.

I wonder if the commission will discuss the failure of the Ministry of Social Welfare failed to help those in the North, and if they will discuss the responsibility of the Minister of Social Welfare to fulfill his most basic task.

Of course, since the Minister of Social Welfare is also none other than Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It was truly amazing how many times Olmert said the word ‘I’ in his speech.

What worries me is how he promised that He, Ehud Olmert will bring home the kidnapped soldiers. It sounded like there is a deal already completed with Hizbollah. I want our boys home, but how many terrorists has He already promised to release in exchange? What is the price of Olmert’s ego and our security?

In other news, Hizbollah continues with their psychological warfare with an upcoming documentary on Ron Arad with ‘new’ footage (presuming it is real).

Hizbollah and Iran are merely playing a psychological warfare game on the people of Israel. I (not Ehud Olmert) say it is best to ignore it, though no one will.
There is probably nothing more controversial that a soldier can do than refuse orders. The whole foundation that an army stands on is that soldiers will follow orders, even knowing they may die.

The only time it is excusable or even forbidden to follow orders is when the order is black and white illegal (such as killing POWs perhaps, or ethnically cleansing Jews out of their homes).

But what happens when an officer gets an order under unusual circumstances.
One such IDF officer received orders to take his unit on a mission.

The officer didn’t refuse, rather he told his superior officer that he is personally incapable of fulfilling the mission assigned to him. From what I recall hearing the mission was cancelled (it’s a known story, so if someone has more details…)

The truth is that this officer saw the assignment as a suicide mission with no clear goals and refused to take his men into what he saw as a death trap.

But think about it.

Say it was exactly what he thought it was – a suicide mission, but the upper brass felt it was necessary to sacrifice this unit in order to win the war completely – this officer would then have caused us to lose the war. What right did he have to refuse these orders?

But what happened in reality?

This officer saw that he was getting bad orders, he saw that he was getting confused orders, he saw that his people were getting killed and he was getting no support, he saw that orders were being changed in the field without concern that units weren't properly armed for the new missions. This officer lost faith in those giving him his orders.

The backbone holding the army together, the trust that allows men to let themselves be ordered to their own deaths was breached, broken and destroyed.

It is the trust between the soldiers and the generals and the politicians that keeps the army functioning. Soldiers go to fight and die knowing they are being used properly for the good of the nation, and the politicians send the soldiers knowing that they are being given a trust to use those lives properly.

That broke down as lives were needlessly wasted.

The officer was put on trial and it was determined that he won’t be punished for not following the order, nor will he be given a medal for admitting that he wasn’t qualified to lead the mission (as is) thus saving the lives of all his soldiers.

But the army knows what he was saying.

All the parents of the soldiers knew what he was saying and thanked him for saving their children’s lives.

But this is how far the IDF and political echelon have fallen. A soldier must say he is incompetent to complete his mission in order to save his soldiers from a needless death caused by politicians and generals who are really the incompetent ones.

The trust between the soldier and our leaders is broken. That means the IDF is broken

Who will fix it?
While we lost, we and the US reaped some serious benefits from this war.

1. We learned that most of our current line of generals are incompetent bozos who achieved their positions more because they support kicking Jews out of their homes than for knowing how to fight the enemy.

2. We learned now, before the big war, that we need to revamp, redo, and relearn everything from scratch.

3. We learned a lot about Hizbollah and Iranian fighting techniques.

4. We learned that Iran and Hizbollah know how and are able to intercept and decrypt our and US field transmissions without a problem.

5. We learned that Iran and Hizbollah have (hopefully now "had") the technology and knowledge to maintain a hidden field communications network despite massive bombardment and attempts at blocking those transmissions.

6. We learned a part of what weapons are in the Hizbollah and Iranian arsenal.

7. Hopefully we learned how to actually fight against them.

8. We uncovered serious flaws in our logistics system.

9. We learned that despite all the money invested in a C&C system to remove the “fog of war” our tanks still nearly drove over all our ground troops (in 1 case did) and the system doesn’t work, or at least isn’t either in place or applied correctly.

10. We learned (thought the army still hasn’t) that air support must be used and must be used correctly – no more sending troops into homes and villages that haven’t been flattened yet from the air (unfortunately they will never do this).

11. Our field officers and soldiers got the experience they will need to fight the next war.

12. The country learned which citizens are fighting for us, and which ones aren’t.

13. The next Deportation of Jews has been delayed.

14. We shook off the defeatist/submissive attitude that the general population and especially the IDF had indoctrinated into them by Oslo and the Left, and hopefully it will change for the better in the future.

15. Unintentionally, the government went wild in Lebanon the first few days and bombed everything – not knowing what else to do. That was the right thing to do, as it helped with the deterrence.
Unfortunately they then lowered the magnitude and didn’t do it nearly as much in the villages where Hizbollah were entrenched. Hopefully someone will recognize the benefits of the all out “crazy” massive bombing and how it helped deterrence and realize that it will have to do that completely next time – it’s called total victory.

This list is far from complete, so If you have anymore, feel free to add them
Friday, August 25, 2006
It's looking more and more like Katsav will be stepping down early from the Presidency.

Until now, Katsav’s term has been remarkably absent of any controversy (except for the “Rabbi” thing, and he was right there). On the other hand, while he consistently promoted unity, there were times when he should have taken a position on things and he didn’t.

Though right now it looks like he may have been promoting a little too much of a unity position. Still, I’m going to take a wait-and-see approach to hear the final results. It just seems so incongruous from what we've seen of him publicly.

In the meantime the candidates are taking their places at the starting gate. In the front we have former Chief Rabbi Meir Lau, Former Speaker of the Knesset Ruby Rivlin, and I’m sure Shimon Peres is in the list somewhere (if he isn't afraid to lose yet another election).

Personally, JoeSettler endorses Ruby Rivlin for the position of President of Israel.

Rivlin, besides displaying and acting on his strong feelings for Judaism and Eretz Yisrael has proven that he can be non-partisan when required (when he was Speaker) up to the point that it makes sense to be. There are no known skeletons rattling around in his closet (they had more than enough opportunity to come to the fore when he was about to be appointed Justice Minister).

Rivlin has taken strong, clear, and good stances in how he thinks the country should work and define itself. And he took clear strong positions in opposing the Disengagement, and as a brave, nearly solo voice (along with Uzi Landau and Moshe Feiglin) challenging Aharon Barak’s attempt to vandalize and rule this country with his judicial activism (though I do disagree with how Rivlin disengages Barak the person from Barak the Justice – as I don’t think they are at all disconnected).

It would be a shame to lose Rivlin in the Knesset, but on the other hand, perhaps he will have an even more positive influence as President - as a symbol of unity and for promoting Jewish ideals and values.
Tiny Fish Biting Tel Aviv Bathers
07:36 Aug 25, '06 / 1 Elul 5766

( Small fish have invaded Tel Aviv’s beaches, biting the feet of bathers they mistake for food.

The fish, less than an inch long, are not dangerous, but have frightened many bathers, who are shocked by the sharp pain of the tiny bite and exit the water bleeding.

Lifeguards say that there is no choice but to wait for the schools of fish to leave of their own accord. They say the fish are not carnivorous, but mistake varicose veins and beauty marks for food.
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Nine different Generals came to visit my friend’s reserve army unit after the war.

The Ramatkal (Chief of Staff) was also supposed to visit but after the hard time the 9 generals got he chickened out.

General Gantz (the head of all IDF ground units) came to the unit to explain what happened and to tell them we won the war (since it wasn’t obvious to anyone that we did). At the end he asked if anyone had questions.

One soldier got up, and said, “I have 2 questions for you, a personal question and an operational question.”

He continued, “My personal question is regarding the statement you made a year ago. You see I am a settler and I volunteered to fight in the IDF, and I want to know if after 100% of us settlers showed up to fight and die, do you still stand by your statement that "settlers are worse than Hizbollah"?”

For his second question he asked, “How come you sent in us ground units without first destroying all the enemy sniper positions and houses overlooking us?”

For the first question, he actually denied he said what he said, adding that “Aryeh Eldad is just trying to get brownie points”, but then he said that he doesn’t take back a word of what he said. I guess that means he did say it and still thinks its true.

Regarding the second question, he answered the tanks destroyed most houses marked as Hizbollah sites.

Unfortunately Gantz forgot to mention that most of the houses were apparently not marked.

At this point, the flustered Gantz had enough and ran away like all the other generals that visited this elite reserve unit.
Written by my friend Ari who just came back from Lebanon:

The past month has been a stressful one for everyone. I spent the last two weeks deep in Lebanon ( 20 kilometers). We spent our nights maneuvering from village to village and our days fighting Hizbollah terrorists.

Before each attack we all said Vidui and Kabbalat Ol Malchut Shamayim.

Last Sunday( I think it was Sunday) we were in a Lebanese village called Tel Adeysa . Unfortunately Hizbollah was waiting for us and gave us a welcoming ceremony as we entered the village. Snipers took their shots and hit our commander in the neck, Rockets were landing all around us. The first team was hit and several soldiers injured.

The evacuation team was called in and they too were shot at and injured. The rest of the platoon was stationed in an apple orchard keeping low. The second in command pointed to me and ordered I take 4 other soldiers to evacuate as many injured as we could.

I pointed to 4 soldiers and said ' LETS GO' we all dropped our equipment,took our m-16's and stretchers and headed toward the firing. As we left the gates of the Orchard several Rockets came down on the orchard!

We came back from evacuating the Injured and found 5 more soldiers injured in the Orchard, where we were sitting 2 minutes ago!

I picked up my bag only to find that water was spilling out of several holes, as I took a closer look I found a piece of Shrapnel the size of my palm wedged in my bag!

The Rocket fell directly on our bags while we were evacuating the other site. The Guys who were in the Orchard were lightly injured due to the fact that they were far enough away.

One of the soldiers made a Brit for his new born son several days before. Some Shrapnel cut threw his vest and around the neck guard completely severing the top of the vest - He however was left without a scratch!

There were many soldiers who were injured and those who died!

I do not know what Hashem's reasons or plans are - I do know however that I was witness to a Nes Galui!

Hodu Lashem Ki Tov Ki Leolam Chasdo
Caroline Glick has an excellent article in today’s Jerusalem Post. As I always say, CG is the only redeeming factor of the JP.

She raises some interesting points.

It is through her that I learned that Emmanuel Morano was not just a senior officer and a hero of the IDF, but a hero for the Jewish people too (as is his family).

The Israeli media completely didn’t mention who Emanuel Morano really was or what he and his family were doing during the Expulsion last year.

Every night last August - until precisely 52 weeks before his death - he snuck into Gush Katif to bring food to his brother David and his family who were besieged along with the rest of the residents of Gush Katif by a force of some 50,000 IDF and police forces. These forces, who outnumbered the forces sent into Lebanon to fight Hizbullah a year later by 20,000, were under orders not to fight Israel's enemies, but to expel loyal, patriotic Israeli citizens from their homes and communities, destroy their homes and communities and abandon their land to Hamas and Fatah control.

This paragraph is so full of meaning. The dedication of one man to his brother, to their idealism, to what is right.

But it is the other point I want to discuss.

CG raises an important issue. The government raised an army of 50,000 soldiers to kick peaceful families out of their homes. And that was 20,000 soldiers more than they sent out to fight Hizbollah which managed to displace 1 million Israelis from their homes.

What sort of sick priorities does the Left and government have when they can waste so much resources (months of training, brand new equipment, splashy black stormtrooper uniforms with matching baseball caps, not to mention the 50,000 soldiers) on damaging us, while complaining that there aren’t enough resources for defending the country against external threats.

50,000 to kick Jews out of their homes. 30,000 to lose against Hizbollah.

It’s a matter of priorities – this government simply doesn’t have the right ones.

Olmert go home.
Monday, August 21, 2006
There’s something in the mind of the Leftist that forces him to severely overestimate his faith in humanity.

There’s a reason why a significant portion of the world (and world history) suffers from wars, famines, tyrants, repression, mass murderers, and everything else bad, and it is for that specific reason we have the Torah – to civilize us, so we can help civilize the world (and teach them Monotheism).

But the godless Left apparently naively believe that the inherent nature of man is completely good (something even the Xians don’t believe) even in the face of the facts.

And that’s why the Left believe you could take a million Arabs that shared a grand total of 20 (twenty!) automatic guns among all of them and start heavily arming them, bring in a terrorist to lead them, and suddenly they would want peace! (Prize to Jerusalem Cop for coming up with the right answer).

Unfortunately, it’s why they keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same thing over and over again.

I use the word ‘sick’ because it is.

When you don’t learn after 12(+) years of the same stuff and keep repeating the same wrong actions and keep getting the same bad results, then yes, there is something wrong in the head. Worse yet are those that incredibly still believe we were at some point “close to peace”.

But worst of all, the Left completely ignore any solution that doesn’t fit into their limited ideology.

- Why don’t they ask themselves, how is it possible that the Settlers keep buying land from Arabs (and yes we buy it) and they agree to sell to us despite the risk?

- Why don’t they ask themselves how is it that Arabs work inside Jewish settlements?

- Why don’t ask themselves, how do these “crazy, fundamentalist” settlers essentially get along day to day with the Arabs who often live literally next door without massacring one another?

Maybe we settlers are doing something right or know something you refuse to hear?

Maybe you have something to learn from us?

Maybe when we talk about paying the Arabs $ x per family and they’ll leave, we are talking from experience and from activities we clandestinely do now to acquire land?

Maybe when we talk about all the land being ours because of the Torah, not just Tel Aviv because of the Holocaust, the Arabs have a big problem countering us, because what we say is part of their religion too? See Sura [17:104] and Sura [5:21-23] for starters.

We’re all living through the nightmare the Left dragged down on us. It is you who don’t have a solution.

We do.

Maybe it’s time to let us do it our way. The Torah way. And maybe it’s time, for the sake of unity, that you try the Torah way too.
Dear Residents of the Golan,

Turning on the Internet today, you would have seen the news splashed on every page. We lost the war and are now prepared to give up the Golan.

Some years ago, too long for the average Israeli to remember, the Golan was placed on the chopping block as a sacrifice to the gods of peace. We settlers in Yesha and you settlers in the Golan joined hands and protested.

Ha’Am Im HaGolan” stickers were everywhere, as we spearheaded the fight for your continued survival.

And we won you a reprieve.

And then Yesha was lined up next on the chopping block, and we fought, but without you, as you didn’t want to be associated with us “extremists”.

And when Aza was amputated, you settlers from the Golan were nowhere to be found.

And now with the talk of the rest of Judea and Samaria being realigned and consolidated – again the silence from Golan is deafening.

Guess what. The Golan is back on the chopping block again.

The question is, will you stand alone in your fight to keep your homes?

The average Israeli won’t fight for you – you know that.

In fact the only ones that will are us settlers.

But why should we?

Yes, I want us to keep the Golan for every right reason, but why should I bother when you, the residents of the Golan, don’t want to associate with “extremists” like me when we needed your help in return.

If I have limited resources that I will need to defend my home, why should I waste them on yours when you won’t help me in my hour of need?

Good luck in your struggle, and I hear the government has a good relocation plan for refugees.

Joe Settler
Sunday, August 20, 2006
How many Automatic Weapons did the Palestinians have in their possesion the day before Oslo?

It's a simple question, and there is a real answer, with a real number.

But how many people know what it is?

Once I get the right answer, I will follow up the post in the comments section.
Man its wild here, and August 22 is the day to be in Jerusalem!

You have to be living in a cave (or not reading
Debka, listening to your local Kabbalist/Astrologer, or paying attention to the Madman in Iran) to not know what is going down.

August 22 is the day the Moslem madmen claim another Moslem Madman (the first one) rode to a rock on a horse and flew away (I assume he unfortunately came back) in a flash of white light (over Jerusalem) or if you’re a Shiite, when Allah and the Madman shared a psychotic episode in a cave (weren’t we just speaking of caves?).

The Madman in Iran keeps saying he has a special surprise for the upcoming anniversary.

Debka keeps implying a possible nuclear attack or mega-attack on Israel particularly in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Kabbalists/astrologers keep saying stay away from Jerusalem.

Are they all kidding?

Don’t you know what’s going on in Jerusalem on Tuesday?

I don’t either, but puhlease, don’t believe everything you hear and read.

(Best part is, if I’m wrong, I won’t be around to eat these words!)
The fools on the Left love to repeat their mantra that the Right has no solution.
After all it’s so much easier to keep repeating your mantra then to actually listen or consider an idea that doesn’t include capitulation to the enemy.

I and others have proposed numerous solutions on these hallowed pages, and here is a link to another excellent solution, that of course the left will knee-jerk and whine that it doesn’t involve giving the Arabs weapons, so it can’t be good.

But isn’t that just the point, the Left consider any solution immoral, unless it is one of their sicko ones, and 10,000 Jews can tell you last year how moral those are.

If you’ve been reading the papers lately, you’d have noticed that the media attacks on Settlers are again on the rise as those on the Left try to deflect attention from the fact that they were the root cause of the war and our current situation.

I think it’s time the Left just shut up already.

You want to keep pushing us towards a civil war? Remember, you guys in Tel Aviv don’t serve that much in combat units, while we settlers have again proven we know how to fight.

Don’t make yourselves into the enemy more than you have already. Shut up for once.
It’s about time that Israel started playing by the same rules everyone else in this region (and the UN) does.

As Egypt’s Mubarak declares Hizbollah’s attacks against Israel as legitimate (of course he does as he is overseeing the arming of Hamas through his border), and our troops find themselves fighting Hizbollah terrorist wearing IDF uniforms (yes they have), and as Hizbollah uses the UN cease fire to openly rearm and reposition to better attack Israel, and the UN not only ignores Hizbollah violations, but plans to send Muslim (anti-Israel) troops to the region(!), Israel has almost woken up and decided that that maybe playing by the rules is stupid when the rules are specifically written to harm you.

Yesterday’s operations, faults aside, should be the beginning of many more such moves that openly (or not) violate the UN ceasefire for our defense.

If the Kof won’t stop Hizbollah from rearming and repositioning south of the Litani, in violation of 1701, and then has the Chutzpah to tell us that we are breaking the treaty – well, then let him jump in a river and drown.

Kofi Anan is a Jew hating anti-Semite of the first level. It’s time we all said it out loud. And it’s time we declared him as irrelevant as Arafat.

I doubt this was a one-off operation, but Olmert doesn’t really have what it takes to sustain something like this long- term.

As an aside, if someone doesn’t overthrow the Iranian government (preferable from within) very soon, someone else is going to have to nuke it within a few years.
A new book review is up over at the Joe Jameel Bookclub (though I noticed that Jameel doesn't seem to be contributing to much).
Thursday, August 17, 2006
This is an important article that should be read one and all.

Litvshe @ the Muqata pointed out that once again the government plans to expel consolidate realign the residents of Ma’aleh Rechavam.

What will make it easier is that 25% of the residents of Ma’aleh Rechavam are still up in Lebanon where they’ve been fighting to defend this country, and they will eventually be returning home only to pack and be stabbed in the back – just as Avi Abelow said.

We Settlers (unfortunately) make up just 5% of the population, yet 10% of the casualties came from the settlements (and that was 10% too many). As we give far more back to this country than it can steal from us I think it is a good time to mention just another little fact.

The sham Sasson report decided that 100% of the “illegal outposts” are on stolen land. Amazing to state a lie so boldly when it is so easily proven a lie, but I guess when you’re on the Left, the facts don’t bother you.

To quote from the Arutz-7 article discussing the lies in Ma’ariv:
The people of Maaleh Rehavam recently demanded an apology from the Maariv newspaper for writing that their community is illegally located on private Arab property. "This article presents us as land thieves," a letter from the town's secretary states. "If a serious investigation had been done, as could be expected from a newspaper of your level, you would have found that the neighborhood is [a part of] the town of Nokdim, is totally located on state lands, and that the residents were even allocated land for planting and grazing. The neighborhood is in the process of being approved."

To see photos from Ma’aleh Rachavam click here

Even during the Lebanon War the government had the resources available to destroy a Jewish home.

Any Israeli in Tel Aviv who thinks someone else is worth dying for him in Lebanon while he sits in his cafe had better open his mouth and protest this disgrace.
Good News from the Home Front

The Yesha council announced that the number of Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria grew to 260,932, up from 253,748 just 6 months ago.

This has really annoyed the leftist losers at Peace Now. Good.

I hope it annoys Olmert too.
No matter what day it is in 'Disbandment Watch', Hizbollah still hasn't been disbanded, nor will it be until Israel wins the next war with them.

See the Hizbollah Watch counter in the Sidebar for an up-to-date update.
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
My friend Rechavam has returned home safely (Thank G/d) – though quite a bit angry.

While he still 100% disagrees with Avi on his choice, and he backs it up with a quote from Begin when he said “We should fight the British like there are no Nazis and the Nazis like there are no British” he feels he was unnecessarily endangered, and he felt his missions were too often unclear as to their goals.

He was particularly upset at one particular mission which had no clear goals, and where a significant number of his fellow soldiers were seriously injured. After their return to Israel a senior officer told this elite unit that they were sent out there as bait for the enemy.

In the coming days, Rechavam will be writing about his experiences here along with photos of dead terrorists. I think he’ll also discuss his opinion of the leadership that mismanaged the war he risked his life in.
If any lessons can be learned from this war it is that fighting by proxy is a pretty good way to hurt the enemy while minimizing your own risk.

True, proxy armies have an occasional tendency to bite their creators and supporters, but perhaps it’s time we start using the tools our enemies have perfected to our own benefit.

I am sure that in both Syria and Iran there are factions that would like nothing more than to strike back at these regimes.

It’s time we set up our own weapons supply chain and put our enemies under the gun – with their very own system.

Keep them busy fighting their own insurrections all the while denying any connection to the “freedom fighters”.

We’re in the Middle East, when are we going to start acting that way?
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
In retrospect, the last (16th) Knesset may not have been the most corrupt.

After all, many of the same people continue to serve. Ehud Olmert, who partook with Ariel Sharon in some of his illicit scandals keeps finding his name mentioned and then suddenly buried. Tsachi HaNegbi, is being indicted. Haim Ramon it seems may be a perv. And the Chief of Staff Dan Halutz is apparently a war profiteer.

Meanwhile Tzipi Livni’s Deportation committee is suddenly finding problems with realignment (such as the missile threat, gee who would have thought), not that it will stop Olmert from trying.

And of course all the zigzagging, lack of goals, fear, and other problems caused us to lose this round and embolden our enemies.

Iran is again talking about hitting Tel Aviv (maybe that would get them interested?), and not only is Assad talking war and taking the Golan, but Amir Peretz is openly saying that he has what to capitulate to with Syria.

And of course Gaza is still shooting at us, Hizbollah is not disbanding and are even moving back to our border, and we haven’t gotten a single kidnapped soldier back for our effort.

Is there what to do?

Besides hoping the war restarts soon enough and we are better prepared, decisive, and led by better leadership, and of course our consistently brave and unselfish soldiers, I think the answer is yes.

There are practical steps that can be taken before Israel forgets next week what happened last week.

I will discuss them in a future post.
Iran is using the crazy man's blog to cyberattack Israeli visitors.

For more information see:

Stay away.

Nope. Hizbollah still hasn’t been disbanded.

Hizbollah fires mortars and Katyushas at troops in South Lebanon. IDF does not respond.

Monday, August 14, 2006
1. Peace Now had the chance to run Israel's security system and showed, once and for all, what would happen under their rule, while the "social justice" lobby of the Labor Party had their chance to assume power and showed that they would not even take care of the social welfare ministry, leaving it with no minister and leaving Israel with no social policy, with thousands of people left to suffer..Bye Bye Peace Now and Labor Zionist Socialists.

2. On the other hand., if a Bibi or an Effie Eitam were PM, "Peace Now" would have brought 400,000 to Kikar Rabin to demonstrate after Kfar Kana and destroyed any national unity.

3. Am Yisrael is en route to being united, albeit by a new Haman, yet united.

4. Red Haifa is less pink. And bombed Kibbutzim in the north and in the Negev will be less likely to dispatch people to peace rallies in the future.

5. The permanent schism between the Zionist and anti-Zionist left is now evident. Wait for those high profile treason trials those who supported the enemy during a time of war. All the noose that's fit to print.

6. The Israeli Arab leadership and the PA leadership have showed their total support for the genocidal policies of Hizbullah/Iran against the State of Israel. The restoration of military rule over the Israeli Arabs is in the offing, and the disbanding of the Palestinian Fourth Reich may also be in thecards.

7. The dire consequences of Israel's unilateral surrender policy are being felt by at least half of the Israeli population. Any government that would dare suggest any such policy now will have to cope with a seething population who will not tolerate any such suggestion.

8. Wait for the ultimate investigation commissions to be empowered and convened. It will dwarf the post-Yom Kippur War Investigation commission. Who gave the order for the IDF to run out of Lebanon on May 20th and leave their best equipment for the Hizbullah? Who covered up the warnings of the 12,000 missiles in place? Who gave orders not to prepare the shelters?

9. The collapse of Israel's social welfare system in the North has given way to a Hesed system, which may become a permanent fixture.

9. Aliya of thousands of Jews continues during this time.

10. In IDF units and in many places in Eretz Israel, people who had never prayed to God are now calling out to the Almighty for sustenance. It's beginning to look a lot like Elul, everywhere you go.

DAVID BEDEIN, Beit Agron, Jerusalem Shel Matah.

In all the Lebanon excitement, we all forgot Gaza.

Don't worry, they didn't forget us.

Two Kassams Katyushas fell on Ashkelon just a few minutes ago.

I guess they want to win too.

I have removed the link. Apparently Iran is using the blog to cyberattack Israeli visitors.

For more information see:

Nope. Hizbollah still hasn’t been disbanded.

It’s 6:59 AM and we are waiting to tie our own hands and give up our right to self-defense (and offense too).

The ink hasn’t even dried and SURPRISE! Nasrallah has told the Lebanese government he has no intention of disarming (link). Who could have thought that would happen? Nasrallah actually plans to ignore the UN missive. (And of course the arms shipments through Syria haven’t stopped either).

Of course, Israel, after dumping tons of troops into Lebanon apparently for no reason since the reason wasn’t to win, now plans to begin pulling them out, again for no clear reason.

If you don’t understand the new rules of the game they are as follows:

The IDF will abide by the cease-fire.

The IDF will not fire on Hizbollah, unless Hizbollah first fires on the soldiers or Israel, or is literally just about to fire (meaning the finger is on the trigger and pressure is being applied).

What this means is that Hizbollah can and will now openly saunter around Lebanon, particularly Southern Lebanon, even if front of IDF troops, even with their rocket launchers, and we have already stated and promised we will do absolutely NOTHING!

So while Hizbollah rearms, repositions, and retrenches, our government has agreed to put us in more danger than ever.

I was listening to Olmert's spin doctors try to explain why this was a good deal for Israel, while we aren't even allowed to knock out the still ongoing arm shipments to Hizbollah, or do anything for that matter when he breaks his side of the agreement.

It seemed obvious to me they didn't know either as they kept getting stumped by the most basic questions of the interviewers.

Olmert go home.

A mantra of the Left is that war never solves anything and in the end we always have to negotiate for peace and for a political settlement…blah, blah, blah.

You know what?

I agree.

In a Left-wing government, war won’t solve anything because you simply aren’t fighting to win, and if you are supposedly fighting to win, those goals are so watered down, even when you lose by a knockout you can still declare a victory with your last breath.

Meanwhile Hizbollah is proof-positive that the mantra is false. They went to war, and they achieved their goals for this round.

Next time a leftist says that wars don’t solve anything I’ll send him to Nasrallah for a chat on victories and goals.

Just a quick math test for my readers.

If the disengagement cost $2,000,000,000 (US), and this war cost $7,000,000,000 (so far) for a total of $9,000,000,000.

Assuming we exaggerate and say there are 300,000 Palestinian family units in Yesha.

If we were to pay each family a $100,000 emigration stipend to leave Israel (including flight), how many Palestinian families could we afford to pay (this year) to start a new life in the West (or East, or North, or South for that matter) if we didn’t have to fight this war or had thrown out our own citizens out of their own homes?

How many years would it take to relocate all the Palestinian families in Israel (not just Yesha) at this rate?

Sunday, August 13, 2006
Dear Ehud Olmert,

You are in over your head. Even in a small pond like Israel, you are guppy.

You lost this war. You lost our deterrence. You have let the spearhead of Islamic terror strike slice through us like a paper tiger.

You sit at your desk and ask your cabinet to approve a “cease-fire” that declares our surrender to terrorism, instead of telling your cabinet that we will only accept victory, and the UN be damned.

Unbelievably, you managed to completely underwhelm the enemy by withholding the concentrated, combined capabilities of our army - through the deficient application of our potentially overwhelming air power and the lack of deeply embedded ground troops clearing out enemy territory as long as a month ago – even as far as Beirut if necessary.

Certainly nothing less than your faltering, hesitant and zigzagging reactions - when decisions needed to be made - led us to where we are.

You still want Consolidation?

Well you let a million Jews be consolidated right out of their homes from the North. You got your consolidation.

But we don’t want your consolidation. We don’t want your cease-fires. We want victory and nothing less.

And we want you to go home.

-Joe Settler

Friday, August 11, 2006
Jameel mentioned this to me earlier. Olmert is such a small-time politician that he won’t even let his Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni go to the UN to “broker” the cease fire. He wants all the “credit” for himself and doesn’t want her upstaging him.

Is there any question now as to why we are in this situation?

BoneCrusher noted that our soldiers aren’t even buried yet and the new Disengagement Plan has already begun to be implemented.

Meanwhile with the ceasefire about to put into place, Hizbollah is getting ‘last licks’ in up North (big time), while our soldiers are wondering why they are fighting and dying when the government never had any intention to win or even protect them properly after sending them right into death traps (more on that in detail in another post when I don’t feel it will endanger the soldiers currently fighting).

Thursday, August 10, 2006
If the headlines right now are to any extent correct, then Israel has just lost the war.

A cease-fire is in the works in which the Hizbollah will move North of the Litani (still in missile striking range of Israel), the Lebanese Army (presumably incorporated into/with Hizbollah ) will eventually move South of the Litani with UN “Peacekeepers”, and unofficially in a month Israel will begin negotiating to abandon the Shaba farms. Perhaps we’ll get our soldiers or their bodies back.

All of which Olmert and his leftwing government approves.

Perhaps the Left were right – we shouldn’t be in this fight.

But not because there isn’t a military solution - because there is one.

But because Israel’s ideological principles have become so perverse that our leaders are no longer willing to fight for our own survival.

Presumably 30 missiles hits a day instead of 200 will be an acceptable number.

So the Left were right, because in the end we will capitulate and surrender rather than win (and they are the reason) – and all our soldiers will have died in vain.

We could have just surrendered a month ago.

And in the end, all we have done is delay the inevitable by a few weeks, months, or perhaps a year or two, but in the end we will be fighting again and next time even worse. Next time perhaps even against dirty bombs supplied by Iran.

And in a month or two the Left will be congratulating themselves on a job well done, and Israel will forget that being under the Hizbollah missile threat is an existential threat that will hit us yet again, and once more we’ll read sicko articles saying that Nasrallah is a responsible Prime Minister of Lebanon.

The left were right. Because of the evil damage the Left did to this country starting from (even before) Oslo, Israel is apparently no longer capable of fighting ((or willing to fight) for her own survival.

It is only a matter of time before the next Expulsion and missiles start hitting central Israel.

The Left is wrong.

The Right is right. The Left have merely stabbed us all in the back.

“I have a special message to the Arabs of Haifa, to your martyrs and to your wounded. I call you to leave this city. I hope you do this. ... Please leave so we don't shed your blood, which is our blood." – Hassan Nasrallah.

I’d say the most memorable part of Nasrallah’s speech yesterday was when he told Haifa’s Arabs to leave their homes so he can attack freely without worrying about their blood. I don’t think we’ve heard such sagacious advice from the Arabs since we kicked their aggressor tushees in 1948.

As Arabs from the North go to live in Bethlehem hotels, I would recommend to one and all some very nice locations further East.

In previous posts I gave very clear definitions of Victory. I don’t know if this government can achieve them, so like our Prime Minister I’ve decided to redefine what Victory will be.

Unlike the Prime Minister, I will not dumb down my goals, nor mark the finish line behind me before I even step foot on the track.

But I suspect there is another way to achieve victory in this war.

The key factor holding this war together – is Hassan Nasrallah.

While Iran and Syria are playing major leading roles, it is Nasrallah who is the glue and brains of Hizbollah. Iran will find a replacement, but like the current Dali Lama for Tibet, Iran and Syria got lucky when they Nasrallah left Amal for Hizbollah. (I’m not calling the Dali Lama a terrorist for those that didn’t understand the comparison).

Taking Nasrallah out will set Hizbollah back significantly. (Hanging him up by his toenails - that would just be a perk).

Yes we will still have to fight them, and they will still launch their missiles, but as both a symbol and their uniquely endowed leader I highly suspect that removing Nasrallah would turn this war around very quickly.

And then we need to perform a regime change in Syria and Iran.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
While we are winning the battles (though some like today’s, at a very, very high cost) the question is why aren’t we winning the war, and why are our losses as bad as they are and progress as slow as it has been?

Besides our currently incompetent leadership, the answer is because of Oslo, Barak and the Disengagement.

Oslo insinuated into the minds of our people that we thought we didn’t need to fight.

Barak, running away from Lebanon, caused us to forget how to fight the enemy.

While Disengagement caused our army to no longer even remember who the enemy is.

Leftist ideology has crippled our fighting abilities and fighting acumen. Period. Our generals have been selected based on their loyalty to Disengagement and ability to fulfill that mission, not based on their ability to defend the State.

When was the last time regular army recruits seriously trained in small unit field tactics? Mention something basic like ‘dilugim’ and today’s soldier looks back at you blankly. Mention sensitively removing someone from their home, and they’ll tell you all about it. (Forget recruits, what about reservists?)

I remember when Oslo started and the brainwashing was in full force and a unit of Golani recruits on a bus surrendered their weapons when surrounded by PA terrorists.

This is what the Left has done to us.

We will win, because this war will cause us to return to the basics and regain what we lost, but at what price?

If the Defense Minister mentions something in passing, I guess it doesn’t need to be censored.

One of the things you haven’t heard till now is that Hizbollah is not the only enemy force that Israel is fighting in Lebanon.

Iran has special commando units physically in place in Lebanon that are battling our troops.

These Iranian commandos may be well very armed – but we are beating them bad.

(Whooo, that's one thing out of my system, 99 more to go).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
This article has been self-censored.

There is so much going on up North that isn’t being reported and I don’t know if it is because of political or security reasons.

I think I’ll take a break for the next day or two so I don’t write anything I shouldn’t – despite the temptation to do so.

Monday, August 07, 2006
Arabs living in Eretz Yisrael tend to not make up an important component of the focus of this blog except when they are directly related to events affecting Settlers. Similarly perhaps, Arabs in Eretz Yisrael tend to not make up an important component of the security dialogue of the Land of Israel – except when they are trying to compromise it, be it in the Knesset or on the street.

For a long time, Arabs in Eretz Yisrael viewed themselves as separate from the rest of the country when it came to issues of war and peace. And not just because nearly all don't serve in the army or even do National Service.

In general they either relied on their immunity from war, as it was their brethren (sometimes literally) that were attacking this country, so they knew they were safe, or they tacitly or even openly assisted those that would hurt this country – again from the Knesset or from the street.

Suddenly Israel faces an unconventional war.

Instead of troops coming in and attacking, and then either bypassing the Arab villages, or entering them and receiving succor and support, Israel is attacked by missiles that, as it unexpectedly turns out, can’t differentiate between a Jewish town and an Arab one.

So the Arabs complain, “Why don’t we have an air raid siren?” and “Why don’t we have bomb shelters?”

All the while ignoring why they don’t.

While it is clear why they don’t have bomb shelters (besides that they don't build them into their homes like most Jewish homes do) as no one thought they would ever need them in a conventional war (after all who would be targeting them – their brethren?), but it is still an interesting question as to why they don’t have air raid sirens.

You see it turns out that many of the Arab towns (such as Nazareth) do have air raid sirens, but they simply don’t work.

Rather irresponsible of the Israeli government, wouldn’t you say, letting them go into disrepair?

Irresponsible, only if you ignore why they don’t work.

You see, the Arabs in all these towns and villages complained that they did not want to hear the sounds of the National air raid sirens when we sounded them for Memorial Day or Yom HaShoah. They found it offensive that they were forced to hear our commemorations for our dead – something they don’t and won’t mourn.

So many years ago, a decision was made, after the Arabs complained enough, to simply remove their connection to the national air raid siren system. Exactly what they asked for.

And they probably even thought, no one will attack our town anyway, so who needs it.

Suddenly as missiles unexpectedly fall on their heads, they actually blame Israel for their not being connected.

Now that’s the definition of Chutzpah.

Sunday, August 06, 2006
An anonymous commenter on my site mentioned this and I felt it was appropriate to repost.


The Knesset’s Foreign & Defense Committee Chairman Tsachi Hanegbi (Kadima) approved 30,000 soldiers to receive Tzav-8 (to go fight in Lebanon) and then packed his suitcases and went on vacation to the USA with his family!

Controversies aside. I have quite a number of friends fighting deep in Lebanon right now and ask if everyone could just say some extra Tehillim (Psalms) for their safety.

The following was written by Avi Abelow, the Settler, and former soldier I mentioned in last week's post. It is very important to read.

"I have not read any of the comments posted about my action on any of the lists and nor do I intend to. However, I did get some updates as to what was posted and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what made me take the drastic action that I did. (I do not plan on making any more posts or replies on this matter to any list).

First of all Olmert and Chalutz have already publicly declared that they can not promise that they will be able to stop the Hizbullah rockets falling on Northern Israel.

In addition, the UN is now working on a draft resolution that will allow a multi national force to patrol South Lebanon and give Lebanon a protected country status – which means that if any other country attacks it, the international community can then attack back.

Basically, put together, this all means that once the multi-national force is in South Lebanon and the Hizbullah continue to shoot rockets on Israel, Israel can NOT defend itself because, if it did, the international community would have the “legal” right to attack Israel. This is the ceasefire Israel will be forced to accept with the direction of the current political leadership.

What does this all have to do with my refusing to serve in the war up North?

Because the best of our soldiers are fighting and dying in house to house combat in Lebanon and millions of Israelis are refugees because our government places the lives of the enemy civilians over the lives of our own – this is not a way to fight, period, and definitely not a way to fight a war that must be won.

Because our government no longer intends to stop the rockets in the North, just like it has made peace with the fact that the rockets in the South are a fact of life that Israelis have to live with as well. Because Olmert is already on record saying that this war is being used to ensure that an international recognized border is implemented on the East as well, via the destruction of more yishuvim and the expulsion of more Jews from their homes in Yehuda and Shomron. Because this war is allowing Olmert to assist the Hizbullah in setting up rockets in destroyed communities in Yehuda and Shomron to then fire on Tel Aviv and the Mercaz.

I’m all for beating the Hizbullah, but wake up and realize that is not what Olmert is trying to do! He already admitted that dismantling the Hizbullah is no longer a demand in any future ceasefire and Israel is not even demanding that the international force disarm them – but the demand concerning the Hizbullah will be some lukewarm demand that basically means the Hezbullah will stay put in Lebanon (maybe a few kilometers away from the border - a lot of good with rockets that fly 150 kilometers)!

So why are we fighting this war?

Our brave soldiers are dying STAM fighting house to house in a war so that Olmert can prove to Israelis that we need to destroy yishuvim in Yehuda and Shomron in order to place a border on the West Bank – an act that will then allow the Hizbullan to fire rockets from the hills of Yehuda and Shomron on the rest of Israel.

I have taken the very uncomfortable step of refusing to serve in this war in order to give across a message to the rest of Israel – wake up! This war is more about disinformation and public statements (JUST LIKE THE GERUSH) and less about actual victorious results.

The government has already given up the fight, the fighting now is just to “look victorious” before a cease fire is implemented, but the Hizbullah has already won – they have proven to the Arab world that rockets could be shot on Israel and Israel WON’T do what is necessary to stop it.

Israel CAN do what is necessary, but Israel’s current leadership is focused making ourselves look good in the eyes of the world and not about protecting its citizens or soldiers. The political echelon and the army leadership no longer have the moral capacity to defend us as a country.

This is what I protest!

Unless the leadership leading this war changes and the target becomes to beat the Hizbullah so that NO more rockets fall on Israel in the future from the North (or from the South) using all military means necessary (and NOT placing the lives of civilians protecting the enemy before the lives of our own civilians and soldiers) then I call on the Israeli government to stop this war now instead of using Israeli civilians and soldiers as pawns in the war to ensure re-alignment, that will put all of Israel in danger.

Somehow this message has to get across because not enough of us are seeing through the media spins, so I took it upon myself to take this drastic action so that people can hopefully start to wake up.

Olmert’s public statement on his real purpose of the war (to ensure the re-alignment plan) allowed me to finally get up the guts to take off my uniform. He finally revealed the truth for everyone to hear and I thought it would be an immoral act to let it get by without any upblic outcry against the way this war is being manipulated.

I know many of you will disagree with me, but I have had enough of the years of derelict Israeli policy that has made Jewish lives hefker in our own country.

With all the justification to fight this war – please realize that the way our current leadership is running it, it is yet another derelict policy proving how Jewish blood is hefker – the government has already gone on record that it doesn’t intend to win the war, rather cause as much damage as possible to the Hizbullah before a ceasefire. Hence the Hizbullah (who will continue to get rockets from Iran and Syria after a ceasefire) will have won regardless of the media spins our politicians will come up with.

Yes, we must beat the Hizbullah, AND Syria AND Iran (the real handlers behind the Hizbullah) – but that is not what this war is about unfortunately.

I pray for the safety for all my friends and comrades who are up North fighting – for those who disagree with my action and for those who agree with me but told me that they are too afraid of the consequences for joining me in my act.

Screaming this at the top of our lungs after the war would be too late – Am Yisrael needs to hear this now to hopefully help stop this from all happening and sometimes drastic actions are necessary to get messages across. Believe me, this step is most painful for ME and not for any of you who have the luxury of throwing your two cents into an email and not paying any consequences. This is a well thought out life decision that will have repercussions on my life today and in the future in ways that are impossible for me to know today – but I took the decision anyway because I thought it was the correct thing to do.

Disagree with me if you must but also please show respect for a fellow Jew, neighbor and possibly friend who took a life effecting decision for the benefit of Am Yisrael.

Achdut is very very important, it is what I strive to achieve day in and day out as a Jew, but when that feeling of “achdut” and our actual LIVES, as civilians and soldiers, are being manipulated and used cynically by politicians and army generals, then I believe it is better to cause a ruckus to help people realize that true achdut will only come when the leadership in the country is true and moral then go along with the charade. The current “achdut” that everyone wants to preserve in this time of war is only bringing the country to an even lower level of security and morality than it was at before.

As a little kid in New York City I dreamt of one day serving as an Israeli soldier and defending the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. I fulfilled that dream by becoming an infantry soldier in Golani. I have now taken a decision that stops me from being able to serve again to defend my country on the battlefield. I cry as I write these words, it is not something that I'm proud of, not at all. I will have to explain this act to my children whom I hope will one day be proud soldiers in an Israeli army based on true morality and Jewish pride. But I will no longer be a pawn of a crooked establishment that has, and continues to make Jewish lives hefker.

No more.

I'm willing to act and pay the price for my decision - what about you?

Avi Abelow"

Just a mere few weeks ago, the left in Tel Aviv barely had a few hundred people protesting our self-defense. Depending on the paper you read, up to 5000 people were out last night demanding we pull out our troops and stop defending ourselves!

Haaretz reports it at 5000. Ynet, more accurately perhaps, at just 3000, but mentions that they were also throwing excrement at the police, so I guess 3000 leftwing protesters and their excrement equals 5000.

The point is, momentum is gathering.

The sicko, radical left (led by the Arab MKs) will soon be calling up their 4 mothers to demand we let Hizbollah hit us harder. Olmert must be getting it big-time from his family, while nothing at all from his wife.

For the past few years Leftists couldn't get a large protest together without free music and food. They've since learned to bring their own food.

Regardless, something always stinks at these lefty protests - at least we now know what it is.

I came across this blog (actually he seems to have come across mine).
Good reading:

Saturday, August 05, 2006
It has been asked of me what is my solution for defeating Nassralah and Islamic Terror. Napalm aside, the answer is obviously in expanding our empire. Benevolent Occupation if you will.

Let’s face it, Israel is in a bad neighborhood, where less than 100 years ago the British and French took a bunch of sheiks and put crowns on their heads, and they’ve had nothing but assassinations and trouble since. Hardly any Middle East state is much older than the current State of Israel.

People tend to assume that Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and even Saudi Arabia have been around forever, but they haven’t been, they were just backward provinces making up part of the Ottoman Empire (the JoeSettler overly simplified history of the Muddled East) until some upstart broke away and took control or control was given to him.

But it’s obvious that they don’t know how to rule themselves.

Lebanon is one big, violent internecine fight (and Syria is more in charge there anyway). Syria was taken over by a coup years ago, and who knows whether it is a military junta or the unfavored son who is the dictator in charge. Jordan is another dictatorship (called a monarchy). Iraq is a mess, and Saudi Arabia is run by a bunch of, well we know who runs Saudi Arabia and what they’ve done for their population.

Perhaps it is time that Israel starts getting Imperial. Half the leaders of these countries have nothing in common with the people they are oppressing anyway. 80% of Jordan is "Palestinian". Assad of Syria is Ba’ath, while the majority of his countrymen aren’t. I can go on, but what is the point.

The solution is Benevolent Occupation. Kick out their rulers, dictators, and despots from the Middle East and bring in some Jewish brains to run the show. Start with some shows of force to get rid of their weapons, and then bring them some civilization.

“They” like to say we run the world, well, it’s about time we started and showed them how it’s done.

20 minutes past when Mincha was supposed to start on Friday - still no minyan. Finally, someone walked in and Mincha got started.

Shabbat morning had fewer people in our Settlement than Friday night, as people received their emergency call-ups on Shabbat and had to leave Friday evening (during Shabbat)!

The talk of the day was Avi.

And people had (very) strong feelings going both ways.

I won’t discuss the heated arguments here and now (perhaps another time), but I would say that everyone had somewhat of a valid opinion, but some opinions were more valid than others.

I would say that the opinion I agree with is that I personally wouldn’t/won’t do it as this is a war which I think can be classified as a Milchemet Mitzva (regardless that it was the Left that directly brought us into this bad situation) and we have an obligation to fight , but knowing how much the events of last summer touched Avi personally and ingrained themselves into his psyche, he didn’t have any other choice if he were to remain whole with himself.

Friday, August 04, 2006
There not much difference between Avi and Rechavam when it comes down to it. Both love the People and Land of Israel. Both freely and generously donate of their time to wonderful causes. Both were active during the Expulsion. Both are excellent role models of good Jews. Both serve in special units in the reserves.
Last week Avi was up in Lebanon fighting, while Rechavam was waiting for his emergency call-up.

Suddenly Olmert the Idiot (Hassan Nassrallah’s words, not mine) said that this war will be the driving force to forward his plan to expel more Jews from their homes.

Suddenly Avi and Rechavam found themselves in a dilemma.

Ignoring that Olmert is restraining the IDF’s fighting options, Avi and Rechavam asked themselves, should they fight in a war which the Leadership of the Left explicitly plans to exploit in order to kick these same reserve soldiers out of their own homes?

At the end of the week, they each made their decision.

Avi told his commanders that he is quitting the war and they should put him on trial. He will not risk going home in a body bag so Olmert can then have his body dug up from its grave a few months later after Olmert destroys his settlement. (They let him go without a trial).

Rechavam said that G/d is obviously in control here and not Olmert. Rechavam’s job is to protect the people in the North, and G/d will worry about Rechavam’s home.

Rechavam is now up in Lebanon fighting.

As a potentially very relevant question, I am asking what would you now do in this same situation?
Thursday, August 03, 2006
I just came across the blogger "Digital Irony" and he has there this unbelievable video of a missile hit in Haifa.

Jameel wrote this important post which is being reprinted here:

It's the evening of Tisha B'Av now in Israel. The day Jews mourn the destruction of the Jewish Temples and other calamities that have befallen the Jewish people.

I already sat on the floor of our shul, and heard "Eicha" -- The Book of Lamentations, and thought long and hard about this posting.

The stated cause of the destruction of the Second Temple 2000 years ago, was that of "sin'at chinam" -- baseless hated among the Jewish people. For the past 3 weeks since the start of the war, I have tried to to put politics aside, and let the Israeli Prime Minister run the war as best as he sees fit.

I have encouraged a united front, and encouraged Jews around the world to unite against our common enemy -- so that we bring our kidnapped IDF soldiers safely home, remove the missile threat of Hizbolla from South Lebanon, and instill the fear of the IDF into the Palestinians in Gaza, so that they realize it's not worthwhile to shoot rockets at Israel.

However, tonight, I can no longer remain silent.

As awful as it is to write this on Tisha B'Av, I have checked and rechecked myself to make sure that the source of this posting is not based on sin'at chinam -- needless hatred.

Today, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, has showed the world his true colors -- that the unity of Israel is unimportant to him. Olmert said:

"Israel's victory in Lebanon will give a new momentum to complete the disengagement from the Palestinians by evacuating most settlements in Judea and Samaria." YNETNEWS

At a time when Israel needs its unity the most, when rightwing/leftwing, secular and religious soldiers are fighting shoulder to shoulder in South Lebanon and Gaza, when rockets are falling on civilians of all walks of life and shades of Israel -- more than anything we need unity, NOW.

And yet, Olmert decided that now, the day before Tisha B'Av, on the one year anniversary of the destruction of Gush Katif, is the perfect time for him to announce that his "convergence" plan of the evacuation and destruction of many more settlements in the West Bank, will be served by a victory in Lebanon.

There were many who said that the national-religious youth would shun the IDF as a result of the Disengagement, yet they are still signing up in droves for the most elite of combat units. This war is being fought by the IDF -- the unified army of Israel, for the protection of the State of Israel.

And yet, Olmert has ulterior motives for this war?

There's a story running around in my head since last week, that I can't let go of.

Major Roi Klein...IDF combat officer...who gave his life fighting last week in Bint Jebail, South Lebanon.

Major Roi Klein...just shy of his 31rst birthday from the hilltop settlement of Eli. He was married with 2 young boys...and went off to battle in South Lebanon.

While leading the charge against a Hizbolla terrorist position, a grenade was thrown at his IDF platoon, and Roi made the decision to jump on top of the grenade. Falling flat over it, his body absorbed the explosion -- saving the lives of the soldiers under his command.

What goes through the mind of a soldier, a husband, a father when he sees the grenade being thrown at him, and the split second decision that will end his life, yet save those around him?

This noble Jewish soldier not only sacrificed his life, Al Kiddush Hashem, for the sanctification of G-d by defending the Jewish State, but in the process, saved the individual lives of his fellow soldiers around him. Every soldier's life he saved was a world in and of itself.

And those soldiers whose lives were saved all told the same story...that as he jumped on the grenade, everyone was able to hear him say, "Shma Yisrael, Hashem Elokaynu, Hashem Echad." (Hear O Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One)

Over the past week, Olmert has cynically invoked this story of Roi Klein and now professes that the purpose of the war is to promote his political plan of the "convergence". Olmert knows perfectly well that bombastic statements at this point in time will only serve to rile up the right wing. Roi Klein's widow and children live in Eli -- a settlement slated for destruction by Olmert's convergence plan -- and now he says that the war in Lebanon -- Roi Klein's heroic death, will serve to springboard that PLAN?!

This week, Olmert sent the Israeli Police to "unauthorized" hilltop outposts -- the very same ones that Ariel Sharon encouraged to be built -- and the police served destruction/eviction orders. Unfortunately, many of the husbands of those caravans didn't receive the "orders" and their wives did instead. That's because their husbands are currently fighting in South Lebanon in the IDF.

We can not be silent any more. There is a limit to how much Am Yisrael can stomach for the sake of unity, when the Prime Minister of Israel is purposely acting divisively to achieve his own narrow political goals...during wartime!

And you know what? Olmert is entitled to his political opinion as Prime Minister, and he is even entitled to try and push his plan forward.

However, to do so now, during wartime, intentionally targeting the settlers who are showing incredible loyalty to a State which turned it's back on them last year, who are fighting as one in a war of survival for the Jewish State -- shows incredible cynicism, small mindedness, and I'm sad to say...evil.

And for Olmert to say so on the day before Tisha B'Av...shows that he is not worthy of leading the Jewish State.

I seriously suggest you take a minute to send PM Olmert and his staff a comment on how the Prime Minister of Israel is acting. And if you really are incensed by his words and actions -- then pass this along to others.

A Meaningful Tisha B'Av to the Entire Jewish People,


You can send Olmert and his staff your comments at the following locations:

By Web Form: Here
By Fac: [+972]-2-670-5475
By Phone: [+972] -2-670-5555

Rachael Risby-Raz
Diaspora Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister
Phone; 02-6706182
Fax: 02-6706179

Erez Halfon
Advisor to the Prime Minister
Phone; 02-670-5235
Fax; 02-651-0630

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Olmert said today that the war police action (?) in Lebanon will provide momentum for his Expulsion plan. The man is delusional.

HaAretz reports that ten Settlers who were supposed to be doing their reserve duty today said they won’t go fight in Lebanon to help Olmert throw them out of their homes.

Meanwhile, I don’t know if we’ll even have a minyan this Shabbat in our settlement as a significant number of our Settlers have received their emergency call-ups to go ‘North’.

I posted a week or two ago about Eidan in Golani. Last week, Harry his brother was sent into Lebanon, and today Rechavam received his Tzav-8 and is on his way.

G/d protect them all from Hizbollah and Ehud Olmert.

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