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Sunday, August 20, 2006
It’s about time that Israel started playing by the same rules everyone else in this region (and the UN) does.

As Egypt’s Mubarak declares Hizbollah’s attacks against Israel as legitimate (of course he does as he is overseeing the arming of Hamas through his border), and our troops find themselves fighting Hizbollah terrorist wearing IDF uniforms (yes they have), and as Hizbollah uses the UN cease fire to openly rearm and reposition to better attack Israel, and the UN not only ignores Hizbollah violations, but plans to send Muslim (anti-Israel) troops to the region(!), Israel has almost woken up and decided that that maybe playing by the rules is stupid when the rules are specifically written to harm you.

Yesterday’s operations, faults aside, should be the beginning of many more such moves that openly (or not) violate the UN ceasefire for our defense.

If the Kof won’t stop Hizbollah from rearming and repositioning south of the Litani, in violation of 1701, and then has the Chutzpah to tell us that we are breaking the treaty – well, then let him jump in a river and drown.

Kofi Anan is a Jew hating anti-Semite of the first level. It’s time we all said it out loud. And it’s time we declared him as irrelevant as Arafat.

I doubt this was a one-off operation, but Olmert doesn’t really have what it takes to sustain something like this long- term.

As an aside, if someone doesn’t overthrow the Iranian government (preferable from within) very soon, someone else is going to have to nuke it within a few years.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps you can explain what really took place yesterday. Nothing is clear, except we lost another hero, and Hizballah got away.


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't have hizbollah have the right to arm itself.
Does only Israel have that right.
Everyday you get the best equipment from the USA and a licence to kill and destruct.
Do you have any idea what damage has been done in Lebanon?

Anonymous said...

kees:if hizbollah has the right to arm itself then israel has the right to destroy lebanon.

you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't your mother's boyfriend wear a condom?

Anonymous said...

Gees Kees, you have amoral beeliefs and sound like the usual lobotomized leftist.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I'm interested in your observations about what is going on in Israel. I have a son and two grandchildren living in Tel Aviv. I live in US. I'll keep your blog for future reference.

I'm presently developing a blog and found your. My blog is

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