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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
While we are winning the battles (though some like today’s, at a very, very high cost) the question is why aren’t we winning the war, and why are our losses as bad as they are and progress as slow as it has been?

Besides our currently incompetent leadership, the answer is because of Oslo, Barak and the Disengagement.

Oslo insinuated into the minds of our people that we thought we didn’t need to fight.

Barak, running away from Lebanon, caused us to forget how to fight the enemy.

While Disengagement caused our army to no longer even remember who the enemy is.

Leftist ideology has crippled our fighting abilities and fighting acumen. Period. Our generals have been selected based on their loyalty to Disengagement and ability to fulfill that mission, not based on their ability to defend the State.

When was the last time regular army recruits seriously trained in small unit field tactics? Mention something basic like ‘dilugim’ and today’s soldier looks back at you blankly. Mention sensitively removing someone from their home, and they’ll tell you all about it. (Forget recruits, what about reservists?)

I remember when Oslo started and the brainwashing was in full force and a unit of Golani recruits on a bus surrendered their weapons when surrounded by PA terrorists.

This is what the Left has done to us.

We will win, because this war will cause us to return to the basics and regain what we lost, but at what price?


Anonymous said...

God in case you missed my last post on Joe Settler.

Please tell me that Hizballah TV is wrong on the number of chayalim killed today protecting Yesha and the rest of Eretz Israel.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Joe, but you've got it wrong this time. Israel will not come out of this alive, at least not for the long term, because the lefties are more committed to their "can't we all just get along" ideology than they are to Israel's survival.

Put differently, they would rather there be no Israel than an Israel that doesn't conform exactly to their ideas, or than admit that maybe they failed to administer the country responsibly.

This is not new - look at 1982. Menachem Begin z"l had to fight the left and the Arabs in a way that no left-wing government would ever have to do, making it impossible to effectively fight the war.

So the choice we are unfortunately faced with is this: Left-wing leaders such as Yossi Beilin and Peace Now types such as Yariv Oppenheimer who will drive the country into oblivion when they are in power, or right-wing leaders such as Moshe Feiglin, who would be so shackled by above mentioned people that he couldn't govern, let alone fight if need be.

At the end of the day, Beilin and Oppenheimer and the like will comfort each other from their liferaft in the middle of the sea, but they will never, ever, ever ask forgiveness, or admit they might have taken things just a bit too far.

Mad Zionist said...

All this cowardly war strategy does is reinforce how dangerous the liberals are toi Israel's survival. Hopefully, Olmert's career will end as soon as the fighting stops, and a true nationalist rightwinger with guts will emerge in his wake.

I'm not holding my breath.

bluke said...

I have a series of posts about the leadership of Israel during the war which I think are worthwhile reading:

The pathetic leadership of Israel
Today's Cabinet decision: Mind Boggling
Just when you thought the government couldn't get worse ...

bluke said...

It gets worse. see this article in Maariv
ביקורת בצבא: התוצאות הקשות לא יאחרו לבוא

בצה"ל נשמעה ביקורת קשה על ההחלטה, שנתקבלה עקב לחץ אמריקני, וגורמים בצבא הזהירו כי הכנסת כוחות גדולים לשטח והקפאת תנועתם מזמינה התקפות מצד המחבלים.
"הדבר האחרון שצריך לקרות הוא שישאירו את הכוחות עומדים בשטח ללא משימה מהותית שתכליתה תנועה", אמר גורם צבאי. "זה מזמין התקפות גרילה והתוצאות הקשות לא יאחרו לבוא. הדרג המדיני צריך לקבל החלטה לאן פני ישראל. כשאין אופק מדיני צריך לתת לצבא לפעול כדי להשיג אותו".

My translation
In the army there is heavy criticism on the decision that was made because of heavy American pressure, and sources in the army warned that the introduction of large forces into Lebanon without allowing them to move, invites guerilla attacks.
"The last thing that needs to happen is that the troops should stand still without any meaningful goal that requires movement" said an army source. "This invites guerilla attacks and tragic results will follow. The government needs to make a decision where Israel is going. When there is no diplomatic process they need to let the army operate to achieve the goals"

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