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Sunday, August 06, 2006
The following was written by Avi Abelow, the Settler, and former soldier I mentioned in last week's post. It is very important to read.

"I have not read any of the comments posted about my action on any of the lists and nor do I intend to. However, I did get some updates as to what was posted and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what made me take the drastic action that I did. (I do not plan on making any more posts or replies on this matter to any list).

First of all Olmert and Chalutz have already publicly declared that they can not promise that they will be able to stop the Hizbullah rockets falling on Northern Israel.

In addition, the UN is now working on a draft resolution that will allow a multi national force to patrol South Lebanon and give Lebanon a protected country status – which means that if any other country attacks it, the international community can then attack back.

Basically, put together, this all means that once the multi-national force is in South Lebanon and the Hizbullah continue to shoot rockets on Israel, Israel can NOT defend itself because, if it did, the international community would have the “legal” right to attack Israel. This is the ceasefire Israel will be forced to accept with the direction of the current political leadership.

What does this all have to do with my refusing to serve in the war up North?

Because the best of our soldiers are fighting and dying in house to house combat in Lebanon and millions of Israelis are refugees because our government places the lives of the enemy civilians over the lives of our own – this is not a way to fight, period, and definitely not a way to fight a war that must be won.

Because our government no longer intends to stop the rockets in the North, just like it has made peace with the fact that the rockets in the South are a fact of life that Israelis have to live with as well. Because Olmert is already on record saying that this war is being used to ensure that an international recognized border is implemented on the East as well, via the destruction of more yishuvim and the expulsion of more Jews from their homes in Yehuda and Shomron. Because this war is allowing Olmert to assist the Hizbullah in setting up rockets in destroyed communities in Yehuda and Shomron to then fire on Tel Aviv and the Mercaz.

I’m all for beating the Hizbullah, but wake up and realize that is not what Olmert is trying to do! He already admitted that dismantling the Hizbullah is no longer a demand in any future ceasefire and Israel is not even demanding that the international force disarm them – but the demand concerning the Hizbullah will be some lukewarm demand that basically means the Hezbullah will stay put in Lebanon (maybe a few kilometers away from the border - a lot of good with rockets that fly 150 kilometers)!

So why are we fighting this war?

Our brave soldiers are dying STAM fighting house to house in a war so that Olmert can prove to Israelis that we need to destroy yishuvim in Yehuda and Shomron in order to place a border on the West Bank – an act that will then allow the Hizbullan to fire rockets from the hills of Yehuda and Shomron on the rest of Israel.

I have taken the very uncomfortable step of refusing to serve in this war in order to give across a message to the rest of Israel – wake up! This war is more about disinformation and public statements (JUST LIKE THE GERUSH) and less about actual victorious results.

The government has already given up the fight, the fighting now is just to “look victorious” before a cease fire is implemented, but the Hizbullah has already won – they have proven to the Arab world that rockets could be shot on Israel and Israel WON’T do what is necessary to stop it.

Israel CAN do what is necessary, but Israel’s current leadership is focused making ourselves look good in the eyes of the world and not about protecting its citizens or soldiers. The political echelon and the army leadership no longer have the moral capacity to defend us as a country.

This is what I protest!

Unless the leadership leading this war changes and the target becomes to beat the Hizbullah so that NO more rockets fall on Israel in the future from the North (or from the South) using all military means necessary (and NOT placing the lives of civilians protecting the enemy before the lives of our own civilians and soldiers) then I call on the Israeli government to stop this war now instead of using Israeli civilians and soldiers as pawns in the war to ensure re-alignment, that will put all of Israel in danger.

Somehow this message has to get across because not enough of us are seeing through the media spins, so I took it upon myself to take this drastic action so that people can hopefully start to wake up.

Olmert’s public statement on his real purpose of the war (to ensure the re-alignment plan) allowed me to finally get up the guts to take off my uniform. He finally revealed the truth for everyone to hear and I thought it would be an immoral act to let it get by without any upblic outcry against the way this war is being manipulated.

I know many of you will disagree with me, but I have had enough of the years of derelict Israeli policy that has made Jewish lives hefker in our own country.

With all the justification to fight this war – please realize that the way our current leadership is running it, it is yet another derelict policy proving how Jewish blood is hefker – the government has already gone on record that it doesn’t intend to win the war, rather cause as much damage as possible to the Hizbullah before a ceasefire. Hence the Hizbullah (who will continue to get rockets from Iran and Syria after a ceasefire) will have won regardless of the media spins our politicians will come up with.

Yes, we must beat the Hizbullah, AND Syria AND Iran (the real handlers behind the Hizbullah) – but that is not what this war is about unfortunately.

I pray for the safety for all my friends and comrades who are up North fighting – for those who disagree with my action and for those who agree with me but told me that they are too afraid of the consequences for joining me in my act.

Screaming this at the top of our lungs after the war would be too late – Am Yisrael needs to hear this now to hopefully help stop this from all happening and sometimes drastic actions are necessary to get messages across. Believe me, this step is most painful for ME and not for any of you who have the luxury of throwing your two cents into an email and not paying any consequences. This is a well thought out life decision that will have repercussions on my life today and in the future in ways that are impossible for me to know today – but I took the decision anyway because I thought it was the correct thing to do.

Disagree with me if you must but also please show respect for a fellow Jew, neighbor and possibly friend who took a life effecting decision for the benefit of Am Yisrael.

Achdut is very very important, it is what I strive to achieve day in and day out as a Jew, but when that feeling of “achdut” and our actual LIVES, as civilians and soldiers, are being manipulated and used cynically by politicians and army generals, then I believe it is better to cause a ruckus to help people realize that true achdut will only come when the leadership in the country is true and moral then go along with the charade. The current “achdut” that everyone wants to preserve in this time of war is only bringing the country to an even lower level of security and morality than it was at before.

As a little kid in New York City I dreamt of one day serving as an Israeli soldier and defending the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. I fulfilled that dream by becoming an infantry soldier in Golani. I have now taken a decision that stops me from being able to serve again to defend my country on the battlefield. I cry as I write these words, it is not something that I'm proud of, not at all. I will have to explain this act to my children whom I hope will one day be proud soldiers in an Israeli army based on true morality and Jewish pride. But I will no longer be a pawn of a crooked establishment that has, and continues to make Jewish lives hefker.

No more.

I'm willing to act and pay the price for my decision - what about you?

Avi Abelow"


Anonymous said...


If there were rnough of you, we would all be dead in a week.

Anonymous said...

instead of 2?

JoeSettler said...

I assume we would all be dead in a week because a good 50% of the combat soldiers fighting in Lebanon are religious and settlers. Despite the way the government treated us, treats us, and plans to treat us we are still up there fighting for the rest of the country.

I agree the country would be dead in a week without us settlers.

How about the threats to kick more of us out of our homes, ends here and now?

Anonymous said...


Very few of us have been through what you have done. You took personal vaction time to be in GK when our brethern were expelled. You spent a whole year working with them, colleting bicycles for them, and clothing. You lived and brethed the pain of GK.

Very few of us can judge you.

I disagree with your action, butI wish you much blessing and strength.


Anonymous said...

no less sickening than olmert's breathtakingly arrogant and self-centered kids who deserted and skipped out of doing tzahal completely. they belong in jail too.

Truth said...

1) Mr. Avi Abelow is not a wartime deserter - the 'duly elected' regime has not seen fit to declare war yet.

2) I applaud the courageous actions of Mr. Abelow and admire his ability to recognise a paramount issue here, and actually do something about it at great personal cost.

3) For once, someone stood up and said out loud, publically and under duress, what needs to be said. Mr. Abelow has loudly proclaimed his refusal to be a regime lackey, serving as cannon fodder for a treacherous foreign agenda against any Jewish interest of any kind.

4) Mr. Abelow, a private, individual citizen, has spoken up in an attempt to break the spell of "The Unity of Fools"

3) As a reference, kindly look into Mr. Amram Mitzneh's actions during the Peace for Galilee War, and his resultant rewards for his 'conscientious objection', refusal to obey and carry out direct, lawful orders, etc. during wartime

4) Look into actions taken by treasonous organisations such as Peace Now, Yesh Gvul, 4 Harlots and the lack of any price paid at any time by any member thereof (with the unfortunately limited exception of Emil Grinzweig's "extrajudicial punishment").

We served and serve our God and Nation. We do not serve corrupt political hacks of this regime who are the simpering running dogs compulsively doing the bidding of outright enemies and nations with interests opposed to our own.

Whilst rockets and mortars rained on Jewish Liberated Gush Katif/Gaza, the cowardly regime insisted upon ignoring their plight as anything but a problem to be solved by deportation and destruction of Jewish areas [including disinternment of Jewish cemetaries].

When this objective was unfortunately successfully carried out, against the 'democratic' public statements [the elections which brought Sharon decisively to power, on a clear platform against withdrawal and surrender, as opposed to Mitzneh], not to mention a majority vote against such suicidal masochism by the Likud party, where were the baying watchdogs of 'democracy'?

When the rockets continued to rain on Sderot and reached even Ashkelon, who elected that "Kadima" political bordello by a "democratic landslide" of 29 mandates [out of 120]?

Who is the paragon of statesmanship who declared publically and loudly in an international forum that this entire operation is in order to install foreign forces in enemy-occupied Northern Israel, aka 'southern lebanon', as well as to facilitate further deportation and destruction of Jews and their property from liberated Judea and Samaria?

Who is the fool who would agree enthusiastically to leave parts of one's body or one's life in an 'operation' (remember,no war has been declared yet by Israel) admittedly for the entire purpose of such asinine, treasonous 'goals' [and as stated by the regime, get used to rockets...], whilst allowing the uniformed political brass-hacks in charge of the military to force us to pay the ultimate price to avoid 'collateral damage' to the enemy?

If one fears the results of 50% or more of the combat military (probably more) laying down their arms in protest to this insane forced-march to an even more hellacious reality of suffering and death, one must understand the simple solution -

None of us fear war, or even death. Our fear is of God. When the war is fought to win, we will fight valiantly, as always. When our military command acts in a clearly valid manner for any viable military, we will gladly fight. We will not fight to lose any more. We will not be toyed with by the likes of Olmert, potentially causing our wives to be widows and our sons to be orphans R"L, for nought, except maybe the opportunity to see us again when our graves are dug up after we too get expelled from our communities, whilst his wife consorts with our enemies, daughter calls the Chief of Staff a murderer [which is true, it's just that it's us he's murdering] and Olmert's draft-dodging sons enjoy the dog-excreta covered streets of Paris.

He who thinks that the 'operational' level of officers and NCO's [ie, those actually in the field, paying the price of valiantly attempting to carry out the no-win non-plan of the regime] are not at just about the boiling point themselves [due to the blatantly defeatist and not so subtley treasonous 'strategy' employed by the moron posing as defense minister and his yes-man military Chief of Staff], is a deluded fool - count the days until the results manifest, aky"r.


Anonymous said...

We are all on the same ship and this guy is chopping a hole in the floor underneath his own seat and there is no body here to stop him from sinking the whole ship.

Trying to "sink the ship" is not a method of changing a corrupt government especially when one took an oath to protect the citizens of his country through the IDF.

Anonymous said...

the real question is who is trying to sink the ship, and who is trying to stop it.

Anonymous said...

When this "war" first erupted, Maj Gen Adam who is in charge of the northern command stated in the J.Post that this war will not be won through the military but only through political negotiations. At this point, I realized that we lost the war right then a there.

Nevertheless, a gun in put in your hands to kill terrorists and you refuse to use it because of political reasons then you become worse than the politicans themselves.

It is quite clear who is worse.

nava said...

Avi, I totally agree with your action and so does the Bet Din of Jerusalem. The Gov't is partners with the enemy and are making decisions that are clearly against our holy Torah.
I'd do the same as you. And by the way, I served in the IAF and also fought the Gerush of Gush Katif.
After the Gerush I went up to Tzfat and a soldier asked me for a cigarette. I told her she can ask her mefaked to supply it. I was disgusted with the IDF.
My husband also served in the IDF and feels the same way you do and so does his brothers who live in Haifa and Tzfat. They received Tzav 8 - they are not going - protecting their family is their priority and received a Heter from their Rav, HaRav Eliyahu Mordechai Shlita who told them not to leave their homes!!!

nava said...

טלפונים 050-822-1537 02-566-1962 רחל אמנו 47 ירושלים 93228
email ד"א

בית הדין לעניני עם ומדינה
תיק י"ג/תשס"ו

בס"ד תשעה באב, תשס"ו

אחריות המוטלת על ראש הממשלה בשעת מלחמה

בית הדין קיבל פניות מחיילים ואזרחים בשאלה:

כיצד עליהם לנהוג לאחר שדברי ראש הממשלה שהכריז ברבים כי אחת ממטרות המלחמה היא שינוי פני המזרח התיכון כתפיסתו וייצוב גבולות הקבע עם הפלסתינים באמצעות תוכניתו הידועה כתכנית ההתכנסות שפירושה פינוי עשרות ישובים ביהודה ושומרון, להריסתם ולהגלית תושביהם. היינו הנצחון במלחמה יקדם ביצוע רעיון ההתכנסות.


ההלכה קובעת: במלחמת מצווה הכל יוצאים אפילו חתן מחדרו וכלה מחופתה.
עם זאת היציאה למלחמה והגדרת המלחמה מותנית בתנאי ברור ומפורש שהיא נעשית על פי תורת ישראל ואינה סותרת אותה.

במלחמה על ארץ ישראל נצטוונו לרשת את חבלי הארץ לאחוזת עולם, לכבוש את הלבנון ולהתנחל בו(ספרי דברים סוף פרשת עקב) לכבוש את עזה ואת גבולה ולהתנחל בהן (ספרי דברים ז).

עד להודעת ראש הממשלה היתה מוגדרת מלחמה זו כמלחמת ישראל מיד צר שבא עליהן. [ראה פסק בית הדין יב/תשסו[כב תמוז ש.ז.] עם הודעת ראש הממשלה כי הניצחון יהיה מנוף לנסיגה מארץ ישראל, היינו אחת ממטרות המלחמה היא גירוש יהודים מארץ ישראל עולה ממילא כי ראש הממשלה פועל נגד מצוות התורה.
ראש הממשלה במדיניותו המצטברת הביא עלינו את המלחמה ואת שפך הדמים הנוכחי, זאת כאחד מהוגי רעיון נטישת חבל עזה וממבצעיו, תוך עקירה וגירוש בני עמנו משם, והיה מאלו שדאגו ופעלו אישית לביצועו ובכך נטע את האומץ והתעוזה בלב אויבינו לפעול להחרבת ארצנו.
האיש הוכיח רשעותו בכך שהיה שותף בכיר לגירוש עשרת אלפים יהודים מבתיהם, כאשר עד עתה טרם נפתרו בעיות הפרנסה והדיור של המגורשים, מלבד הרס משפחות והרס נפשי של רבים מן המגורשים.
והנה עתה בעיצומה של המלחמה הוא מכריז על הכוונה לנטישת יהודה ושומרון, כשהוא מאמץ את דגם הגירוש הקודם, כפול עשרה, ומטיל היסוס ומורך בלב הלוחמים והעם.

עליו ועל שכמותו אמרה התורה –"מי האיש הירא ורך הלבב ילך וישוב לביתו ולא ימס לבב אחיו כלבבו" ( דברים כח ). מוסיף הרמב"ם: ולא עוד אלא שדמי ישראל תלויים בצאוורו... והרי זה כמי ששפך דמי הכל" (מלכים פ"ז ה'' ט"ו).

בעצם הצהרה זו בשעת מלחמה נתן ראש הממשלה סיוע וגיבוי לאויב במלחמתו להורשת היהודים מארץ ישראל.

לפיכך חובת חברי הממשלה והכנסת:

א. לאחד את הכוחות ולהקים ממשלת חירום לאומית. [ראה בנוסף מסמך ועדת הסנהדרין לעניני מלחמה מיום ג'' באב ש.ז. ]
ב. למנות ראש ממשלה נקי כפיים ובר לבב.
ג. לתת הנחיות מתאימות לצבא למגר את אויבי ישראל עד תום על פי משפטי התורה עד חורמה.

עד שיבוצעו ההליכים הללו:

רשאי כל חייל שהוראת ראש הממשלה פגעה ביכולתו לתפקד מבחינה דתית ומצפונית לפנות למפקדו בכתב ולהצהיר:

ראש הממשלה פגע בי בהודעתו כי נצחון במלחמה יקדם את פינוי יהודה ושומרון וגירוש היהודים מבתיהם.
לאור האמור אבקש לשחרר אותי ממלחמה שתוצאתה היא נסיגה מבלי ארץ ישראל וגירוש 100,000 יהודים מבתיהם.

ועל כך באנו על החתום

ניתן היום תשעה באב תשס"ו

חמישתנו כחדא הווינא.

ישראל אריאל אב"ד הרב דב שטיין, מזכיר, הרב צבי רוגין

הרב יהודה אדרי ר'' הלל ויס

Anonymous said...

martin with your real jewish name go back to europe whare you belong you and your ilk stay out of our politics before you get a kick in the face- you punk......

nava said...

הסנהדרין התיר סירוב פקודה

פסק "הסנהדרין": מותר לחיילים לסרב פקודה ולא להשתתף במלחמת לבנון הנוכחית, בשל דברי אולמרט 080.html

Sanhedrin changed its ruling and is allowing soldiers to refuse orders and not fight this war due to Smolmert's plan to continue with his Hitkansut plan!!!

Anonymous said...,7340,L-3287158,00.html

זה הזמן לחופשה? בשבוע שעבר אישרה ועדת חוץ וביטחון של הכנסת צווי 8 לשלוש אוגדות. מיד אחר כך ארז יו"ר הוועדה ח"כ צחי הנגבי (קדימה) את המזוודות וטס לחופשה עם המשפחה בארצות הברית.

Knesset Security officer Hanegbi(Kadima) approved 30,000 soldiers to receive Tzav 8 (to go fight in Lebanon) and packed his suitcases and went on vacation to the USA with his family!!!!!!!

bar_kochba132 said...

I truly feel the pain that someone like Avi must be feeling at being forced to make a decision like this by this Hellenistic regime in power. There is no limit to their cynicism...they wrap themselves in the flag of "patriotism", just like they sewed a flag patch on the soldiers and police who destroyed Gush Katif and the way these Kadima people go around with an Israeli flag lapel pin (which simply is a manifestation of the famous statement "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel").
Avi is willing to pay the price for his decision. All I can say is that it is encouraging that at least some people, like Ari Shavit,in the Ha'aretz newspaper are calling for a reevaluation of the values that have been adopted by the oligarchs and regime in power. I can only hope that most Israelis can look, HONESTLY, at the disastrous path that has brought Israel to the current crisis, and return the country to the path of Judaism and true Zionism (based on the Torah, and not on a bastardized Marxist MAPAIism/MAPAMism which degenerated into the post-Zionist nihilism that is currently the "official" ideology of the state), which will then let good Jews like Avi serve their people and country without a torn heart.

nava said...

Avi, you made the right decision based on a comment that was just advertised,7340,L-3287358,00.html

ראש מטה פיקוד צפון: "לא נבנה לכל חייל בונקר"
תת אלוף אלון פרידמן
"אני לא הולך לבנות לכל חייל בונקר ולשים מוצב ממוגן ליד כל חייל. התפקיד של החיילים הוא להילחם, מדובר במלחמה והם לוקחים את הסיכונים שלהם", כך אמר הערב (יום א') ראש מטה פיקוד צפון, תת אלוף אלון פרידמן, בהתייחסו לאירוע בו נהרגו 12 חיילי מילואים מנפילת קטיושה בעת ששהו בשטח פתוח מחוץ לקיבוץ כפר גלעדי.
brigadier general of the North, Alon Friedman, said the following "WE WILL NOT PROTECT OUR SOLDIERS. IT'S A WAR AND AND EACH SOLDIER IS TAKING HIS OWN RISK"...

tell Rechavam to come home and protect his family from the real enemy - the politicians and Gov't. Fight the event of Gay Events - if we succeed in fighting them and winning, no Jew will be harmed!!!

Anonymous said...


After posting my disagreement with you in prior posts, I have come to the conclusion that what you are doing is by far more courageous than those who are dying in the field because of the backward corrupt directions of the present day "leadership" or lack thereof in our country today.

HOWEVER, this action can not and should not stand by itself for it will die and you will die (socially) with it. You need to have a plan to make this action speak for itself to others, to the government, to the world, etc so as to get something effectuated from/by it. One post on a blog is not going to do this. You need to organize some thing to support your endeavor and you need to do it right now. If you don't know what to do, then contact someone who does.

Good luck and I wish you all the best in success.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! About time we stopped being slaves to the corrupt govts.

Anonymous said...

Whether you agreed with Avi or not, his predictions unfortunately all came to pass...

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