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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
'This will set an example for all those who sell out their homeland and people"

Wow. What a line. What a statement. It's powerful. It's clear. It's succint.

No, it wasn't a message to Olmert and Livni.

It was a message from our Peace Partners in the PA to a Palestinian "collaberator" who allegedly helped Israel kill 4 terrrorists.

This message was given as the death sentence was passed on the man - by our peace loving partners in the PA.

This of course, combined with Abbas's (initial) selection of 2 murdering terrorists as recipients of the PA's highest award, should be ringing alarm bells in even the most deaf leftist - which of course it doesn't.

No news here.
Friday, April 25, 2008
Today we spent the day in the Science Museum (again... free) in Jerusalem.

The kids loved it. It's all hands on, and there is something for all ages.

My favorite is the foam brick arch bridge you can build and walk on. It used to be up front, but now they hid in the back of the gardens.

I should mention (just out of fairness), all these museums were opened to the public during the holiday by way of sponsorship by Bank HaPoalim.

I hope you all had as fun a Pesach as the JoeSettler family did.

Chag Sameach.
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Man it was hot outside today.

We wanted to do something, but indoors to escape the heat, and not expensive either.

As it turns out, a number of museums were open and free to the public.

We started off the day at the Israel Museum.

But the permanent exhibits (the main buildings) were closed, and only the temporary displays were open. You couldn’t take in baby strollers, and that was just annoying and difficult (and heavy), and walking between buildings was simply too hot.

In short, we didn’t enjoy that section too much.

On the other hand, the Shrine of the Book was open, and it was at least 20 degrees (F) cooler in there, the exhibits are interesting, and you can take in baby strollers. The temporary exhibit is the Aleppo Codex. Very interesting.

We hung out there for at least an hour.

Afterwards we crossed the street to the Bible Lands Museum. Also free.

They had a number of interactive PC/Mac kiosks. The displays are all well documented.

The way the displays and rooms are laid out it feels roomier.

All in all, (I think) it’s a much nicer museum than the Israel Museum.

Baby strollers are allowed in (but children are NOT allowed to touch the antiques, no matter how much they want to and try to – remember that). The displays are much more interesting (to me at least) and they had a nice, cool, shaded garden near the cafeteria on the bottom floor where you could sit and relax (and the very nice workers pushed my kids around on the trolleys).

Definitely a successful Chol Hamoed day.
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
OK, I have no clue as to what is holding the Old City up.

For years I passed by the sign that said Tzidkiyahu’s Cave near Shaar Shchem (Damascus Gate), but I never went in. I always imagined it as a small room under the Old City.

They opened it up for visitors, so I took the family to inspect the “room”. (Entry fee: NIS 10 / adult)

This “room” is actually an ancient quarry from where the stones for the temple were hewn. Later on King Tzidkiyahu hid in it.

This place is huge (and has lots of rooms), and the place was packed with visitors.

There is around 9000 square meters (around 90,000 square feet) of cave running under the Old City, and I suspect it goes even farther and deeper in, but certain areas were blocked off.

I looked for the Ark, but couldn’t find it.

But I did find a pool of fresh water.

Anyway, this place is HUGE. I simply can’t fathom what is preventing the Old City above from collapsing down.

(This is the secret Freemason's meeting room.)

(They say that these are among the main supporting pillars!)

Afterwards we went to the Roman Guard Room literally under Shaar Shchem.

This guard room blocked the original entrance to the Old City. It had and interesting display of photos of the Damascus Gate over time, and some other displays.

Anyone know what this is, and what it says?
Entry is free during Chol Hamoed if you don’t go for the ramparts walk.
Hevron, Hebron, however you choose to spell it, these past 2 days it was the place to be.

Exactly 40 years on Pesach (or Passover, again however you choose to spell it) the Jewish community returned to our ancient city. As many long-time readers know, my extended family lived and owned numerous homes in Hevron going all the way back -until in 1929 when the family, just barely, managed to escape the massacre through a series of miraculous events.

The story of the return, the first Pesach in the hotel, how they stayed on is an exciting one - but one for a different post.

These past 2 days were days of music, tours, booths, donkey rides, pottery painting, and other fun events for the entire family.

The extended JoeSettler family had a wonderful time.

I know I told you all about it a little too late, so let me tell you now, the JoeSettler family will be doing the Jerusalem scene today. There are tons of events going on, and don't miss the events around the Walls of the Old City in the evening.

One of the sites we want to try to reach today is Zedekiah's Cave.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Nope, no new post for Pesach, just politics here at JoeSettler, and what a busy political weekend it was.

Over the Chag, the Gazan PA (aka Hamas) attacked an IDF position using... armored military vehicles (as car bombs) originally supplied to them by... Israel. Actually they did a lot of attacks over the weekend, and they are still going on.

Meanwhile Israel still plans to supply more armored vehicles to the PA in Judea and Samaria.

But that isn't all, the government is now allowing armed Palestinian "policemen" in area B.

Meanwhile, the IDF commander of the Nachal OZ area (where the two fuel workers were killed) was fired for not fighting/reacting properly to the attack. Cynically, I might assume he was either involved in the Hitnatkut and no longer knows how to fight properly (or identify the enemy), or alternatively, he didn't want his men pointlessly killed after he heard that Olmert is planning to rearm the enemy again anyway.

Every time I hear "Palestinian Policemen", I think about police forces around the world, and wonder, where are their normal street policemen walking around with heavy machine guns in the middle of the towns?

I can't think of any normal country (if you know of any, please tell me).

If the "policemen" are there for handling civil matters, then give them the proper tools (and that doesn't include automatic weapons - for sure).

But why does anyone in the Israeli government still expect the same "policemen" that have been caught moonlighting as terrorists to fight their terrorist compadres and family relatives is still beyond me.

Friday, April 18, 2008
Wishing everyone a Chag Kasher v'Sameach.

We should all be zocheh to be in (United) Jerusalem next year and bring the Karbon Pesach.

That's it, I'm (probably) signing off for the next few days.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
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Want to see what you can be doing on an IsraelChallenge IDF Experience adventure?

Two years ago a Palestinian cameraman was caught (by bloggers) faking and staging photographs/videos. Turns out he was apparently working for Iran, as reported by Caroline Glick, and was acting as part of the Hizbullah/Iran propaganda machine.

Anyway, the news is reporting that this same cameraman, Fadel Shana, was blown up by an IDF tank in Gaza and is showing the video.

So is this an example of reality imitating art, was he where he shouldn't have been, did he instigate the attack to get it on film, was he travelling with terrorists, or was he a terrorist himself?

I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Residents of various outposts are "voluntarily" packing up and moving out.

This is part of a larger package where the government will supposedly "legalize" and permit additional housing in existing settlements in exchange for removing the outposts.

This deal is good for the government, who simply controls the permits and the speed they are processed (most settlements have permits to extensively build going back years, but the final signature on the defense department form is then held back for years).

The government can show the Americans that they are taking down outposts (of course, ignoring what the Americans will ask for next once all the outposts are destroyed, as it doesn't stop there).

The Jews get to build some more needed housing in existing settlements - maybe, as that has yet to be seen - after all we saw how the government reneged in the Hebron deal.

But... this is a bad deal.

The government is likely to renege, and while it is easy to say that an outpost taken down is an outpost that can be returned it is not that simple.

First of all, what is called an outpost in many cases are caravans and farms that have been cultivated for years - on Jewish owned land, mind you.

Once they are abandoned, we all know the process of how the land gets stolen, even beyond Peace Now (notice how no one is talking about their alleged massive tax fraud anymore?) and their documented false reports (notice how outside of Makor Rishon, no one discusses how they fraudulently misrepresented and mistitled the data?) .

Unfortunately, the settlements are feeling the crunch of the government's freeze as we have such a high demand from Israelis all over Israel (and our expanding families) who want to move here and join us, but we don't have sufficient housing available for all those myriads.

The government controls the tap (while the Americans spin the faucet).

This is not a deal to be trusted.
Monday, April 14, 2008
Plenty of things to do this Pesach with the whole family:

1) Visit Efrat and buy a home overlooking a park:

Whether as an investment or as your new home, this Pesach, give them a call and visit the construction site. (Barkan also fixed up their website so visit that too).

Give them a call and make an appointment.

2) Go on an IsraelChallenge Adventure

Swing down mountains, bike up mountains, jeep across mountains.

Fun for the whole family.
(Some of our readers already went and had a great time, and now I hear Treppenwitz is getting a free jeep tour - that's just not fair)

3) Check out how the other half lives in Israel.

But only if you're a serious potential client of this exclusive Ein Karem villa.

4) It's not over the Green line, but Beit Shemesh is also part of Israel, and that's where Rabbi Rosner and family are moving to and forming his new community.

I'm sure Shelly Levine will be happy to have someone show you around his new neighborhood during Chol HaMoed.

Plenty more tiyullim and fun advice coming up in other posts this week.

5) If you are going up North, visit the "Leadership Yeshiva Academy". But call first to make sure someone will be there to greet you, as it is Pesach Vacation.

Sunday, April 13, 2008
In a twist of events, left-wing Kibbutz Negba received a letter from a Palestinian refugee stating that their Kibbutz was built on the destroyed remains of his ethnically cleansed town, and he expects them to vacate the land immediately, and they can get compensation from the EU when they leave.

Kibbutz HaNegba is the home of MK Avshalom Vilan (Meretz) who prominently pushes for Jews of Judea and Samaria to leave their homes.

Members of the Kibbutz were nervous and confused by the letter.

Vilan’s (incredible) response to the letter was that "only a small part of the kibbutz" was built on the former village of Beit Afa and Kibbutz Negba was vital to Israel’s security during the War of Independence.

A rather pathetic response if you ask me.

The letter was actually written by On National Union Secretary-General Nachi Eyal, a Jewish resident of the Binyamin-region community of Psagot.

Eyal explained to the Kibbutz members that their neighbor, MK Vilan, seeks to evict the Jews of Judea and Samaria. "It is unpleasant to know that there is someone who wants to expel you from your home," Eyal wrote. "But this is exactly what MK Avshalom Vilan seeks to do, dispatching letters to my neighbors and telling us we will be expelled anyway so we may as well take the money and leave now."

We here think Eyal should have a follow-up letter to Vilan explaining that Israel must leave no stone unturned in its seach for peace, and that all Israelis (including his Kibbutz) must be willing to make painful concessions and set the example, because peace is more important than land.

For the complete story see here.
Saturday, April 12, 2008
Photo from Mekor Rishon

The man in this photo is clearly acting at the height of irresponsibility.

He is not demanding (or expecting) the State to protect him, instead he goes out every day in hot weather and cold, in sun and rain, and does his job.

He’s a farmer in the Negev.

He is also wearing a heavy and hot ceramic bullet-proof vest against the Arab snipers, now ever-present and ever-shooting since the Expulsion.

But he has the right to quit working his land (which maybe he should as it is a Shmittah year, unless it’s an Otzar Ha’Aretz/Beit Din deal) and lose his investments, property, and livelihood.

And if he “doesn’t like that deal, then he should go found his own Jewish state somewhere else” (or at least that is the opinion of one commenter who hopefully won't be coming back).
I don't know about you, but I've been to the Qumran caves and settlement in Israel. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it. Different historians claim the area was settled and lived in by different groups of Jews. The most commonly known historical claim is that the Jews that lived there were Essenes.

Picture from WIKI

Of course, everyone who has been to the Israel Museum has seen the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered.

Of course, all that is irrelevant to the British.

You see, the Ministry of Tourism made an ad for Israel and showed the Qumran caves. The UK organization that is concerned with "truth" in advertising protested and said that the Qumran caves aren't in Israel (damn, then where the hell are they, and what land were those Essenes living in anyway?).

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism's immediate response?

They took down the offending picture, of course.

Someone had better inform the Israeli National Parks Authority that they had better delist the Qumran site as an Israeli National Park (and their information page on the Qumran site should be seriously improved).

Friday, April 11, 2008
I assume most people heard about the attack at Nachal Oz the other day.

I wonder how many people (which even I did), heard/read the headlines and didn't pay attention to the details.

If you were like me, you probably figured that the people killed were IDF soldiers stationed on Arik Sharon's new front line. Nothing new there. Just like there is nothing exciting about missiles on Sderot.

I find myself getting apathetic. That bothers me, but that is what happens when you are inundated with more of the same every day, no matter how bad the same actually is.

It is only today that it caught my eye that I should actually hear the details.

You see the people killed were Israeli civilians, and it wasn't there first time they were under Arab attack over there.

Their job?

To supply fuel to Gaza for the Arabs that killed them.

You're probably all familiar with the maxim that claims that the olives back then were probably much larger than the olives we eat today.

It's important for various halachic measurements, most relevant to us during this upcoming Pesach - how much Matza are we are supposed to eat.

Researcher's at Bar Ilan are claiming that the size of the olives back then, was actually smaller than they are today.

Uh Oh.

But don't Pasken like this just yet. It hasn't yet been rabbinically approved, and this is only these researcher's opinion.

Even the rediscovery of T'chellet still hasn't been accepted in many quarters.

Thursday, April 10, 2008
Before Oslo, there were no more than a handful of automatic weapons in all of Yesha.

Can you contemplate a number so small?

Since disengagement, Hamas, in Gaza alone, has over 20,000 trained and armed combat fighters/terrorists under their command.

There are an additional 4000 official but alternately affiliated terrorist/fighters, putting the number at closer to 24,000, and of course all the unaffiliated terrorists that are also armed to the teeth.

This also doesn't include the armies in Judea and Samaria now being resupplied and retrained by the US.

Now that's how I measure success.

(Just to put it into perspective, I don't have exact numbers, but there are probably only around 35,000 active IDF combat soldiers in the standing army.)
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Sometimes you read something, and you have to read it again, because you can’t believe how stupid some people really are.

Let’s take the Israeli Foreign Ministry for example.

Here’s a group that really, really, doesn’t understand the internet and social networks.

First, they decide officially tackle the anti-Semitism on facebook by convincing pro-Israel people to start pro-Israel groups and other activities.

Talk about being late to the game.

Hell, there’s one guy on facebook named Ashley Perry who is like an Army-of-One when it comes to that and he certainly didn’t need FM approval or urging to tackle this whale.

And there are plenty of others who beat the Foreign Ministry to the gate.

Meanwhile, while the Foreign Ministry is so busy patting itself on the back that they had themselves another brain-spasm.

Hold on to your chairs.

The Foreign Ministry decided to invite the most influential Israel-bashing bloggers around to a free, all-expenses paid trip to Israel.

That’s right!

Because if these people couldn’t find enough stuff to write about, make up, or just spew against Israel, they can now write that Israel tried to officially “bribe” them to see another side of things.

Let me ask you, do you think the idiots in the Foreign Ministry think that blogs are like newspapers and need to be balanced? Do they really think that these bloggers write their remarks out of ignorance? Do they think that flying over Sderot in a helicopter will actually change their perspective?

How stupid are they over there?

I remember once when Arafat and Peres were on TV, Peres starts his idiotic peace ramblings, and Arafat (as always) suddenly made outrageous claims against Israel. Peres stood there flabbergasted, unable to even muster a response (much less say that Arafat was lying).

Remember that, because the Foreign Ministry’s tour also includes meeting our “Peace Partners” (such as enemy negotiator Saeb Erekat) who surely want to correct how these blogger are portraying Israel in their blogs.

10 parts of stupidity were handed down. We know who got them all.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
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As part of the ongoing Aliyah series that is unfolding over by the Muqata, I'll now discuss another "emerging community" (this post will be cross-posted over there in a day or two).

Not a community lost somewhere in the United States where there are barely enough Jews to make a kosher-style deli, but one just 10 minutes from Jerusalem.

The neighborhood of Zayit in Efrat is a young, vibrant community. It boasts around 500 families. More than 50% are English speakers. While an Orthodox community, it is also an open one, and one can find both secular and Chareidi Jews living there.

It is also one of the highly demanded neighborhoods around.

A new project by the Barkan corporation called ParkView (Nofei HaPark) has just opened up (and is quickly closing up, due to the high demand).

ParkView consists of 51 quality apartments of 4-6 rooms overlooking a park (to be built soon).

(I was told that those who bought in the similar complex next door had a 30% shekel increase (more in dollars) in the value of their apartments in the last year, though past performance is no indicator of future earnings).

Anyway, I know a number of people who live in the Zayit and they say they love the neighborhood and the people.

To find out more, get prices, and buy a home in Israel, I recommend you check out ParkView and contact Barkan directly.
As Jameel will point out sometime this week, during the nationwide emergency drill that the country is currently running, Olmert once again missed the boat and declared that we are in a state of "war" just a few days too late.

Anyway, we all got to participate today. Even the Kitot Konninuts (Rapid Response Teams) got called out to nearby schools, not for imaginary terrorists, but because they needed all hands as the "attacks" were on such a massive scale that everyone was needed to deal with them.

Monday, April 07, 2008
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On Sunday, April 13 WebYeshiva is running a series of Web-conference shiurim on Pesach.

Just sign up, all the Shiurim are Free.

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks - 10:00am Israel time/3:00am NY time
Inclined Toward Freedom: On Leaning at the Seder

Mrs. Ilana Saks - 11:30am Israel time/4:30am NY time
"Because You Were a Slave in the Land of Egypt"

Rabbi Avi Weinstein
- 1:00pm Israel time/6:00am NY time
Different Meanings of Freedom and the Festival of Freedom

Rabbi Moshe Morris - 5:00pm Israel time/10:00am NY time
The Halachot of When Erev Pesach Falls on Shabbat

Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky - 8:00pm Israel time/1:00pm NY time
Where Did Moshe Go? A View of the Haggada from the Vantage Point of Tanach

Mrs. Nomi Berman - 9:30pm Israel time/2:30pm NY time
The All-Nighter in B'nei Brak

Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel - 11:30pm Israel time/4:30pm NY time
The Meaning of Rabbi Yehuda's Ten Plagues Simanim

Rabbi Yehoshua Geller - 1:00am Israel (April 14)/6:00pm NY time
Reading Maggid: Secrets to the Haggada's Midrash Encoding

Rabbi Chaim Brovender: 5:30am Israel time (April 14)/10:30pm NY time
Why is Moshe Rabbeinu Missing from the Haggada?

Anyway, sign up now for the free Shiurim this Sunday.
Sunday, April 06, 2008
It has to kind of suck to work for Public Security Minister Avi Dichter. Here is a guy who fully supported the Expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and it’s his aides and bodyguards that have to pay for his idiocy.

Last week Dichter took a group of tourists to the settlements around Gaza. Quite a number of people have been shot around there (from Gaza), and this trip was no different.

The snipers claim they were aiming for Dichter, but shot his aide instead.

Meanwhile, Labor MK Danny Yatom, another supporter of Expelling Jews blamed the victims (Dichter) for going there. After all, he shouldn’t be going to dangerous areas (sic).

I can only assume that Yatom will next blame the residents of Sderot for living where they do too, or the farmers in those settlements who live there year round and are are routinely shot at from Gaza, or perhaps the residents of Ashkelon who should be expelled for their safety and the safety of the country.

It continues to blow me away that the increasing lack of security which has directly resulted from running away from Gaza refuses to sink into the brains of the Left, who would willingly repeat the process in Judea and Samaria if they could, and willing endanger the lives of the rest of the country in their sick, obsessive quest for a false peace.

Instead, they are happy to keep blaming the victims instead of punishing the perpetrators.

My only recommendation is to stay far away from Dichter.

And Refuah Shleimah to those injured.
So last night I got a last minute invitation to scoot on over to the Peace House in Hebron and permission from the wife to do so (sorry Elchonon, I didn’t see you there).

What an evening.

Everybody who is anybody in the settler world was there, and what super-nice people they all are.

There were speakers (such as Rav Dov Lior and Aryeh Eldad), a movie, tours of the Peace House, and impromptu meetings with the families living there. Rav Levinger was driven by for a few minutes and he greeted people.

Itzkik Halamish was also there, and I spent some time speaking with him.

If you’re not familiar with his story, you should be. It’s about a (becoming more and more common) miscarriage of justice and the lack of proper police procedures that we are seeing more and more of against Jews in Judea and Samaria.

I bumped into Baruch Marzel, and told him I was going to vote for him again, but this time he had better win.

Most interesting was the non-publicized background behind the 100% legal purchase of the Peace House, perhaps one day I will be able to discuss it.

But ultimately, the lesson here is once again, the Arabs are more than happy to sell their property to Jews (as long as they won’t get killed for it).

The government has another problem. They wanted certain influential Arab neighbors to complain and say they don’t want the Jews living there (in an attempt to invalidate the sale).

But the local Muchtar (who I discussed in a previous post about his meeting with the Hebron leaders) openly told the IDF and government representatives that he is quite happy to have the Jews owning and living there. (He is apparently fed up with the Leftists who keep visiting and causing problems).

Bully for him.

Anyway, that was my unexpected Saturday night in Hebron.
Thursday, April 03, 2008

Adar II, 5768
April, '08

Translated from Moshe Feiglin's article on the NRG website. (Not by JoeSettler)

Is there a solution for the military crisis plaguing Israel's south? Can Israel successfully deal with the Kassam rockets? Or is Olmert right when he tells us that we just have to get used to it?

You don't need to be a military expert to come up with a plan to solve the Gaza problem. Israel already has a successful model that works perfectly - at least since the Yom Kippur War. It is the real peace model that has been implemented for years in the Golan Heights.

Have you ever asked yourself where the safest place in Israel is? Where do you not have to worry about Arabs throwing rocks at your car? Where can you walk around at night without fear of arms or drugs smugglers crossing the border? Where don't missiles fly and where don't bombs explode? In short, where is the place that you are safest from both external enemies and from internal Arab terror and crime?

That place is the Golan Heights. Without even trying, possibly even by mistake, Israel enjoys real peace there. Any new peace plan must follow the principles that have brought us true peace in the Golan. There are just five easy steps:

  1. Encourage Arab emigration
  2. Conquest
  3. Israeli sovereignty
  4. Settlement
  5. No peace accords!

Sixty thousand Syrian Arabs who had been scattered throughout villages in the Golan Heights disappeared even before the Golan was liberated. The only ones who stayed were the Druze in the north of the Golan. These villages are the exception that proves the necessity of implementing the first principle.

The second principle, conquest, was fully implemented by Israel in the Golan. No foreign forces remained there. The area is entirely controlled by Israel.

Israel declared sovereignty over the entire Golan, settled it and most important of all - never signed a peace treaty with Syria. This is how we have prevented the war under the guise of peace that we suffer on our border with Egypt from repeating itself on our border with Syria.

These five steps will bring peace and security to Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

How do we encourage the Arabs in these places to emigrate without the necessity of a major war? University Al-Najach in Shechem answered that question with the results of a poll that it had taken. It turns out that over 60% of the Arabs in Yesha do not need any encouragement to leave. They are disgusted with the rule of the armed thugs that the Oslo Peace Club forced upon them. Their preferred destinations are the Gulf States and Canada.

Many Western states currently suffer from negative demographics - less than two children per family. They are anxious to absorb skilled immigrants such as the Arabs of Yesha who have learned quite a lot from Israel over the past sixty years. The huge current of Moslem immigrants that has engulfed the Western world in the past decades points to the fact that this solution is entirely possible. Israel must make available to the Arabs all the resources necessary to encourage this trend.

Approximately 10% of Israel's entire budget is wasted annually on impossible solutions based on the Oslo eagerness to partition the Land of Israel. This sum constantly grows as mega-costly solutions like the Separation Fence are proven absurd. They are then exchanged for even more grandiose defensive schemes - cutting edge space technology to protect Israel's citizens from flying pipes. The colossal sums of money spent on these unrealistic programs could be spent more effectively. Instead of paying for more white elephants, Israel can give $250,000 to every Arab family that will stake its future far from Israel's borders.

Israel can implement a political plan based on the Golan Heights model. It depends on nothing more than our mentality. All that we have to understand is that this is our land - not theirs. The question is if Israel really wants peace or if the "Peace Process" is just a euphemism for getting rid of the settlements that force Jewish identity on Israel's tiny "elite".

As simple and effective as this plan may be, it will most likely not be adopted. Instead, Israel's current leaders will stubbornly continue down the Oslo path of blood and terror. The sensible, Jewish solutions will all be pushed to the sidelines – because the minority ruling our country today is simply not interested.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
The Knesset demanded an emergency accounting from the Prime Minister in a forced speech (required after obtaining signatures of 40 MKs). The heading was "A Government with No Plan and No Strategy, Acting Only to Survive."

The Prime Minsiter had nothing of value to say for the two whole minutes he stood up at the podium.

Honestly, what more could he say, when the title said it all?

Source: JP

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Blogging over by Jameel can sometimes be a troll magnet. But sometimes some really interesting information comes out of the commenters who respond.

A particular gem that appeared out of that post is a very interesting one. His (her?) numbers are mostly right, but even if they are off by a 100 either way, it doesn't make much difference.

It turns out that more Israelis have been killed by Arab terrorism ever since the Oslo Accords were signed, than were killed counting from the formation of the State of Israel until the Oslo Accords were signed.

Can you grasp that?

In the 45 years preceding the Oslo "Peace Process" fewer Israelis died from Arab terrorism that in the 15 years that followed.

I don't know by what yardstick you measure success, but I do know how our enemies measure it, and they are leaning towards satisfied.

There is an article/video on A7 discussing the link between the brainwashing the soldiers underwent before the Hitnatkut and the failure to win in Lebanon. I too believe they are connected, but the article/video didn’t present their case very well.

From talking with soldiers back then, the further away they were from the inner-circle, the less brainwashing (sensitivity training) they underwent, and the more guilty they felt, and the more they wanted to do something to alleviate the guilt they felt.

That is in part how we snuck in the first time (until we finally got caught by some police officers whose apparent lack of guilty feelings we couldn’t work on).

Soldiers in the outer circles purposely looked away, or even actively helped us sneak through the barriers.

After the disengagement, while still in Gaza we met soldiers who broke down completely once they realized what they did.

One told us he didn’t understand before he went in as to the immensity of his actions and what the Gaza communities even looked like beforehand, and while he was there he couldn’t think, and only now that he had downtime, did he realize what he did and was involved in.

But clearly when the army is training and fulfilling political missions (or dare I say it, anti-Jewish missions), that means it does not train for its real mission of the defending the State and People of Israel against the real enemy.

Furthermore, it confuses the soldier as to who his enemy actually is and who it defintely isn't.
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