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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Blogging over by Jameel can sometimes be a troll magnet. But sometimes some really interesting information comes out of the commenters who respond.

A particular gem that appeared out of that post is a very interesting one. His (her?) numbers are mostly right, but even if they are off by a 100 either way, it doesn't make much difference.

It turns out that more Israelis have been killed by Arab terrorism ever since the Oslo Accords were signed, than were killed counting from the formation of the State of Israel until the Oslo Accords were signed.

Can you grasp that?

In the 45 years preceding the Oslo "Peace Process" fewer Israelis died from Arab terrorism that in the 15 years that followed.

I don't know by what yardstick you measure success, but I do know how our enemies measure it, and they are leaning towards satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Those are very interesting stats!

This is a gem of information.

I would not say that the Arabs are satisfied for they won't be satisfied until every Jew is killed and then they wouldn't be satisfied until every non-Arab is killed. Has anyone ever thought about WHAT the Arabs would be satisfied with?

It seems to me that through generations of breeding murderers, their DNA would be for murder and as long as there are going to be Jews alive, this murderous trait will only grow.

Truly, the time of the Mosiach is near.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe we believe in genetic defaults for behavior on this blog.

Ben Bayit said...

Rav Aron Lichtenstein said in a newspaper interview that the results of a peace process cannot be mathematically tabulated in a laboratory. (sic)


Come on over for one of my best posts ever, today.

Anonymous said...

Your post is here and it is very good.

(in the above comment I meant genetic predisposition)

Dan said...

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Anonymous said...

That isn't surprising at all. Before Oslo, they rarely had weapons, after Oslo, we gave them weapons. It's a lot easier to kill people with weapons that without.

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