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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
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As part of the ongoing Aliyah series that is unfolding over by the Muqata, I'll now discuss another "emerging community" (this post will be cross-posted over there in a day or two).

Not a community lost somewhere in the United States where there are barely enough Jews to make a kosher-style deli, but one just 10 minutes from Jerusalem.

The neighborhood of Zayit in Efrat is a young, vibrant community. It boasts around 500 families. More than 50% are English speakers. While an Orthodox community, it is also an open one, and one can find both secular and Chareidi Jews living there.

It is also one of the highly demanded neighborhoods around.

A new project by the Barkan corporation called ParkView (Nofei HaPark) has just opened up (and is quickly closing up, due to the high demand).

ParkView consists of 51 quality apartments of 4-6 rooms overlooking a park (to be built soon).

(I was told that those who bought in the similar complex next door had a 30% shekel increase (more in dollars) in the value of their apartments in the last year, though past performance is no indicator of future earnings).

Anyway, I know a number of people who live in the Zayit and they say they love the neighborhood and the people.

To find out more, get prices, and buy a home in Israel, I recommend you check out ParkView and contact Barkan directly.


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