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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
When a far leftwing organization B'Tzelem calls the Goldstone report "biased or mistaken in some of their fundamental accusations against Israel", you have to ask some serious questions.

But the question isn't how bad must the Goldstone report be if a radical leftwing organization like B'tzelem is "defending" Israel, but rather, what does B'tzelem gain by attacking the Goldstone report.

B'tzelem has an agenda and the Goldstone report hurts them badly.

You see, "Israel has only itself to blame for its failure to investigate the accusations of abuses during January's Operation Cast Lead" according to B'tzelem and B'tzelem keeps up the accusatory statements throughout the article).

B'tzelem hasn't discarded it's mission of accusing and attacking Israel.

But they want to do it in a way that doesn't rain down the ire of the entire nation on it.

But the Goldstone report now places B'tzelem in a new category, the category of those that attack the just and moral nation of Israel in a way that the entire nation rejects them - and in a way that the people of Israel will no longer ignore.

And B'tzelem can't have that, as they know there is no fundamental difference between their Israel Bashing and Goldstone's Israel Bashing - and that creates a serious PR problem for them in Israel.

So now they must attack the Goldstone report, to create the fiction that somehow their attacks and accusations against Israel are somehow different than Goldstone's.

Sorry fellas, but the Israeli public is waking up to the fact that your reports are no less "biased and mistaken" against Israel than Goldstone's. Heck, just read the rest of the article where you continue to attack Israel for another war we were 100% justified in fighting.

The nation is waking up, and you are on your way out.
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Bet you didn't hear this song on Yom Kippur!

Saturday, September 26, 2009
This is brilliant!

A bunch of pro-Israel Canadians, fed up with the boycotts of Israeli products have decided to fight back.

Whenever the anti-Semites call for a boycott of a specific store, they send out mass emails and SMSes calling all Israel supporters to come down and... buy out the store of all their Israeli products.

In fact they even call the store owners to stock up because they are coming down.

The store owners love it, and buy Israeli stock in advance of the boycotts.

In one wine store Buycotters bought 500 cases of Israeli wine in half an hour.

The evil boycotters left in disgust and failure.

Go Buycott!
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Leonard Cohen is playing tonight in Ramat Gan.

That's a show I would love to go to.
Monday, September 21, 2009
Arson has been one of the traditional weapons in the toolbox of Arabs in the Holy Land. Typically they've used it to burn down forests up North, but now they've graduated to bigger and better.

For the second time is about as many weeks, Arab have tried to torch to death Jews living in their homes.

A few weeks ago, a few women (Settlers of course) managed to escape as Arabs torched the building they were in at the time.

Yesterday, on Rosh Hashana, Arabs burned down two homes in Havat Gilad.

Thank God, the 2 families, now homeless, were in Shul at the time, but they lost all their possessions. If this had happened at night, 2 entire families might have been killed.

Havat Gilad (or the Gilad farm) was established on privately owned land belonging to Moshe Zar, following the murder of his son Gilad nearby by Arab terrorists. Gilad Zar was the civilian security chief for the Jewish communities of Shomron.

The farm run by Ittai Zar (young son of Moshe Zar) has grown into a farming village with more than 20 (25?) families and 40 Yeshiva students.

As I've mentioned in the past, Arab terror is clearly escalating.
Friday, September 18, 2009
I've been racking my brain trying to figure out who I think should be the Man (Person) of the Year for 5769.

Nada. Seriously.

I can't think if anyone who deserves the title for this past year. Perhaps you can?

Shanah Tova everyone.
After Hamas announced the won't transfer a Rosh Hashana package to Gilad Shalit, the Israeli Prison Authority announced they won't transfer mail and packages to Palestinian prisoners.

Maybe they should throw them into a dark hole too.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Jameel @ the Muqata gives Israelis far too much credit. Jameel rejoices in the Goldstone report, "I'm rather happy it was so clearly biased".

Jameel thinks this is a good thing because "Prior to the Disengagement, we were promised that Israel would be able to defend itself from any attack from Gaza -- with total world support", and now "Israelis need to realize that we do not have the world's support for self defense".

What is Jameel smoking in his pipe?

Does Jameel really think the average Israeli will wake up and protest because of this?

Does Jameel really think this will in some way rouse public opinion to oppose the next Israeli "concession for Peace"?

Let's get real. If we've learned nothing since Oslo, most Israelis have become apathetic to the idea that they can bring change to government policies or actions (particularly after voting Right and getting Left in the latest elections).

But more importantly, most Israelis expect the world to attack us, and promises of "total world support" were taken as the lip service they are. Meaningless phrases to wash down a bitter pill. No one actually believed it (except the fanatics of the radical Left).

Israelis will learn to live with the fact that some of their family members may no longer be able to travel with them to parts of Europe, and Israelis will get used to the latest level of vitriol against them, and Israelis will get used to the latest blood libels, and the IDF will find itself legally hamstrung in the next war.

That's the way it is.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
This week is the anniversary of one of the worst disasters in Israeli history, the signing of the Oslo accords. I certainly don’t need to go into the details of how many Israelis were directly killed and maimed by this treacherous adventurism of the Left, that we all know.

But today at least some minor correction was accidentally done to the terror infrastructure unleashed upon all of us.

In a mission near Bethlehem today, IDF soldiers were looking for weapon caches. To their surprise they came across one of the main terrorists involved in the Park Hotel massacre of 2002 that killed 29 Jews and injured 64 more during the Pesach holiday.

The IDF almost had him in 2004 when they injured him in a firefight. But he was smuggled away to a Ramallah hospital in the PA where he was treated and released to continue his terror activities.

Later that year, the PA arrested him (ostensibly to protect him from the IDF, as he was busy masterminding terror activities while in the PA “prison”) and released him in 2006 so he could directly continue his terrorist activities against Israel while under PA protection.

5 Fatah (PA) terrorists were caught near Ramallah. They were involved in multiple terror attacks on route 60.

With Peace Partners like these, who needs enemies.
Arutz-7 has an interesting article about how to have an affordable Rosh Hashana.

The source material is from this blogger's post.

Shanah Tova!
Friday, September 11, 2009
Today is 8 years since 9/11.

Unfortunately it looks like Islam is still making inroads in the global war on terror (aka the Islamification of Civilization).
Thursday, September 10, 2009
I almost gave up on Firefox.

After installing the latest version 3.5.Blech a few weeks ago, a version which was supposed to be faster, more stable, more everything, I gave up.

After the browser kept freezing, and freezing everything else on my computer I downgraded back to the stable 3.0.14 version, and everything is once again fine.

The lesson is don't rush to upgrade what isn't broken.
Human Rights Watch has long been known for its strident, one-sided condemnations against Israel.

Marc Garlasco, who headed some of HRW more
avid attacks and one-sided instigations has been outed.

His online identity was just revealed, and this guy is an obsessed collector of Nazi memorabilia. He's proud that his grandfather fought FOR the Nazis.

Do you think there is a connection?

Read more.
Jameel @ the Muqata was one of the first people to break this story that has set off a firestorm.

The Regavim organization has begun filing the first few of many (many, many) complaints to the Supreme Court against illegal Palestinian construction in Area C (the areas under Israeli control).

This is in response to the actions of Peace Now, who regularly file these complaints against Settlers to get our homes destroyed.

Already the court has decided that Regavim had the law clearly unquestionably on their side and ordered that the Arab buildings mentioned in the first suit be destroyed.

There are those on the Left that are appalled by this decision for so many reasons.

But Regavim has made it clear, Peace Now is endangering Palestinian illegal construction.

For as long as Peace Now continues to attack the Settlements, Regavim will respond in kind with more cases against the Palestinians (which are much stronger) - and there are many more cases of illegal Palestinian construction than of "illegal" Settler Construction.

The Palestinians are soon going to learn that the fate of their illegally built homes are going to be directly tied up with their level of their cooperation with Peace Now - and the actions of Peace Now.

The court is also going to have to make a decision soon.

Either forbid all these cases from their court (including from Peace Now), or find themselves inundated with open-and-shut legal cases that go against the court's overwhelming political agenda.

Peace Now is already trying to create distinctions, but it's going to be hard to convince anybody that they are right.

Of course, they will find some new legal tactic, but I am sure Regavim has prepared a number of potential counter-attacks that will make Peace Now quite unpopular in the courts and with the Arabs.
Wednesday, September 09, 2009
It's 9:09 on 9/9/09!
Sunday, September 06, 2009
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recommended that non-Muslims take the opportunity of the month of Ramadan to blow up restaurants, buses, and train stations, along with their Muslim neighbors, in order to promote "understanding between cultures."

Johnson told members of a London mosque that with Muslims so much a part of London life, it would be befitting for non-Muslims to get to know their fellow Londoners' customs and religion better.

'Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of terror," he added.

Muslims are challenging civilization and showing who they are, and who they want us to be, a dhimmi part of their community," Johnson said. 'That's why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning of Jihad, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbor and attack policemen with them near the local mosque." he said.

There are currently 1.6 million Muslims in Britain, Muslim community officials said to alarmed reporters.
Saturday, September 05, 2009
Now this is interesting.

Makor Rishon reports that Madonna gave orders that no work in setting up for her performance may be done on Shabbat. She even sent her employees to check to make sure no "Chillul Shabbat was taking place!
Friday, September 04, 2009
Dozens of Arab arsonists burned down Nofei Yarden outpost near Shevut Rachel this morning. 2 Jewish women on the site managed to escape.

Settlers and Arabs fighting at the moment.
Thursday, September 03, 2009
I will admit to listening to Madonna as a youngster, but then growing increasingly disgusted with her as her behavior turned obscene, and finally sealing those sentiments when she became a "Kabbalist".

I certainly had no plans to hear her concert.

But I apparently missed the major event.

At the end of the concert Madonna raised the Israeli flag.

This seemingly innocent act in a concert in Israel has brought upon her condemnation from the Arabs, the Leftists of the world, and of course some Leftists from Israel who have called for a boycott.

So where does that leave me?
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