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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
When a far leftwing organization B'Tzelem calls the Goldstone report "biased or mistaken in some of their fundamental accusations against Israel", you have to ask some serious questions.

But the question isn't how bad must the Goldstone report be if a radical leftwing organization like B'tzelem is "defending" Israel, but rather, what does B'tzelem gain by attacking the Goldstone report.

B'tzelem has an agenda and the Goldstone report hurts them badly.

You see, "Israel has only itself to blame for its failure to investigate the accusations of abuses during January's Operation Cast Lead" according to B'tzelem and B'tzelem keeps up the accusatory statements throughout the article).

B'tzelem hasn't discarded it's mission of accusing and attacking Israel.

But they want to do it in a way that doesn't rain down the ire of the entire nation on it.

But the Goldstone report now places B'tzelem in a new category, the category of those that attack the just and moral nation of Israel in a way that the entire nation rejects them - and in a way that the people of Israel will no longer ignore.

And B'tzelem can't have that, as they know there is no fundamental difference between their Israel Bashing and Goldstone's Israel Bashing - and that creates a serious PR problem for them in Israel.

So now they must attack the Goldstone report, to create the fiction that somehow their attacks and accusations against Israel are somehow different than Goldstone's.

Sorry fellas, but the Israeli public is waking up to the fact that your reports are no less "biased and mistaken" against Israel than Goldstone's. Heck, just read the rest of the article where you continue to attack Israel for another war we were 100% justified in fighting.

The nation is waking up, and you are on your way out.


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