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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
This week is the anniversary of one of the worst disasters in Israeli history, the signing of the Oslo accords. I certainly don’t need to go into the details of how many Israelis were directly killed and maimed by this treacherous adventurism of the Left, that we all know.

But today at least some minor correction was accidentally done to the terror infrastructure unleashed upon all of us.

In a mission near Bethlehem today, IDF soldiers were looking for weapon caches. To their surprise they came across one of the main terrorists involved in the Park Hotel massacre of 2002 that killed 29 Jews and injured 64 more during the Pesach holiday.

The IDF almost had him in 2004 when they injured him in a firefight. But he was smuggled away to a Ramallah hospital in the PA where he was treated and released to continue his terror activities.

Later that year, the PA arrested him (ostensibly to protect him from the IDF, as he was busy masterminding terror activities while in the PA “prison”) and released him in 2006 so he could directly continue his terrorist activities against Israel while under PA protection.

5 Fatah (PA) terrorists were caught near Ramallah. They were involved in multiple terror attacks on route 60.

With Peace Partners like these, who needs enemies.


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