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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Jameel @ the Muqata was one of the first people to break this story that has set off a firestorm.

The Regavim organization has begun filing the first few of many (many, many) complaints to the Supreme Court against illegal Palestinian construction in Area C (the areas under Israeli control).

This is in response to the actions of Peace Now, who regularly file these complaints against Settlers to get our homes destroyed.

Already the court has decided that Regavim had the law clearly unquestionably on their side and ordered that the Arab buildings mentioned in the first suit be destroyed.

There are those on the Left that are appalled by this decision for so many reasons.

But Regavim has made it clear, Peace Now is endangering Palestinian illegal construction.

For as long as Peace Now continues to attack the Settlements, Regavim will respond in kind with more cases against the Palestinians (which are much stronger) - and there are many more cases of illegal Palestinian construction than of "illegal" Settler Construction.

The Palestinians are soon going to learn that the fate of their illegally built homes are going to be directly tied up with their level of their cooperation with Peace Now - and the actions of Peace Now.

The court is also going to have to make a decision soon.

Either forbid all these cases from their court (including from Peace Now), or find themselves inundated with open-and-shut legal cases that go against the court's overwhelming political agenda.

Peace Now is already trying to create distinctions, but it's going to be hard to convince anybody that they are right.

Of course, they will find some new legal tactic, but I am sure Regavim has prepared a number of potential counter-attacks that will make Peace Now quite unpopular in the courts and with the Arabs.


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