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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Jameel @ the Muqata gives Israelis far too much credit. Jameel rejoices in the Goldstone report, "I'm rather happy it was so clearly biased".

Jameel thinks this is a good thing because "Prior to the Disengagement, we were promised that Israel would be able to defend itself from any attack from Gaza -- with total world support", and now "Israelis need to realize that we do not have the world's support for self defense".

What is Jameel smoking in his pipe?

Does Jameel really think the average Israeli will wake up and protest because of this?

Does Jameel really think this will in some way rouse public opinion to oppose the next Israeli "concession for Peace"?

Let's get real. If we've learned nothing since Oslo, most Israelis have become apathetic to the idea that they can bring change to government policies or actions (particularly after voting Right and getting Left in the latest elections).

But more importantly, most Israelis expect the world to attack us, and promises of "total world support" were taken as the lip service they are. Meaningless phrases to wash down a bitter pill. No one actually believed it (except the fanatics of the radical Left).

Israelis will learn to live with the fact that some of their family members may no longer be able to travel with them to parts of Europe, and Israelis will get used to the latest level of vitriol against them, and Israelis will get used to the latest blood libels, and the IDF will find itself legally hamstrung in the next war.

That's the way it is.


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