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Sunday, May 31, 2009
It’s interesting; there are two groups of Obamaniacs. The first is thrilled by Obama’s roughshod treatment of Israel and his goals of squeezing and diminishing (and perhaps destroying) Israel. The second are oblivious to everything Obama says and does regarding Israel, or they simply explain it way.

Of course, you can always excuse it on Obama’s habitual flip-flopping - though he really isn’t flip-flopping lately on Israel (so that make’s that answer kind of difficult), and besides, the difference is quite simpler.

The difference between the two groups is not even how far left they are, but simply that the first group is primarily not Jewish, while the second group primarily is.

General Keith Dayton, who is providing advanced training for the PA army (which was involved in a firefight just last week with IDF soldiers), has been strolling around and calling his Arab trained army the Founders of the Palestine State.

He is also working on expanding the size of his army from 3 to 10 battalions, and arm them even better.

Funny how the US is ignoring the Oslo Accords that limit the size of the PA military.

Oh, and Dayton he also made it very clear that if there isn’t a Palestinian State within 2 years, then those US trained forces will deploy against Israel.

Now I don’t know if he is stating that as a fact or as a threat (and a fact), but it would seem to me that if you were a democratic government and you knew that the army you’re training was going to be attacking another democratic government, then I’d be thinking twice about training them… unless attacking Israel is your actual goal.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
1 Sivan 5769
May 24, '09

Translated from the Hebrew article on NRG

In Israel, you just don't talk about Israel's Defense Forces, the IDF.
People prefer not to think about the army's shortcomings, blithely saying that if the IDF has successfully protected Israel over the past sixty years, it must know what it is doing. Only people from within the system - and with a lot of decorations on their shoulders - are allowed to express their opinions and occasionally - their criticism.

With all due respect to the IDF, a serious analysis of the history of Israel's wars leads us to the conclusion that in some cases, Israel didn't survive because of the IDF, but despite it. The IDF is the army of the entire nation. It is the largest and most important tool that Israel has in its battle for its physical survival. Silencing constructive criticism does not help it to become a more effective army.

Now for a personal story. As part of my reserve army service, I was once sent to command a small group of soldiers at a front line position on the border. After we got ourselves organized, the commander of the area arrived to check the capabilities of the new units manning the posts.

"Do you have any comments?" the officer asked us. "Yes," I answered, "It is very easy for a single terrorist to infiltrate this outpost and to murder the guard and the other soldiers as they sleep in their beds." At this point I delineated the exact and simple path that a potential terrorist could take. The commander's reaction surprised me. He was visibly angered and left the outpost.

Two years later, our battalion was sent once again to that outpost. A 16 year old terrorist infiltrated - using the exact path that I had described to my superior - and murdered one of our soldiers.

With that in mind, I would like to present some ideas to improve the IDF.

Draft age is too early. An 18 year old is not mature enough to be a soldier. This was true in the past and is even truer today, when society conditions youth to remain children as long as possible. Men should be drafted at the age of 20, as prescribed by the Torah (Numbers 1:45). At 20, a young man is mature enough to serve in the army. When I was only 19 years old, I was already an officer. Some of my soldiers had been drafted late and were 20 or older. The difference in their performance was clear for all to see.

An army based on soldiers who begin their military service when they are 20 will be a mature, professional, efficient army, free of those "immaturity" blunders that fluster boys who are not yet ready for army life. Presumably, the number of army suicides will drop, as well.

Currently, Israeli boys are inducted into the army at the age of 18 because that is when they finish high school. In the two year interim until their induction at age 20, these boys should be allowed to do national service or to pursue whatever path they choose.

If an 18 year old decides that he would like to spend the next two years traveling the world or to begin his academic studies that would be fine. But the future draftees should also be allowed to do national service vital to our country in exchange for one year of the three year term of military service. Alternately, they could be sent to study professions that are in short supply in Israel, such as medicine or Jewish studies. These studies can be considered one year of national service. These students should be allowed to defer their draft until the completion of their studies.

Another point: I believe that the IDF's reliance on the reserve forces is more tradition and ideology than what the rules of efficiency would dictate. An army based on reserve forces cannot be a truly professional army. Israel should consider transition to a standing army-based force in which the reserves would be relegated to home-front missions.

Reserve duty is extremely expensive. The tax payer pays for it twice: Once to the reserve soldier and another time for lost days of work. The reserve units' equipment is stored and managed by the standing army in special IDF warehouses. All these factors lead to the conclusion that expanding the standing army while downsizing the reserves would produce a much more effective military result at a similar price.

And now for the most important point: Transition to a volunteer army. The standing army should be comprised of volunteers. They should receive excellent salaries and a respected place in society. I am certain that the supply will be greater than the demand and will allow the IDF to exact top-notch performance from its top-notch soldiers.

And what about everybody else? Every capable male should be drafted for a short basic training in which he would learn to shoot and perform basic military functions. Yes, every capable male from every sector - with the training appropriate to the needs of the sector. Yeshiva students should be allowed to do the basic training during the break in semesters and in accordance with all the standards of Jewish law. Once every few years, all the basic trainees should be required to do a "refresher" course. These men would be drafted in the most extreme cases of all out war, when they could quickly be trained in more advanced military methods.

In truth, the IDF is already quite volunteer-based. It is no coincidence that most of the dead and wounded from this winter's Gaza war were Religious Zionists. Those men who do not wish to enlist, already know how to avoid army service. Volunteer enlistment will free us of our obsession with the issue of draft for yeshiva students. If they want, they can enlist. If not, they won't - just like every other Israeli citizen.

In addition, the volunteer enlistment will eliminate the advantage that Arabs enjoy today in the work market, which they join at the age of 18, while their Jewish counterparts begin their civilian lives three or four years later.

The IDF is an army that we can and should be proud of. Let's think out of the box to make it even better.
I wonder who is more afraid of the Jordan is Palestine concept. The Israeli Left or the Kingdom of Jordan.

More than 80% of the Jordanian population is "Palestinian".

As a result 80% of Jordanian residents are treated as second-class citizens. Their dictator, King Abdullah, who is from the 20% minority is occupying "Palestine".

Yesterday the Right ran a conference that proposed various alternative solutions to the Palestinians "problem". It was very successful and a number of realistic and creative ideas were put forward.

MK Aryeh Eldad (Ichud Leumi) proposed an idea as a bill in the Knesset.

MK Eldad called his plan “Two States for Two Nations on Two Banks of the Jordan.”

His parliamentary motion against the establishment of a Palestinian state was ratified by 53 MKs against nine and the matter was referred to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

King Abdullah, sensing a threat to his dictatorship went ballistic. After all, any official discussion of an idea like that could trigger a revolution by 80% of his residents.

Because he knows it's right.

But the Israeli Left went ballistic too.

They continue to prefer to ignore that a Palestinian State, especially with the return the refugees and their descendants - who would be forced by gunpoint out of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, etc. into this new state, would create a tiny State so unstable that the entire region would be engulfed in war.

They are locked into their dead-end vision and can't see any other alternative.

But the reality is that the creation of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is not what is driving them.

What is driving them is solely the idea of relinquishing control over J&S because of its historical and religious importance to the Jewish people.

That is why, even if you manage to find a leftist willing to consider the Jordan is Palestine concept, they always want to throw in Judea and Samaria too. Incredible.

But of course, they still don't want the religious Jews living near them, whether it be in Ramat Aviv, Yafo, or even the Negev - as I have been discussing these past few weeks.

It comes down to it that the far Left is driven primarily by anti-Religious motivations, and the Palestinians/Arabs are simply the tool they are using in their battle.
That's it. There's not much left you can do to stop the Chareidi Jews. So you might as well kill them.

The complaints have been heard to heaven about how they are taking over Jerusalem and they need to be stopped.

When they try to move to Tel Aviv, they are told they aren't wanted there.

So what's left?

What's left is they try to move far away from everyone else.

So they try to move to the Negev.

In fact, they are trying to form their own 50,000 strong city called Kasif and populate that neglected and nearly empty stretch of land that the Bedouins are often trying to grab by creating facts on the ground.


Suddenly, the idea that everyone has been pushing for, which has been about expanding the Negev, creating new Garins, bringing Jews down there, and building it up is suddenly not such a good idea (in this case).

You see, there are people in the Negev that also dislike Chareidim and their lifestyle, so they are fighting this plan.

Ho hum.

To be fair, some are demanding that the Chareidim move to the existing towns that are half-empty and not at all right for the Chareidi lifestyle, because those towns are half-empty and many people there would love for someone to actually want to buy their house so they can move out.

But what can you do, that idea doesn't appeal to them at all.

It's all their fault, they're also going to destroy the environment.
Monday, May 25, 2009
Once again Apartheid has reared its ugly head in Israel.

Deputy Speaker of the House Ahmed Tibi has forbidden the entrance of Morton Klein, chairman of Likud USA from entering the Knesset.

So let's get this straight... an Arab MK, who holds a senior Israeli government position, is blocking a Jewish Likud party official from entering the parliament building of the Jewish(?) state.

Another example of Arab Apartheid dreams, and yet another good reason to kick this enemy of the State out of the Knesset and the country.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rivlin is on the job, and will soon take care of this disgrace.

UPDATE: Arutz-7 has more details of this event, including that Tibi kicked out 2 Jews from the Knesset, not 1. The second confronted Tibi in a lie that he was propogating.
Sunday, May 24, 2009
US policy of propping up moderate dictators and terrorists (as opposed to the "serious" dictators and terrorists) always seems to come back and bite them (and us).

One major debacle in the works is the US training and arming of PA terrorists policeman in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) under the auspices of the skilled and very naive Gen. Dayton (last week in fact a PA policeman shot and injured 2 IDf soldiers before being taken down).

But a surprising article that appeared in Ha'aretz indicates that the US has aided Hezbollah in its battle against the Israel and the US.

As you probably have heard, Israeli spy rings in Lebanon have been captured.

These spy rings have apparently been involved in identifying and targeting Hezbollah terrorists. These spy rings may have identified missile locations. These spy rings may identified Hezbollah terror nests and hideaways in Lebanese towns and cities.

In short these spy rings helped eliminate Hezbollah terrorists that were terrorizing both the Israeli and Lebanese people.

But a tremendous number of these spy rings have been uncovered in the past 2 months.

It is well-known that the US has been supplying various Lebanese Internal Security Force with money ($1 billion since 2006), training and equipment.

This money, training and equipment was supposed to go to the fight against terror and Hezbollah.

It was these US backed, trained, and equipped security forces that uncovered the spy rings that were spying on Hezbollah.

Ha'aretz managed to link statements by the Lebanese government indicating that these US resources went specifically to capturing the Israeli spies that were targeting Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is expected to win major if not majority control in the upcoming June 6th elections.

Again, idiotic US foreign policy backfires on everybody.
Thursday, May 21, 2009
So how else can you describe the demand by Secretary of State Clinton that Jews stop all "natural growth" in our towns.

I don't think we've heard such a demand since Pharaoh.

The only difference is that Pharaoh demanded the death of all Jewish male children, while Clinton is demanding the death of Jewish children, regardless of gender. I guess that makes her more egalitarian, though just as evil.
IDF soldiers were injured last night when PA police officers shot at them in the PA-occupied town of Kakilya.

IDF soldiers shot back and injured the PA policeman.

The US government, under the auspices of US General Keith Dayton, have been providing the PA "police" with advanced training and weapons. They now plans to train and arm 3 additional brigades.

It is an unfortunate myth that is being propagated that during the Gaza war that PA police kept the West Bank "quiet" (it wasn't as quiet as they say, but it could have been far worse).

In reality it was the IDF.
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
For all the talk of possible Muslim rule over our capital in Jerusalem, I'd be more concerned about the Muslim rule that already exists in Washington D.C.
to Tomorrow is Jerusalem Day.

Tomorrow is the day we commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem.

Tomorrow is the day we commemorate when Jews were allowed back into our Holy City and holy sites.

Tomorrow is the day that all religions gained freedom of worship in Jerusalem.

Tomorrow is the day when Jerusalem was rebuilt again.

Tomorrow is the day when Motta Gur said "Jerusalem is in our hands".

Tomorrow is the day when the Shofar was blown at the Kotel after years of absence under foreign rulers.

Today is the day Obama revealed his plans to rip Jerusalem away from Israel.

Today is the day Obama revealed his plans to redivide the city.

Today is the day Obama revealed his plans to embed foreign troops into Jerusalem.

Today is the day Obama revealed his plans to flood Israel with enemy citizens.

Today is the day Obama revealed his plans to appease the Arab enemy with Jewish blood.

Are you for today, or are you for tomorrow?
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Lt. General Keith Dayton, US Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Territories plans to add three more battalions to the Palestinian Authority's paramilitary security force.

I just want to ask some simple questions.

Why do they need AK-47 automatic machine guns? If they are police, give them pistols.

Why do they need to wear army fatigues? If they are police, give them blue police uniforms.

How much longer until they attack IDF soldiers again?

It would appear that (at least publicly) Netanyahu held firm and perhaps even won (as much as that is possible) this round of negotiations with Obama.

Netanyahu didn't state anything he hasn't stated before. He didn't retract anything. He held his ground. (He didn't mention Pollard, which was to be expected).

He made it clear that the Arabs need to fix their end of things before anything can go forward with them - they have to fix their "fundamentals" which is what is holding everything back.

He quite possibly even got Obama to grudgingly not disavow that a military option against Iran is possible sometime in the undefined future.

Netanyahu even appears to have disengaged Obama's linkage of the Palestinian track to Iran, though Obama was still whipping that dead horse of Peace.

Netanyahu more clearly linked any peace progress with Palestinian demilitarization and clear compromises on their part, as well as using the code words for Israel keeping the Jordan Valley and Settlement blocs, perhaps making it clear that he envisions an Autonomy+ plan (which is overall what we can expect more from him).

"I want to make it clear that we don’t want to govern the Palestinians. We want to live in peace with them. We want them to govern themselves, absent a handful of powers that could endanger the state of Israel. And for this there has to be a clear goal. The goal has to be an end to conflict.

There will have to be compromises by Israelis and Palestinians alike. We’re ready to do our share. We hope the Palestinians will do their share, as well. If we resume negotiations, as we plan to do, then I think that the Palestinians will have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; will have to also enable Israel to have the means to defend itself.

And if those conditions are met, Israel’s security conditions are met, and there’s recognition of Israel’s legitimacy, its permanent legitimacy, then I think we can envision an arrangement where Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in dignity, in security, and in peace."
Essentially a restatement of the Autonomy+ plan.

On the down-side, uber-liberal Obama clearly plans to try to open diplomatic ties with this terrorist regime in Iran.

The final speeches can be read here.
Monday, May 18, 2009
Bibi Netanyahu is visiting a new American, a changed America, an America where a fellow democracy can be sacrificed to foreign ideologies and interests.

True, this new vision of dictators being friends comes directly from Obama, but Obama alone couldn't have turned Israel into a Pariah state so quickly without some help.

That help of course came from the newly formed anti-Israel lobby named J-Street.

What does J-Street have to gain was a damaged and hurt Israel? What do they gain from weakening the Jewish State? Why would they be doing this, if supposedly they are a "Jewish" lobby?

All reasonable questions which leads to a quite remarkable answer.

One of the primary founders and backers of J-Street is George Soros.

I've discussed Soros in the past identifying him as someone who wants to hurt the State of Israel.

One of his more famous comments about us being, “There are strong voices arguing that Israel must never negotiate from a position of weakness. They are wrong.”

Soros's outright stated goal is to weaken the State of Israel and place us in a position where outside forces can dictate to us what Soros wants.

Hence his involvement in the creation of J-Street.

There is an eye-opening article in FrontPage Magazine that provides a litany of names of people involved in J-Street who are known for wanting to see Israel weakened and damaged (perhaps even dissolved), and their generally sick views on Israel (with of course former Israelis among them).

And there is a site called DiscovertheNetworks that links all these left-wing/liberal, anti-Israel, anti-American organizations together, by discovering who is funding their activities and assisting one another.

It is quite scary how interconnected and intertwined (and well-funded) these organizations are.

There's apparently always a lot of money when what you hate is Israel and the Jews.
Sunday, May 17, 2009
As Bibi goes to Washington my expectations aren't high that anything good or productive will come out of it.

Obama plans to make it clear that he plans to sacrifice Israel.

Bibi will hopefully say what needs to be said regarding Iran, "peace", the rights of Jews to live and rule in all of Israel, and of course freeing Jonathan Pollard.

Good luck Bibi.

Be strong and brave.
Let's ignore for a minute that there is no nation in history known as the Palestinian people.

Let's ignore that that the Arabs in the Land of Israel are from the same tribes and families as those in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, etc.

Let's ignore the fact that an open fiction has been perpetrated and foisted on us, and that it the unfortunate reality that we must deal with.

Fine, so how do we have peace with a "people" that was recently created for the sole purpose of destroying our state?

I believe that we must accept the 2 States for 2 People solution.

And of course Netanyahu missed exactly that opportunity when he was sitting in Palestine Jordan with the dictator Abdullah.

It's time that all Arabs in Jordan had equal rights, and the right to express their national aspirations and identity.

It is not right that 85% of the population across the Jordan river identifies themselves as ethnic Palestinians (whatever the hell that is) and yet they are not allowed to form their state where they form the overwhelming majority.

It's time Shimon Peres got up and said that the residents of Jordan are Palestinian and Jordan is Palestine.

You want Peace? Well that's the solution.
I wasn't going to write about the Pope, I wasn't following his trip at all, but after some discussions over the past few days I've changed my mind.

Personally, I couldn't care less that the Pope was here. He's irrelevant to my life and religion, and the most he affects my life is by making Jerusalem traffic more difficult.

But over the past few days I've heard some strongly formed opinions from a lot of people about this Pope and about his visit.

The Pope clearly turned this into a political trip and very clearly stated his political opinions - and they were the wrong ones, and from a Pope who may have been a member of Hitler Youth, he should be more circumspect.

I'm hardly an expert in Yad Vashem, but I have never heard so many (in fact, any) Yad Vashem people criticize someone who came to visit for what they said.

Yet, it was brazenly clear to those who are involved in Yad Vashem that the Pope's remarks fell so short of what should have been said, and what was expected to have been said, that it was just simply insulting to the memory of those who were murdered (he couldn't get that word out of his mouth apparently) by his fellow Germans.

(A few people did joke that he saw a picture of his younger self hanging in Yad Vashem)

I have been told that there is now an idol sitting in the Tomb of King David. I can't confirm that, but perhaps there may be an Avraham around that can.

And of course, no Jewish books or property were released from the Vatican, nor were any names of Jewish childen forced to convert during the Holocaust revealed. And considering they came demanding more property in Jerusalem, it would have been the least they could do.

On the positive side, I was so proud of Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar for wearing the huge 10 commandments (on the advice of R. Ovadiah Yosef), and to singer David D'Or who wore a huge Star of David, and to Rabbi Shaar Yashuv(?) from the Rabbanut who put on a huge white kippa.

And of course there was the Jewish choir that sang Ani Ma'amin (now that's funny).

It was a huge Kiddush Hashem on the part of all.

These people showed some self respect, and I am sure the message was not lost.

Isi Liebler has an interesting take on things.
Thursday, May 14, 2009
The secular (and I'm referring to what are known as the Tzfonbonim, the left-wing, Ashkenazi elitists) need to really make up their minds.

They can't stand religious Jews living far away from them "over the green line".

They complain that religious Jews have taken over Jerusalem and there are too many there, and the city needs to be taken back.

As I mentioned the other day they can't stand religious Jews living in Yafo in a more Arabic neighborhood.

And now they are complaining that religious Jews are moving into Ramat Aviv - Tzfoniville.

Unfortunately they haven't told us where it is OK to live, since even far away from them in religious "ghettos" is not acceptable.

The secular are calling it a war for democracy to prevent and block religious Jews from living were it is legal and acceptable for anyone else to move in to (as long as you aren't religious).

Some democracy they believe in.
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Over the long term Netanyahu's policies seem to be economically sound, but this time, like last time the poor tend to get hurt worse with his corrections and improvements.

Just to discuss his VAT corrections, Bibi will be temporarily raising VAT from 15.5% to 16.5%.

Last time he raised it from 17% to 18% for a while, and then dropped it down to 15.5%.

The only problem is, during these temporary hike, the people the hikes hurt the most are the poorest.

As it is, prices are rising. Everyone is looking for money, and this creates a chain reaction of stores and businesses increasing prices to make up for what they need to cover their own rising costs.

Obviously the government needs money, but increasing a tax that will directly (and indirectly) increase the cost of goods across the board is not the solution.

How about the government tightens its belt for a year, and lowers taxes significantly (and that means more than a percent or two)?

How about giving the people a break, a chance to recover, and a chance to spend so we can get the economy moving?

That will help the economy in the long term more than a temporary small hike in VAT to make up for a bloated government's spending.

UPDATE: I just learned that the current budget proposal includes an across-the board 5% cut to the budgets of all of its ministries for 2009 and 2010. Of course, I'm not sure how that jives with an expected increase in government spending by 3%.

By the way, I've discussed this in the past, but the government is the biggest buyer in Israel, and decreasing government purchasing, without creating more opportunities for alternative markets (i.e. making it easier to open a business) also hurts the economy.

I will need to discuss all this in depth in another post.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Well this was quite a fun evening.

Usually on Lag BaOmer we drive around in the car looking at all the other bonfires, but not really participating in any.

This year one of my neighbors set one up and we decided to crash it.

Quite a lot of fun. They had a nicely built small bonfire in the center for marshmallows (check your spell checker on that one), which of course raised the requisite question regarding the type of gelatin they were made from.

And on the side was a small BBQ for the meat, and then there was the free beer.

Other neighbors started to crash (which apparently was the plan from the beginning) and we all had a jolly good time as they say.

Along the street we noted the other bonfires that were built, some modest but effective like ours and some huge and dangerously out of control like the one across the street, and then everything in between.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll write about Global Warming and Lag BaOmer, between the release of all that Carbon into the atmosphere on one hand, and the dark, sun blocking cloud layer that settles over the country, reducing the temperature by a few good degrees.

Chag Sameach as they say.
Monday, May 11, 2009
There are hints coming out that the negative attitudes towards "Settlers" may more be related to our being identifiably religious as opposed to our living "over the green line" and the "occupation".

Recently the Israel Lands Authority ran a tender to develop a neighborhood in Yafo (which is next door to Tel Aviv, and well within the Green Line the last time I checked).

The winner was the real estate development company "Bemuna" (absolutely not to be confused with Amana).

Now whatever you might think of Bemuna (and there are people and city councils with some very strong opinions about them, and if you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I mean) they aren't exactly a settler movement, but rather a very much for for-profit company that builds neighborhoods for religious Jews all over the country. In fact, far more in pre-67 Israel than post-67 Israel.

Yet here comes YNET and starts claiming that Settlers are trying to create a Jewish Settlement in the predominantly (but not exclusively) Arab neighborhood/town of Yafo.

Now I'm not sure what makes this a settlement.

Is it that the target residents are primarily young, dati-leumi, religious Jews looking for inexpensive housing near the center of the country and Tel Aviv, or is it because some people find it illegal/ immoral / undesirable that Jews might live in an area that also houses Arabs, even in the center of the country, even within the Green line, and even within walking distance to Tel Aviv?

Huh? Isn't there Peace? Or is Yafo now a closed Reservation (and when will gambling and tax-free booze be introduced)?

I hope Peace Now gets involved to prevent this act of occupation.

But at least now it is apparent to all that the problem isn't the Green line, but simply religious Jews, who won a legal tender that was open to all, to buy land near Tel Aviv.

I'm glad we cleared that up.
Sunday, May 10, 2009
Last night the IDF stopped a suspicious truck making its way to Tel Aviv.

Something about the truck made them ery suspicious, that the truck was carrying something it shouldn't.

So like well-trained IDF soldiers they stopped the truck.

Apparently they waited until they had the proper tools or forces available to safely examine the truck.

So the truck stood there for an hour.

It turns out that inside the truck were 60 Palestinians trying to sneak into Tel Aviv - perhaps for work, perhaps to blow up a coffee shop or restaurant.

The Palestinians are complaining that they nearly suffocated during their 60 minute wait for the IDF forces to open the extremely suspicious container with unknown contents.

Meanwhile the Palestinians inside contacted their families (and handlers?) by cell phone

Arab family members of those inside contacted "Rabbis for Human Rights" to tell them to open the container more quickly.

Ah huh. They should be happy the IDF didn't blow up the suspicious container is a controlled explosion.

Maybe they should have also called Machsom Watch.
With little more than a week to Bibi's upcoming smackdown from Obama, I'm just wondering what the US Jewish and Israeli Orange community are doing to help strengthen Bibi's backbone in what appears will be a series of one-sided ultimatums that can be reduced to the simple question of asking Netanyahu which manner of destruction does he prefer Israel endure.

The dogs have been set loose from J-Street to Rahm Emmanuel. Anti-Semitism and self-loathing are driving the agenda, and historically Bibi isn't strong enough to stand up against such overwhelming pressure.

But if you think about it carefully, you'll realize that when push comes to shove, there is only so much that the US can do to Israel. It certainly can't insert troops and force our surrender.

But Bibi is likely to forget that.

One can only hope that the people with the budgets connect up with the activists with the ideas and present Bibi with a strong and clear message that the worldwide Jewish community stands with him as he opposes Obama (and friends) in their goal to inpose dangerous and destructive solutions on Israel.

Perhaps that will be enough to provide him with the support he needs to do the right thing.
Yad Vashem has an award called the Righteous Among the Nations Award. It is probably the highest award the State of Israel can bestow on anyone.

To receive it a non-Jew has to have done something morally simple, yet somehow spectacularly rare. One simply needs to have saved the life of a Jew during the holocaust at risk to one's own life.

Now, during the Holocaust there was certainly ample opportunity for many non-Jews to save the life of a Jew, but then like now the notion of defending a Jew was a rare thought, which makes this award so unique and special.

One British playwright, a Caryl Churchill, would have fit in nicely with the dominant local culture back then. Her recent play "Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza" being a testament of her apparent goal to challenge Goebbels for the title of master propagandist.

But now, like then, acts of evil create the opportunity for the creation of the opposite, if still rare, acts of good.

Non-Jewish British playwright and author Richard Stirling was angered and disturbed after he saw Churchill's anti-Semitic propaganda piece.

Not for a reward, not for recognition, but guided by a true moral compass, Stirling composed a play in response, aptly named, "Seven Other Children".

He hoped to create a balance to the anti-Semitic "Seven Jewish Children".

While I strongly disagree with his misguided and dangerous goal of pursuing a two-state solution, it is clear he does so out of an honest, if naive, belief that this will bring peace.

I don't know the man, and perhaps I am reading into it too far, but if now were World War II, I have no doubt that Stirling would have put his moral compass to good use then too.
Thursday, May 07, 2009
Continuing in the great tradition of all Left-wing governments, today the Netanyahu led government is transferring over 50 million shekels to the Palestinian government in Gaza.

Nothing new there.

What is new is who is protesting it.

This time the protesters are none other than activists from the Kibbutz movement.

The Kibbutz members say they plan to physically block the transfer of the money with their bodies and bulldozers.

Their protest is linked to kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who is being held hostage in Gaza. After 15 years of Oslo, suddenly the Kibbutzim are concerned about money going to terrorists.

The Mashiach must have arrived.

Also on the table is a bumper sticker that bothers me a lot. It says "Gilad is waiting for us, what are we waiting for?"

That's a typical leftist slogan that is openly saying that Israel is responsible for not doing enough to free Shalit (and they don't mean militarily).

And that again is the problem. The people who like that sticker also blame Israel for there not being Peace with the Arabs, because we can somehow be doing much more of the same with different results.
Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Wow, let me get this straight.

Rahm Emanuel, speaking for the US President says that the US will not act against the Iranian nuclear program (which also threatens the US and the rest of the world, mind you), unless Israel bends over and helps create another Arab terror state (as if Hamastan in Gaza wasn’t enough already).

What is it with all the children of former IZ”L members (Limor Livnat, Tzippy Livni, Ehud Olmert, Dan Meridor, Tzachi Hanegbi)? So many became flaming leftists (and many left Israel too)!

I heard the strangest theory over Pesach regarding Rahm Emanuel that could perhaps explain a lot.

Someone (who shall remain nameless) kept pointing out the various poses we’ve seen this famous Sarah Lawrence College graduate photographed in, and of course there are his world-famous snits, cursing and tantrums, (not to mention his scholarship in ballet) so much so that everything, family aside, seems to indicate that he is, ahem, a little light on the toes (“not that there's anything wrong with that” TM-Jerry Seinfeld).

Rahm could either be severely compensating to hide this, or repressing that part of his personality so hard that it is coming out the other end through his anger and aggression against everyone else.

A quick search on the internet seems to indicate that a lot of people suspect this to be true.

Regardless of his possible predilections and hidden motivations, he clearly has fallen very far from the tree.

What it comes down to is this. This man has openly said he and Obama will sacrifice Israel to Iran’s nuclear weapons, if Israel doesn’t sacrifice herself first to Palestinian terrorism.

Not that it's out of the closet, there doesn't seem to be much choice here, especially when either choice results in an abomination.
Monday, May 04, 2009
A poll of young Israelis revealed that unlike their older compatriots, these young people still have their eyes open.

You can read the numbers yourself in the original article, but the significant points are how many young Israelis don't trust Obama, how many consider Obama to be unfriendly to Israel, how many believe Obama is making bad decisions.

Not everyone in this country has been brainwashed.
Sunday, May 03, 2009
As anyone who has ever looked to buy land or a home in Jerusalem quickly learns, one of the first questions one asks is if the land is built on Church Property.

It's a big problem as a lot of Jerusalem land is owned by the Catholic Church, and it is never sold. It is only leased for a certain period of time - and the Church can unilaterally decide to not renew the lease.

As I write this, rumors are flying around that during the Pope's upcoming trip to Jerusalem he will be handed a gift. He will be given even more Jerusalem land.

More specifically, the Pope (God forbid) will be given all or part of Mount Zion - including the site often identified as the Tomb of King David, and the land upon which the Diaspora Yeshiva sits.

The Foreign Ministry keeps denying this rumor, but it is difficult to believe them.

But it's not just Jerusalem that is in danger. The Vatican's hand-over list of sites include areas near the Kinneret Lake and Ceasaria.

One good piece of news is that the Kotel will not be shut down for the Pope's visit. At least someone knows how to stand up for what is right.
Saturday, May 02, 2009
Some while ago I was discussing the Iranian nuclear threat.

At the time I said that Iran wasn’t going to launch a nuclear missile at anybody. Instead they were going to ship over a dirty bomb to a few terrorist organizations and sneak them into Israel and the US.

Some people disagreed with my assessment, for one primary reason. They claimed that there is no way a bomb could be brought close enough (to the US at least) without it being noticed by any of the various detection systems allegedly in place for such attempts.

The New York Times Magazine printed an interesting article last week.

It seems that in the 3rd world jungles of Columbia, the drug lords have a new hobby.

They build submarines. In fact they build submarines at the incredibly cheap cost of a mere $500,000 and build them in a mere 90 days. (And when you consider the $100 million dollar profit, that’s a bargain).

These submarines regularly smuggle in a tremendous amount of Columbian drugs into the US. These subs can carry up to 10 tons of drugs (or other stuff)!

The US Coast Guard estimates that they have managed to capture a mere 14% of these submarines or (10 out the 70 built this year) – apparently through a combination of luck and simply hanging out on the most common route of the smugglers.

60 of these submarines have successfully breached the US border this past year alone.

Now realize, these are built in the middle of the jungle by drug lords and 3rd world craftsmen.

Imagine what Iran could do when it will be ready to sneak a dirty bomb into the US. That should keep you up at night.

In fact I'm not the only one to consider this, as John Pike, a defense expert and the director of, said, “If Al Qaeda decided they wanted to attack the homeland, or Iran decided they can attack the American homeland, this might be the way of getting in.” Then he added, “This is the 21st-century equivalent of German U-boats.”

Makes one even hope that Obama will take some military action against Iran’s nuclear bomb development facilities before its too late.
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