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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Last night the IDF stopped a suspicious truck making its way to Tel Aviv.

Something about the truck made them ery suspicious, that the truck was carrying something it shouldn't.

So like well-trained IDF soldiers they stopped the truck.

Apparently they waited until they had the proper tools or forces available to safely examine the truck.

So the truck stood there for an hour.

It turns out that inside the truck were 60 Palestinians trying to sneak into Tel Aviv - perhaps for work, perhaps to blow up a coffee shop or restaurant.

The Palestinians are complaining that they nearly suffocated during their 60 minute wait for the IDF forces to open the extremely suspicious container with unknown contents.

Meanwhile the Palestinians inside contacted their families (and handlers?) by cell phone

Arab family members of those inside contacted "Rabbis for Human Rights" to tell them to open the container more quickly.

Ah huh. They should be happy the IDF didn't blow up the suspicious container is a controlled explosion.

Maybe they should have also called Machsom Watch.


Anonymous said...


Let me see if I understand this story? A truck, no windows. Is locked. And, is toodling along with 60 illegals inside. When it is stopped by the IDF. Who call for reinforcements; and who also keep traffic away so that IF the truck were to explode, it wouldn't involve cars driving by on this road.

Yet inside, everybody's got cell phones. How come you can curtail calls from being received inside movie theaters, for instance. And, no one thought you could also make the truck less likely to send out signals? Just to keep it from exploding, I think, would be one reason you'd want to keep those inside from having their calls going through. But what do I know?

The hour's wait crammed inside? Well, that was the next best thing.

Glad this operation failed for them, though.

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