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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Well this was quite a fun evening.

Usually on Lag BaOmer we drive around in the car looking at all the other bonfires, but not really participating in any.

This year one of my neighbors set one up and we decided to crash it.

Quite a lot of fun. They had a nicely built small bonfire in the center for marshmallows (check your spell checker on that one), which of course raised the requisite question regarding the type of gelatin they were made from.

And on the side was a small BBQ for the meat, and then there was the free beer.

Other neighbors started to crash (which apparently was the plan from the beginning) and we all had a jolly good time as they say.

Along the street we noted the other bonfires that were built, some modest but effective like ours and some huge and dangerously out of control like the one across the street, and then everything in between.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll write about Global Warming and Lag BaOmer, between the release of all that Carbon into the atmosphere on one hand, and the dark, sun blocking cloud layer that settles over the country, reducing the temperature by a few good degrees.

Chag Sameach as they say.


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