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Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Wow, let me get this straight.

Rahm Emanuel, speaking for the US President says that the US will not act against the Iranian nuclear program (which also threatens the US and the rest of the world, mind you), unless Israel bends over and helps create another Arab terror state (as if Hamastan in Gaza wasn’t enough already).

What is it with all the children of former IZ”L members (Limor Livnat, Tzippy Livni, Ehud Olmert, Dan Meridor, Tzachi Hanegbi)? So many became flaming leftists (and many left Israel too)!

I heard the strangest theory over Pesach regarding Rahm Emanuel that could perhaps explain a lot.

Someone (who shall remain nameless) kept pointing out the various poses we’ve seen this famous Sarah Lawrence College graduate photographed in, and of course there are his world-famous snits, cursing and tantrums, (not to mention his scholarship in ballet) so much so that everything, family aside, seems to indicate that he is, ahem, a little light on the toes (“not that there's anything wrong with that” TM-Jerry Seinfeld).

Rahm could either be severely compensating to hide this, or repressing that part of his personality so hard that it is coming out the other end through his anger and aggression against everyone else.

A quick search on the internet seems to indicate that a lot of people suspect this to be true.

Regardless of his possible predilections and hidden motivations, he clearly has fallen very far from the tree.

What it comes down to is this. This man has openly said he and Obama will sacrifice Israel to Iran’s nuclear weapons, if Israel doesn’t sacrifice herself first to Palestinian terrorism.

Not that it's out of the closet, there doesn't seem to be much choice here, especially when either choice results in an abomination.


Rahm's Fan Club said...

He was encouraged to take ballet lessons as a boy, and he excelled at it so much, he eventually won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet. He turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College. (1)

What was Rahm Emanuel doing with a Secret Service agent at a movie?If you have any doubts...see this photo of him from his dancing days.

Anonymous said...

MK Katz: Pakistan Situation Proves Dangers of 2-State Solution
by Hillel Fendel

( Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to U.S. President Barack Obama, told a large group of AIPAC supporters on Sunday that American efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program depend on progress in Israel’s peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. So reported Channel One’s Mabat TV news report.

MK Yaakov Katz, chairman of the Ichud Leumi (National Union) party, says the veiled threat by Emanuel should be rebuffed and exposed for what it is: “He is basically telling Israel to commit suicide in exchange for American consent to consider dealing with the Iranian threat to the world.”

“What Emanuel is saying,” Katz told Arutz-7’s Hebrew newsmagazine, “is that in order for the U.S. to agree to act against the nuclear program that threatens not only Israel, but entire other nations around the world, the price is that Israel should commit suicide - i.e., we must agree to a two-state solution that will see Hamas threatening us with its missiles not only from Gaza, as it is now, but from the very heart of Israel as well, in Judea and Samaria.”

“In other words,” Katz continued, “we have to bring ourselves to the brink of extinction by allowing Hamastan into Judea and Samaria. And this is the idea of a Jew, Rahm Emanuel – a Jew whose father fought in the Etzel (Irgun) against the British for the future of the State of Israel, but whose son, born in America, identifies with the most left-wing opinions, whose significance is the destruction of the State of Israel. I think this has to be stated very clearly.”

Katz noted that what is happening in Pakistan right now is proof that Israel cannot even consider “doing business” with its Muslim enemies.

“The Pakistani government made many concessions to the Taliban/Al Qaeda, giving them Islamic courts and allowing them control over certain areas, hoping to thus curry favor with them," Katz said. "But the result was that the Taliban is now threatening the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, and the fear is that the terrorists will gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The government there finally realized that it has no choice but to make war against them.

"We do not want to find ourselves with Tel Aviv and all of Israel’s cities under the same threat," Katz said, "and therefore we cannot entertain the type of solution that Emanuel wishes to force upon us – against the will of the people as democratically expressed in our recent elections.”

US Concern Over Pakistan
President Obama has said that the Pakistani government is "very fragile," and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has gone on record as saying that Pakistan was "basically abdicating" to the Taliban.

Obama will meet with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari in Washington this week against the backdrop of concern over the vulnerability of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The New York Times recently published a report that the Obama Administration is worried that Taliban Muslims might snatch an atomic weapon in transport or have sympathizers infiltrate laboratories or fuel-production facilities.

Daniel said...

Rahm married a shiksa he met on a blind date. Now I can understand falling in love with a gentile you work with or grow up with, or in my cousins case has a Jewish name.
But committed Jews don't go on blind dates with goyim.
DOVWEASELS defend Rahm by saying he volunteered during the gulf war, but marrying ashiksa negates that.
BTW iI know his wife converted, but marriage conversions are BS that last as long as the marriage.

Anonymous said...

speaking of children of former Irgunists whatever happened to Benny Begin and all the excitement over him returning to Likud? To say he has been quiet would be an understatement. He has been a huge disappointment.

JoeSettler said...

Benny Begin: Lost in Action?

Anonymous said...


Rahm Emanuel was born in America. So, let's go back to his dad, Benjamin. Benjamin was born in Jerusalem. And, in 1936, his older brother, Emanuel, was killed by an arab. To honor his older brother, Benjamin dropped his family name (Auerbach), and tacked on EMANUEL. His brother's name. He also joined the Irgun. And, no. He was not a fan of Ben Gurion's.

If anything, in 1947, Benjamin decided to become a physician. And, culled a seat in Chicago. Where he went to study. And, became a pediatrician.

In Chicago, Benjamin met his wife, Marsha. Her father had been a big "macher" in the union. And, she and Benjamin had three sons. Rahm is the middle kid.

His older brother went to Harvard. And, is an aclaimed physician. And, his younger brother went to hollywood, where he became a famous agent.

Where do you see Israel in this picture? I'll tell you what I see. An American family, where all the sons were competitive. And, all were brought up, from the cradle, to be democrats.

Rahm Emanuel was in Congress; elected to a HOUSE seat, back in 2004. In 2005, Pelosi went to him and asked him to head up the democratic congressional committee. Why? Because she no longer wanted to be in the minority. She wanted the democrats to win back majority status.

Rahm Emanuel did this, to a lot of screaming from the democratic left. But Pelosi took care of his back! The first time out for Rahm Emanuel's team, the democrats WON Congress back, after the GOP lost their footing.

Oh, by the way, Rahm Emanuel PICKED Kirsten Gillibrand, to run in an obscure HOUSE race, near Albany, New York, in what had been a conservative republican district. She won. And, when Hillary left her senate seat, Gillibrand received this appointment with the blessings of Chuck Schumer.

If Obama holds onto his popularity, you're going to have to deal with this. (And, no, Obama is NOT Jimmy Carter!)

Yes, Rahm Emanuel, I think, went to Israel to serve in the IDF. IF SO? He volunteered. Again, keeping in mind his sympathies would be towards the left in politics.

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