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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Let's ignore for a minute that there is no nation in history known as the Palestinian people.

Let's ignore that that the Arabs in the Land of Israel are from the same tribes and families as those in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, etc.

Let's ignore the fact that an open fiction has been perpetrated and foisted on us, and that it the unfortunate reality that we must deal with.

Fine, so how do we have peace with a "people" that was recently created for the sole purpose of destroying our state?

I believe that we must accept the 2 States for 2 People solution.

And of course Netanyahu missed exactly that opportunity when he was sitting in Palestine Jordan with the dictator Abdullah.

It's time that all Arabs in Jordan had equal rights, and the right to express their national aspirations and identity.

It is not right that 85% of the population across the Jordan river identifies themselves as ethnic Palestinians (whatever the hell that is) and yet they are not allowed to form their state where they form the overwhelming majority.

It's time Shimon Peres got up and said that the residents of Jordan are Palestinian and Jordan is Palestine.

You want Peace? Well that's the solution.


tony said...

fair enough, then the west bank should be anexed as part of jordan (palestine) and if u want to stay in the west bank, u can live in jordan as a jewish minority.

come on mate, u need to be realistic about your proposals

JoeSettler said...

On the contrary, you are just thinking in the same terms as everyone else.

Israel should annex the West Bank, and the Palestinians in the West Bank can realize their political aspirations in the Palestinian state of Jordan.

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