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Thursday, May 21, 2009
So how else can you describe the demand by Secretary of State Clinton that Jews stop all "natural growth" in our towns.

I don't think we've heard such a demand since Pharaoh.

The only difference is that Pharaoh demanded the death of all Jewish male children, while Clinton is demanding the death of Jewish children, regardless of gender. I guess that makes her more egalitarian, though just as evil.


Anonymous said...


Stop for a minute. Hillary Clinton is a politician;

And, what if she has taken a stance that has now erased whatever it was she earned from the Jewish Community who saw her elected to the senate?

For some reason, before I panic at what politicians do; I have learned that some of them fade4 away. And, then they look stunned at losing.

Did you know McCain, for instance, was sure he'd win because he was white?

McCain didn't win.

But miracles happen. Here, let me explain. When Nixon resigned, it was assumed, back in 1974, that the GOP was finished. Jimmy Carter won the presidency. And, he began the mischief you see, again, with Obama.

Okay. Dubya got to spend 8 years in the white house. But when it was over? People gave him about a 30% popularity rating. It didn't help the GOP to run with McCain. And, people have been observing Obama.

From my perch? He's no FDR! FDR came into office and Hoover remained HATED for more than 12 years. When you do the math? Not only did FDR keep winning the white house. But Truman, in 1948, also won his own term.

The GOP went to Eisenhower (who wasn't a republican, per se), and offered to let him run. They were that desperate!

We haven't seen desperation, yet. Because nothing kills the parties. The parties ran one stinker after another. But it doesn't kill them. They keep coming back.

And, the GOP, which looked dead after Obama won; seems to be springing back to life, again. How? With Tea Bags.

With the fact that California just defeated Schwartzenegger's taxing plans, at the polls. (And, California holds 54 Electoral College votes.)

Just in case you think Obama is flush with victory? No. He is not.

And, one month after his big fatso speech in Cairo? He may not be on a roll. He may yet get polically rolled.

Or? He'll stick the blame on Hillary. 2012 won't be her year. And, if I had to guess Livni has a better shot in 2016.

Different countries. But women who can't sell themselves as leaders.

We just have to wait and see.

Bibi's job? Not to loo angry. To be able to lay out WHY Israel exists. And, why American politicians, with their stinking Nobels, turn out to be such losers.

Iron Chef Kosher! said...

It is unfair to blame Hillary for OBAMA's policy. And Obama has to use a lot of strong anti-Israeli rhetoric to get support for the upcoming confrontation with Iran. Just wait until Israel has bombed their nukes (mark my words - it;s coming).

@#$%$% said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neshama said...

If Israel bombs Persia, don't you think Russia and Korea will see that as an excuse to attack America?
Has anyone thought about the repercussions of such an action?

Don't misunderstand, I am all for Israel eradicate whatever they can; however, are we all prepared for the fireworks?

Has anyone read Nava's post today?

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