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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Leftist Major General (res.) Uzi Dayan recommends deporting another 20,000 Jews from their homes to create “quiet” for Israel.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Why would the Arabs quietly accept this solution or status, when (a) they would never consider Dayan's new borders to be satisfactory (b) Barak already offered them more, and (c) they consider all of Israel to be occupied Palestine?

2) What happens when we pull back further and (surprise) the Arab terror attacks don't stop?

3a) If your answer to #2 was that we'll attack back in force, then please explain why we’ve never attacked Lebanon for kidnapping 3 soldiers (and a drug dealer) and holding them hostage for over a year, while in the meantime firing numerous Katushyas at us, and not to mention all the successful infiltrations - despite the exact same threat that we would hit back?

3b) Same question, Gaza.

4) What happens after this next pullback, and the Arabs in the Galilee Triangle demand autonomy?

5) Same question, the Negev.

6) Same question, but this time the Galilee and Negev Arabs start an armed intifadah.

7) So, in fact then, how many Jews have to actually be killed in an Arab attack for any return strike to actually be considered moral or permissible?

8a) If this is supposed to bring peace and quiet, then why did the Arabs import into Gaza more (high-end) weapons in 3 days than they did in 30 years, and are now demanding safe passage (presumably for their weapon systems) directly into the West Bank?

8b) What are they planning to do with all those weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles?

9) If you decided in #2 to go back in force to stop the attacks, will it be better to (a) send in mass troops to permanently retake/clean out these territories at whatever cost to IDF soldiers lives, (b) better to drop bombs, indiscriminately killing terrorists and innocents alike, or (c) simply chase all the Arabs out of the Land of Israel and let them continue to be refugees elsewhere, but with no more deaths on either side?

10) If you did not choose 9 [c] then please go back and answer question (1) again.
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We'll see.

I was rereading the Omega Group’s alternative plan to the Disengagement, and while I don’t 100% agree with their solution I was very impressed by how dead-on accurate their analysis was.

For example, just look at the faults listed in the plan. Except for #3 (so far, but let's see) everything else (particularly #6) has already proved itself true.

Faults with the Prime Minister's Disengagement Plan
Those faults are:

- 1. Capitulation to terrorism.

- 2. The expulsion of Jews is inherently immoral and racist.

- 3. The expulsion of Jews sets precedents in other countries as being acceptable behavior.

- 4. The one-sided expulsion of Jews threatens the social unity of Israel and undermines morale.

- 5. Zero penalty to the Palestinian leadership and terrorist organizations.

- 6. No solution to the "Philadelphia Route" security issues with regard to defense and the easy access via tunnels and border crossings for weapons, drugs and terrorist smuggling.

- 7. No solution to the "occupation" issue leaving us back where we started.

- 8. No solution to the festering refugee camps leaving an underlying aspect of the problem to flourish.

Their plan would have turned all these issues into non-issues.

Well there’s a document that is totally irrelevant now.

Monday, September 19, 2005
I just noticed that Sharon was dissing his fellow Israelis during his UN speech.

Did you notice Sharon's choice of words, "The Jewish people have a long memory"?

Why did he say "Jewish people"?

Because a goldfish has a longer memory span than an Israeli, as Sharon likes to regularly proves.
Sunday, September 18, 2005
The Muqata is running an interesting quiz: Muqata Quiz: Who said the following?

You can't win money, but perhaps fame and fun will do.

Check it out:
Thursday, September 15, 2005
In a recent conversation, Jameel pointed out to me a very unusual nivuah which I am trying to verify. I will correct this entry as I get more valid information.

Ten years ago, Rabbi Baruch Shapira ZT”L said that in ten years Gaza will be cleared of all Jews, and all Jewish homes and synagogues will be destroyed.

Then there will be an earthquake which will cause a tsunami and wipe out all of Gaza.

That’s all I have so far, and the source and quote are still unverified.

More to come as I verify the story.

My friend Steve pointed this one out this nivuah to me from around 2000 years ago. I've taken the liberty to repost it without his interpretations.

Dr. Yosef M. Tabak also has his own interpretation. It's interesting, but I don't agree with him 100% either.

What is very interesting is that Dr. Tabak translates "Generations" instead as "bonfires" or "plowed furrows" - both accurate descriptions for what happened to the Gazan synagogues.

From Devarim (Deuteronomy) 34:3 - Targum Yonatan Ben-Uziel (written some two-thousand years ago) in Aramaic:

It will be that the king of the South will join with the king of the North to attack the citizens of the land;

and the Ammonites and the Moavites that live in the Camps (or Plains) that cause distress to the welfare of Israel;

and the deportation of the disciples of Eliyahu that were expelled from the Jordan Valley;

and the expulsion of the disciples of Elisha that were transferred from Dekel Village (Neve Dekalim)

by the hands of their Israeli brothers
- 200,000 people;

and it will be when the anguish of every generation and the visitations of Evil Incarnate/Armalgos/Armilus and the series of battles of Gog, and during that period of the terrible pain -

- then will Michael arise, with the seed of the Redem ption.

A forecast like that reminds me of the story of Rabbi Akiva.

When the Temple was destroyed and they saw the results, all the Rabbis cried except Rabbi Akiva, who instead laughed.

They asked him why he was laughing.

He answered, "If the first half of the nivuah came true about the destruction, then the second half will come true about the Redem ption."

I just listened to Sharon speak at the UN.

What an amazing speech (and in Hebrew too)!

What a shame these things were only said after the expulsion.

Perhaps if they had been said before, more often, and both at home and to the world, then our nation and Prime Minister would have a different outlook on Jews, on G-d, on Torah, on Israel and on our unquestionable right to live here and rule in the complete land of Israel - our birthright and inheritance.

Jameel will probably say Sharon is cynically using the expulsion for international brownie points, while the Israeli news already said he cynically said what he did to help get reelected with the Likud Central Committee.

I only wish that what he said was coming from deep inside, and returns there so that he hears the truth of his own words.

The reality is that if he so firmly believed in the first part of his speech, then he wouldn't have made certain comments in the second.

And furthermore, one needs to remember that this is the same person that deceived everyone that voted for his party. This is the same person that said that what happens to Netzarim is what happens to Tel Aviv. He then ripped 10,000 Jews out of their homes (including Netzarim).
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An open letter from Ahmed.

לאחי השמאל בעם היהודי – שלום! לי קוראים אחמד, וברצוני להודות
לכם מקרב לב על המאמצים שלכם ועל עקשנותכם שהביא אותי להגשמת חלום. אני
אחמד מאמין באללה ובקוראן. יש אצלכם יהודים שמאמינים בתורה - ואנו קוראים להם כופרים
ועם הספר. אין דבר חשוב יותר מאללה, ואין טוב יותר מג'יהאד
נגד הכופרים. האמת, בחיים לא האמנתי שאצליח להגיע לבית כנסת של
היהודים כדי להרוס אותה, אבל כששרפתי את הפתח של הבית כנסת ועקרתי את
הפינה של אותו בית כנסת שנראה כמו מגן דוד, הבנתי עד כמה אללה טוב. האמת
לא הייתי יכול להגיע ולהרוס ללא העזרה שלכם, אחי החילונים! היהודים המשיחיסתים
שנמצאים בארץ ישראל (התכוונתי כמובן לפלסטין) לא היו נותנים לי להרוס או לשרוף. רק
בעזרתכם, אנשים הנאורים שאינם מקבלים את השטות של היהדות, הגעתי למצב שאפשר
בגאווה להשתין במקום שעמד פעם הספר הזיוף שהדתיים
שלכם קוראים תורה. אני אחמד, אין מה להגיד לאותם יהודים דתיים
שחיים בעבר. הם מעלים את השואה ומחזיקים את עקרונות היהדות קרוב לליבם. בחיים
הם לא היו מגרשים (סליחה שוב התכוונתי מפנים) יהודים מבתיהם. אני מאד
מקווה שתמשיכו לא להאמין ביהדות ותמשיכו לזלזל ולחלל את הדברים
שאותם יהודים מחזיקים כקדוש. אם תעשו זאת אחיי השמאל החילוני, נצליח
יחד, להביא מזרח תיכון חדש ואפילו לנגב חומוס. רק הערה אחת, אני
לא אוכל חזיר אז תצטרכו לאכול את החזיר לבד ואני רק אסתכל
ואברך אתכם בשם אללה! לאותם דתיים יש לי רק דבר אחד להגיד
- אטבח אל יהוד!!! אנחנו והשמאל ביחד עם עוד הרבה שאהידים נחסל
אתכם! באהבה - אחמד השורף

Who would have thought this great erotic affair would end?

For months the IDF basked in the loving embrace of the Israeli Left and their European lovers.

This ménage-a-trios of support and sympathy simply overwhelmed our IDF and government.

Never having experienced such overwhelming ecstasy from former antagonists, the IDF quickly climaxed, only to collapse exhausted - but not into the arms of its new lovers.

The loving relationship quickly turned into something more dark and sadistic, unexpectedly involving handcuffs and captivity.

Our IDF and government emerge from this adulterous affair confused, scared, and hurt.

Perhaps it begins to realize that its sadistic behavior against its most loyal citizens was actually masochism?

Perhaps it begins to understand that the loving embrace of the Left was something else, something more sinister?

IDF generals, just last month the darlings of the Leftist media, of the Leftists organizations worldwide and in Israel suddenly find themselves locked in and locked up.

Travel overseas is forbidden and forbidding as their former lovers now threaten to put them in jail.

Government ministers are astounded and outraged, “We did what you asked, why are you trying to hurt us more?”

Yes, the marriage between the religious and the secular Zionists is now over.

But that was an abusive relationship.

The religious won’t let themselves be smacked around again.

The secular, well, they’re taking another path, and it’s a shame their new lovers keep beating them.

Nearly all IDF soldiers obeyed orders. Refusal was almost nonexistent.”

Hearing these statements made again and again in the media, has made me wonder whose army are we talking about?

When I served, we served proudly and volunteered for dangerous missions.

The boys I spoke with told me of the blatant warnings and open threats used in order to guarantee their basic cooperation.

The threats to be kicked out of officers school, flight school, and combat units, the threats to be decommissioned, dishonorably discharged, careers destroyed, severe jail time, and worse.

My IDF was motivated by pride in our mission.

This IDF is motivated by threats and coercion.

Can you imagine a state whose primary methods of motivation for its active soldiers are threats and intimidation?

Yet despite this, I am proud to say that many, many soldiers disobeyed orders.

True they did it quietly, but who wouldn’t with such threats hanging over their heads.

Thousands of Jews snuck into Gush Katif, and it was done directly with the covert help of IDF soldiers.

As many made their way into Gush Katif, soldiers in the fields saw them and smiled. Soldiers came over to help point people in the right direction, telling them what to avoid and where to go.

How many snuck out of Kfar Maimon and into Gush Katif miraculously through the “solid” line of soldiers in front of them? Hundreds.

Many soldiers surreptitiously helped people get past the police at checkpoints.

So, I still have hope for the IDF.

Despite the threats, many soldiers quietly did what they could to help – against orders.

If the moral makeup up these soldiers couldn’t be shattered and crushed by this government, and despite having so much to lose they still volunteered for the dangerous mission of clandestinely fighting the disengagement, then the moral fiber of many of our soldiers still exists.

True, there were too many that acted like robots after their month long indoctrination and “desensitization” training. And yes, it is scary that such brainwashing techniques worked so well.

But while the talking heads may think that they have all the soldiers sown up in their pockets, we who were in the field know otherwise.

This corrupt government needs to resort to threats and brainwashing to carry out its immoral acts, but many of our soldiers, in the best Jewish tradition were prepared to do what they could, volunteering to help the side of good, of Gush Katif, of the Jews.

Until their robots begin to break down, this government knows it has automatons it can count on, but I don't think for long, nor on a massive scale. I think this is the last time we will see such an operation.

Too many soldiers are hurting inside from participating in such evil acts. Too many soldiers have had their eyes opened.

My IDF is in there, its fighting to come out.

Monday, September 12, 2005
Sometimes it is difficult to empathize with someone else.

We find ourselves limited by our own innate ability to grasp, comprehend and visualize what others have experienced, simply because it is not within the framework of our own past experiences or perspectives.

After numerous conversations with various members of the Jewish community worldwide I suspect that many simply can’t fit the experience we in Israel have undergone and are undergoing into their own worldview and mindset.

Avi Abelow produced the following video from the expulsion. I think it will open some eyes and hearts.

To the video:

Alternatively, it is viewable here:
Friday, September 09, 2005
This argument is very surreal.

Who should desecrate the synagogues in Gaza - the Israelis or the Palestinians?

While the Palestinian defilement would likely follow the standard Arab model of synagogue desecration (which involves bodily functions), in the end, does it really make a difference who’s planting the C-4 or driving the D-9?

After 10,000 Jews were violently forced out of their homes, and Gaza quickly transformed into yet another Arab country free of Jews, is the destruction of a bunch of synagogue really such a big deal? (It is.)

Besides, after building a few more public toilets, I doubt the Palestinians would destroy the rest of the synagogues - more likely they will turn then into mosques, or Museums of the Palestinian Holocaust, or some other nonsense like that.

I also don’t understand the argument that it will set precedent for foreign countries to begin destroying their own synagogues. I would have to assume they already learned that such actions are acceptable directly from the disengagement.

Jameel at the Muqata has explored some the thought processes of the Left in order to understand why they feel so strongly that it must be Israel that destroys the synagogues, and that the synagogues must be destroyed.

Personally, I think the whole discussion is surreal.

What additional perspective could I add to it other than that kicking Jews out of their homes and then destroying their synagogues, homes, jobs, and lives, is wrong?
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