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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Leftist Major General (res.) Uzi Dayan recommends deporting another 20,000 Jews from their homes to create “quiet” for Israel.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Why would the Arabs quietly accept this solution or status, when (a) they would never consider Dayan's new borders to be satisfactory (b) Barak already offered them more, and (c) they consider all of Israel to be occupied Palestine?

2) What happens when we pull back further and (surprise) the Arab terror attacks don't stop?

3a) If your answer to #2 was that we'll attack back in force, then please explain why we’ve never attacked Lebanon for kidnapping 3 soldiers (and a drug dealer) and holding them hostage for over a year, while in the meantime firing numerous Katushyas at us, and not to mention all the successful infiltrations - despite the exact same threat that we would hit back?

3b) Same question, Gaza.

4) What happens after this next pullback, and the Arabs in the Galilee Triangle demand autonomy?

5) Same question, the Negev.

6) Same question, but this time the Galilee and Negev Arabs start an armed intifadah.

7) So, in fact then, how many Jews have to actually be killed in an Arab attack for any return strike to actually be considered moral or permissible?

8a) If this is supposed to bring peace and quiet, then why did the Arabs import into Gaza more (high-end) weapons in 3 days than they did in 30 years, and are now demanding safe passage (presumably for their weapon systems) directly into the West Bank?

8b) What are they planning to do with all those weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles?

9) If you decided in #2 to go back in force to stop the attacks, will it be better to (a) send in mass troops to permanently retake/clean out these territories at whatever cost to IDF soldiers lives, (b) better to drop bombs, indiscriminately killing terrorists and innocents alike, or (c) simply chase all the Arabs out of the Land of Israel and let them continue to be refugees elsewhere, but with no more deaths on either side?

10) If you did not choose 9 [c] then please go back and answer question (1) again.


JoeSettler said...

Ahhh, but is that a flaw in your thinking?

In every war we've had with the Arabs, the Arabs (now called Palestinians) have run away.

Why bomb them?

Scare 'em out and let them live in peace - elsewhere.

Transfer is certainly an internationally accepted option now.

And think about it, if Jordan were a democracy, then there would be a democratic Palestinian state there.

It already is a Palestinian state, it is merely occupied by the Hashemite minority.

The Arabs currently here would then have where to go to achieve their national aspirations of blowing themselves up.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Only one little thing missing:

We need a TO DO list: future protest strategies, infiltrating establishment Jewish organizations to make them hear our voice when we say that Sharon is a traitor, and that the accursed hitnatkut MUST be reversed -- kicking the ARABS , no the JEWS, out of Eretz Yisrael!

How about, for starts, telling EVERYONE about Revava's intended participation in the World Zionist Congress? They need help just to get a nomination.

One more thing: how about exchanging links?

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