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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nearly all IDF soldiers obeyed orders. Refusal was almost nonexistent.”

Hearing these statements made again and again in the media, has made me wonder whose army are we talking about?

When I served, we served proudly and volunteered for dangerous missions.

The boys I spoke with told me of the blatant warnings and open threats used in order to guarantee their basic cooperation.

The threats to be kicked out of officers school, flight school, and combat units, the threats to be decommissioned, dishonorably discharged, careers destroyed, severe jail time, and worse.

My IDF was motivated by pride in our mission.

This IDF is motivated by threats and coercion.

Can you imagine a state whose primary methods of motivation for its active soldiers are threats and intimidation?

Yet despite this, I am proud to say that many, many soldiers disobeyed orders.

True they did it quietly, but who wouldn’t with such threats hanging over their heads.

Thousands of Jews snuck into Gush Katif, and it was done directly with the covert help of IDF soldiers.

As many made their way into Gush Katif, soldiers in the fields saw them and smiled. Soldiers came over to help point people in the right direction, telling them what to avoid and where to go.

How many snuck out of Kfar Maimon and into Gush Katif miraculously through the “solid” line of soldiers in front of them? Hundreds.

Many soldiers surreptitiously helped people get past the police at checkpoints.

So, I still have hope for the IDF.

Despite the threats, many soldiers quietly did what they could to help – against orders.

If the moral makeup up these soldiers couldn’t be shattered and crushed by this government, and despite having so much to lose they still volunteered for the dangerous mission of clandestinely fighting the disengagement, then the moral fiber of many of our soldiers still exists.

True, there were too many that acted like robots after their month long indoctrination and “desensitization” training. And yes, it is scary that such brainwashing techniques worked so well.

But while the talking heads may think that they have all the soldiers sown up in their pockets, we who were in the field know otherwise.

This corrupt government needs to resort to threats and brainwashing to carry out its immoral acts, but many of our soldiers, in the best Jewish tradition were prepared to do what they could, volunteering to help the side of good, of Gush Katif, of the Jews.

Until their robots begin to break down, this government knows it has automatons it can count on, but I don't think for long, nor on a massive scale. I think this is the last time we will see such an operation.

Too many soldiers are hurting inside from participating in such evil acts. Too many soldiers have had their eyes opened.

My IDF is in there, its fighting to come out.


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