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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Who would have thought this great erotic affair would end?

For months the IDF basked in the loving embrace of the Israeli Left and their European lovers.

This ménage-a-trios of support and sympathy simply overwhelmed our IDF and government.

Never having experienced such overwhelming ecstasy from former antagonists, the IDF quickly climaxed, only to collapse exhausted - but not into the arms of its new lovers.

The loving relationship quickly turned into something more dark and sadistic, unexpectedly involving handcuffs and captivity.

Our IDF and government emerge from this adulterous affair confused, scared, and hurt.

Perhaps it begins to realize that its sadistic behavior against its most loyal citizens was actually masochism?

Perhaps it begins to understand that the loving embrace of the Left was something else, something more sinister?

IDF generals, just last month the darlings of the Leftist media, of the Leftists organizations worldwide and in Israel suddenly find themselves locked in and locked up.

Travel overseas is forbidden and forbidding as their former lovers now threaten to put them in jail.

Government ministers are astounded and outraged, “We did what you asked, why are you trying to hurt us more?”

Yes, the marriage between the religious and the secular Zionists is now over.

But that was an abusive relationship.

The religious won’t let themselves be smacked around again.

The secular, well, they’re taking another path, and it’s a shame their new lovers keep beating them.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

JoeSettler: The "mamlachti" religious love abusive relationships. They were the ones dancing with the soldiers and hugging them as the soldiers were kicking them out of their homes.

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