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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Back on October 15th a Palestinian was caught with a mortar in his car just outside of Jerusalem.

Big story right?

Well, I accidentally found out all about it that week, but until today no one else knew what I was talking about. Plenty of friends (and you all know who you are) thought I was making it up.

I haven’t decided if the story was censored then because it was right after the disengagement and things were heating up and the government didn’t want it known that mortars were now in range of Jerusalem and it showed an obvious failure of the government’s policies, or if they were simply trying to catch the rest of this terrorist’s friends.

To be honest, the way things work here, you can’t really know what the real reason was.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, there are now mortars in range of Jerusalem.

It’s a good thing that the Knesset is having its roof reinforced against missile strikes.
Monday, November 28, 2005
It certainly looks like Peres is going over to Kadima and Sharon.

But certainly someone as distinguished and important as Peres should no longer have to demean himself anymore to accommodate something as common and populist as elections. I’m sure that Sharon will be giving Peres an interesting job, though not necessarily a Knesset seat.

Of course this would change the picture a lot. “Crush ‘em” Ramon and Peres together – sounds like the New Labor Party to me (and now Dalia Itzik and Yossi Sarid wants in too).

Obviously Sharon knows that too much Labor might turn off some of his Likud voters, so Peres might just end up with a Kadima/Government “Elder Statesman” position - something with a title, prestige, and the continuing opportunity to hobnob with the rich, famous, and powerful – all at the taxpayer’s expense, though not as an MK (but perhaps as a minister Sharon could fire).

So where does that leave us?

Kadima is the new Labor, and the Old Labor is now… Shas.

That’s right!

The disenfranchised will vote for the new hero of the tired, poor, hungry and Sephardi – Amir Peretz and Labor.

Where does that leave Shas?

Heading towards oblivion I’d say (well OK, heavily damaged actually).

The funny thing is that Shas holds victory in the palm of its hands.

If only Shas (or the man in charge) could swallow its/his pride and bring back Aryeh Deri.

Deri could ensure that nary would a single Sephardi vote ever reach Peretz, and Shas would once again be kingmaker.

Unfortunately, Deri is friends with Ramon and some other Kadima people, so he could just as easily put Kadima in the catbird seat as he could anyone else.

What about the Likud?

What a mess.
But between the Trojan horse (Mofaz), the man with no ideological backbone (Netanyahu), the man with no voter appeal (Landau), the man with no chance (Feiglin), and all the other wannabees (Shalom, Livnat, etc.) and not to mention a 1000 of Sharon’s men in the Likud Central Committee, who knows what will happen.

The only thing probable is that with Peres visibly hanging on to Sharon, a lot of Likud’s potential Kadima voters will vote Likud in the end.

What of Sheretz and Shinui?

Well those that really hate Settlers and Religious will still vote for them, respectfully.

Those that vote economically left will instead vote Avoda, politically left for Sharon, and those that only vote White will vote Sharon since Shinui will be a wasted vote. If Yair joined his dad they'd win the female vote big time.

Sheretz with Barghouti at it's head would win the far Left and Arab vote - whether or not he was still in jail.

And the Right?

Well, a joint Religious and Right bloc would pull in a serious number of seats, particularly if Shas (with Deri) also joined, but a configuration like that will never happen.

Instead a joint NRP & Nation Union party will pull in some seats from the Likud, but that’s it. They've simply got nothing exciting or new going on over there.

And the Religious? (Not the NRP, which doesn't count for much these days.)

Well their constituency has been hurt very badly this past term by Sharon. They may actually come out to vote in larger numbers than usual. That could actually affect the size of the pie slices for each party.

As a side point, the polls currently say that Sharon may get a large number of seats - but voters may soon begin to ask themselves, "If I vote Sharon, what will I actually get after the elections?" - I expect that to be the Likud's message.

We’ll check back in a few weeks when the smoke starts to clear, and see if this analysis has any merit.

Jameel and I were discussing other people’s blogs (opb).

This is anything but an endorsement; it's just a list of a few blogs I tend to check out more regularly than others (obviously not meant to insult anyone not mentioned, of course).

And while not a blog, this is one of the most interesting Torah Drasha sites I’ve come across.

The comments section is now open to anyone that wants to mention their pro-Israel, pro-Jewish blog (your own, not someone else's). I assume Elchanon will be first.
Haaretz has been expanding its repertoire.

It obviously wasn’t enough for them to spend their time defaming and slandering settlers, they’ve expanded their scope to include other known traitors of the Kibbutz movement – also known as residents of Shalevim, all the while printing openly biased articles that too often forget to quote the other side or mention all the relevant facts (that might actually shed some accuracy on the story or remove the slant).

Jameel has a few good comments that are very worthwhile reading.
Sunday, November 27, 2005
A number of posters responded to a JPost article with comments that they could never make Aliyah after the disengagement.

This is my response to them. It is clearly a subject I will need to explore further in the future:

Yes, this government did something very evil, and yes the same players will try to do more evil after March.

But don’t stop your Aliya because of them. Make Aliyah despite them.

We need American Jews that don’t roll over when a government says so. We need Jews in Israel that understand concepts like democracy, representation, and civil rights and will demand them.

Israelis are a passive/submissive people. Too large a large number meekly accept and submit to whatever is thrown at them (high taxes, disengagement, terrorism).

We need Jews who are awake and will stand up. Join us and be one of those willing to make a difference.

It’s not always easy, but living in the Land of Israel is both a great mitzvah and vitally central to the future of the Jewish people all over the world.

You may legally need to be an Israeli to live in the State of Israel, but you can still be a proud Jew in the Land of Israel.

Thursday, November 24, 2005
My first thought was that Sharon would be leaving a ticking bomb behind him when he left the Likud. Scorched Earth and all.

He would use his self-appointed Likud Central Committee members (1000 members who make up 1/3 of the committee) to do something he perceive as damaging to the Likud, perhaps having them all vote for Feiglin for Likud leadership.

Checking out the Haaretz today I learned that Sharon is even more subtle.

To our surprise, his man Mofaz didn’t jump ship with Sharon. To remind you, Mofaz is the Defense Minister who loyally and eagerly implemented the Sharon Disengagement plan to create Jewish refugees.

It turns out that Mofaz has set up a major clandestine network inside the Likud (ostensibly for the day Sharon retires) to help him get elected PM.

So if Mofaz’s plan succeeds we now have an answer to the question as to how Sharon plans to set up his coalition.

He’ll have his B-list poodles in “Kedima”, while remotely running the Likud though his real right-hand man.

What a shame that Sharon has turned to the dark side of the force.
Monday, November 21, 2005
As Sharon leaves and takes his B-list with him I’m reminded of a paragraph in the law regarding registering political parties.

Article 5 of the law stipulates what conditions justify objecting to the registration of the party. These include a party's position rejecting Israel's right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, incitement to racism, supporting the armed struggle of a hostile country or terrorist organization against Israel, or a situation in which there is reasonable cause for suspicion that the party is meant to be a cover for illegal activities.
Need I say more?
Sunday, November 20, 2005

A friend, Robert Klein of Beer Sheva, pointed out this article.

A soldier was arrested for providing 3 guns to Palestinian Terrorist Organizations.

To quote Robert:

"Now if he had provided, say, 50,000 guns, that'd be called a peace process."

Personally I think the guy should get the Nobel prize just for the effort. Why should Shimon share it alone?

Maybe Candy&Rice could have him join her staff.

Jobs this guy is now qualified for:

  • Prime Minister of Israel
  • Israeli Minister of Defense
  • Israeli Foreign Minister
  • Israeli Peace Negotiator
  • U.S. Peace Mediator
  • Yitzchak Rabin imitator
  • Nobel Prize winner
  • Prime Minsterial candidate in the upcoming elections
Monday, November 14, 2005
It’s truly a deep philosophical question:

What happens when an unstoppable manipulator collides with an unyielding dictator? (and which one is which?)

In a typical Sharon maneuver, Sharon tried to sidestep Peretz’s demand for the meeting to dissolve the government.

Attempting to buy himself time, Sharon simply pushed off the meeting with a flimsy excuse.

Peretz, the seasoned negotiator (Peretz hasn’t lost a negotiation yet that I know of - simply because he always knows who to take hostage - everyone) decided that Sharon’s typical manipulation of the playground rules will simply not happen this time.

So Peretz had all his Labor sheep submissively write, sign, and hand in their resignation notices – which he duly collected and will be presenting to Sharon.

A Fait Accompli.

So like it or not, Sharon’s government is now over within 48 hours of whenever Peretz decides to give him the letters.

You can note a series of interesting points with this story:

  1. Labor ministers are sheep.
  2. Despite all this talk that Peretz is inexperienced in politics and doesn’t have the background/experience needed to run a government (as if any politician in the rest of the world actually does before they are elected), you can see that that talk is just sour grapes from those “experienced” MKs who are now acting like the sheep they are.
  3. Sharon is so used to bulldozering his way and manipulating the rules, he completely fumbled against someone who knows how to manipulate within the rules even better than he.
  4. Peretz has a very serious chance of becoming the next Prime Minister.

Very scary isn't it?

Meanwhile, it's no longer a surprise to me why the Left keeps bringing us Oslo reruns and never notices when it doesn’t work, yet again, the real reason why.

Talk about a group of delusional individuals.

None of my Leftist (politically, not financially Left) friends are at all concerned with Peretz’s communistic philosophies, tendencies, actions and beliefs.

Every single one of them completely and utterly believes that once he is in power he will moderate his actions and attitude.

“What you see from here is not what you see from there,” Sharon said, and they repeat.

Who are they kidding?

Listen to the guy talk. He hasn't modified anything, and he has no intention to.

Peretz hasn't backed down or modified his view on anything he believes in his entire life.

Peretz's every ambition and negotiation has always been to force his opponent to give him exactly what he wants.

This man has shut down the entire country numerous times; he’s stranded innocent tourists for days at the airport as his hapless pawns; he’s caused blameless industries millions if not billions of dollars in damages so he could get something he wanted from a different sector entirely.

Can they really kid themselves into believing that this is a man who will moderate himself now that he has the chance to do exactly what he has always wanted to do?

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Amir Peretz is the party leader for the 2nd largest party in Israel.

This means that he (and his communist manifesto) is a front runner candidate for Prime Minister of Israel.

If Israel’s economy wasn’t already horribly hobbled by its socialist history, this man will drag us back 50 years.

I can’t begin to imagine what benefits (only) Histadrut members would be getting once he takes power.

This man’s idea of negotiations (and he considers himself a great negotiator) is to put an economic gun to our nation’s head and wait until he gets what he wants.

If that doesn’t keep you up at night...
Labor’s characteristic voter fraud aside, it seems there was a real revolution in the Labor camp this week.

Left wing voters have apparently given up on Shimon Peres’s messianic adventurism into his militant world of Peace, and instead want Amir Peretz’s exercises in economic terrorism to rule the roost.

What does this mean for us here in Israel.

One can only assume that when Peretz will protest a vote in the Knesset he will use his standard trick of shutting down the country for a few days until he gets what he wants.

Talk about a strong opposition party.

Heading into the world of speculation, Peres will need to decide if it is better to serve in hell or to serve in hell.

Will Sharon break away from the Likud, and Shimon join him as one of his number 2s?

Or will Shimon stay on and serve as one of Peretz’s many number 2s?

A tough choice for a perpetual loser 1 2.
Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Al Quaida US strikes on 9/11.
Al Quaida ME strikes on 9/11.
The French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy has ordered the deportation of any person convicted of violent participation in the recent riots throughout France .

Doesn't that sound suspiciously like....


Maybe Israel should learn from France.

In a vivid example of life imitating art, Arabs in Jerusalem are rioting today, burning cars and attempting to break into Hadassah Hospital after one of their own was killed when he was caught in the midst of a car robbery during which he ran over a policeman.

It will be interesting to see if France learns from Israel or if Israel learns from France how to put an end to these Arab riots.
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I am debating as to what to write about this excerpt from Haaretz :

The Jewish public's pessimism can apparently be ascribed to the state of affairs today, which leads an overwhelming majority of 74 percent to expect that even if Israel withdraws from all the territories beyond the Green Line and the occupation ends, Palestinian violence will not stop and may even intensify.

The ramifications of this poll are tremendous.

An incredible majority of Jews today understand that Arab violence against Israel not only won’t end but will even intensify no matter what we give them.

Yet what does that say about the Israeli government and people that keeps repeating the same wrong solutions and mistakes.

There are so many things to write about this, but I will pass the baton to Jameel and hear what he has to say later today.
Saturday, November 05, 2005
A few days ago a Leftist (formerly religious-lite) friend asked me a strange question.

He was concerned that the disengagement may have shaken my faith.

To be honest, I still don’t understand his question.

But I’ve been thinking about it a lot since he asked.

I’ve been wondering if his understanding and conceptualization of Torah, Judaism and G/d is so simplistic that he believed my commitment to G/d and Torah might be in someway be compromised simply because certain people managed to do something very evil.

The more I ponder his question, the more I’ve come to realize that Leftists in general have this incredibly childish, patronizing outlook towards G/d, Judaism and religions in general (particularly their own).

That is why they overreacted when we nearly had a Parah Adumah a few years ago, that is why they don’t want Jews to pray on Har HaBayit, and that is why they keep misunderstanding what this war in Israel is really about - and how to end it.

Most importantly, it’s why they repeatedly keep pushing inappropriate solutions on the rest of us that merely bring about more and more deaths.

When, surprise, their messianic peace doesn’t arrive, they face severe cognitive dissonance and react like every other shaken cultist who’s UFO didn’t appear on schedule – and at that point there's no more sense to their beliefs at all and they simply become fanatical and fixated.

They’ve adopted a simplistic religion to match their simplistic outlooks while building up convoluted theories as to why everything hasn’t happened as it should have (generally blaming religious Jews and/or Settlers).

Perhaps the first step in their Kiruv is to wake them to the fact that the world is much more complex than their mantra, “Peace Now” and their spaceship isn't coming.
Thursday, November 03, 2005
Jameel woke me to catch the tail end of Channel 2’s pseudo-investigative show discussing discrepancies in the various reports concerning Rabin’s death – specifically the ballistic information.

I only saw the tailend of the video, but it seems that a bullet (hole and/or wound) is either missing or unexplained, and one expert concludes that the hole in the front of the shirt was created when someone used Rabin’s body as an ashtray to snuff out their cigar or cigarette (after he was dead).

Unfortunately, apparently the entire show and the panel afterward concentrated on only that discrepancy and not the many others that have been brought to light.

It was very clear that Hess (Israel's chief pathologist and the guy who over the years has been constantly connected to very strange stories regarding dead bodies he’s touched all over, as well as various missing body parts) didn’t do a very professional job (unless he was part of a cover-up).

My favorite line was MK Ephraim Sneh’s, where he said there are 2 truths. The historical truth that Yigal Amir killed Rabin due to right-wing incitement, and the ballistic report truth which is irrelevant to the historical truth - sort of like, don't confuse me with the facts.

Obviously the only point of the Channel 2 show was to make sure the public knows that that it was Yigal Amir and there was no conspiracy.

Which in my eyes they completely failed to do, no matter how many times they repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated that everyone accepts that only Amir was the murderer (except for Sneh who also blamed everyone on the right).

It’s time we put an end to this controversy.

Clearly the only solution is to exhume Rabin’s body.

In fact, Ariel Sharon has an entire unit of soldiers that are now experts in that.

Dig him up. Let’s see the truth for ourselves.
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Visiting Paris (France) this week one would think one has entered the West Bank.

If you haven’t been following the news, Arabs in over 9 Paris suburbs have been rioting for the past week.

This includes throwing rocks, burning cars and buildings, Molotov cocktails thrown at a local town hall, and even shooting at policemen with real bullets!

Police responded with tear gas grenades being shot into a Mosque and rubber bullets at the rioters.

There are reports of 2 dead Arabs so far (who managed to kill themselves while breaking out of the police station).

Nor is this the first time that Paris has seen such Arab riots.

And the Arab excuse…

“We’re angry. We’re being humiliated,” claim various Arabs interviewed in the French local media.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

All I can say is:

"PM Villepin, you must act with restraint. You must stop this cycle of violence involving your police forces.

The Arab population must not be humiliated or angered anymore. There are understandable viewpoints on both sides, but France, being the occupier must act with restraint otherwise we will demand that 3rd party forces will be introduced into your region.

In fact, I've requested a UN peacekeeping mission be sent in right away."

But to top it off, I want to remind our favorite French people that when the 10 million+ Arabs (and growing) living in France demand autonomy, or better yet, an Arab state in Paris, I will fully support their demand.

In the meantime I fully laud any plans for a unilateral withdrawal from the Eifel Tower and surrounding occupied neighborhoods by the French government.
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