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Sunday, November 27, 2005
A number of posters responded to a JPost article with comments that they could never make Aliyah after the disengagement.

This is my response to them. It is clearly a subject I will need to explore further in the future:

Yes, this government did something very evil, and yes the same players will try to do more evil after March.

But don’t stop your Aliya because of them. Make Aliyah despite them.

We need American Jews that don’t roll over when a government says so. We need Jews in Israel that understand concepts like democracy, representation, and civil rights and will demand them.

Israelis are a passive/submissive people. Too large a large number meekly accept and submit to whatever is thrown at them (high taxes, disengagement, terrorism).

We need Jews who are awake and will stand up. Join us and be one of those willing to make a difference.

It’s not always easy, but living in the Land of Israel is both a great mitzvah and vitally central to the future of the Jewish people all over the world.

You may legally need to be an Israeli to live in the State of Israel, but you can still be a proud Jew in the Land of Israel.


Soccer Dad said...

As wrong as disengagement is it is all the more reason that we should make Aliyah. As much as you fault the government, you should be faulting us who fight from the sidelines.

Yes my wife and I hope to make Aliyah. But until we do we can't make a real difference.

Do I like to admit that I'm AWOL at an important time in the history of Israel? No. But it's true.

Batya said...

Everyone makes a difference.

It's our Land, and we can't abandon it to those who don't treasure it.

JoeSettler said...

Revolution and major changes are normally a cumulative thing. They build up slowly until one moment you suddenly reaches a tipping point. Sort of like the “Don’t spill the beans” game you probably played as a child.

Everyone makes a difference.
True, there may be one or two identifiable beans that actually tip over the pot, but without the rest of the beans before them, those beans would have no direct effect.

Just being here makes a difference, helping us reach critical mass.

You want to be one of the last beans. We all do, but the reality is that we can only add our influence.

Obviously, sometimes if you keep working at it (or get lucky) you can make yourself into a big, heavy bean; or sometimes you can place yourself in a strategic spot near the edge (if you can identify it).

In short, you can guess what I had for dinner last night.

Meanwhile, get yourselves over here. Now.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Joe. One of the really inspiring things to 'Sabra' Israelis was seeing a 'Westerner' who actually made Aliyah and volunteered for the full service in the IDF; it's something they repeatedly remarked on: "If only there were more like you!", and also changed their attitude quite a bit [in important things].

See, we ['Westerners'] have much more profound influence on 'Sabras' [even 'rabid-leftist' types, especially them, because they so want to be us] than say, an 'East Bloc Goy' who was dragged to Israel by Rabin from the collapsing soviet union.

The only problem is that there aren't more of us, and I think this is the big thing that many G-d fearing, 'nationalist' Jews who don't make Aliyah will have to answer for [much more important, in my opinion, then if Bereishit is a myth or not, and all that waste-of-brainpower and life which is torturing many golus 'righteous' ones]


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