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Thursday, November 24, 2005
My first thought was that Sharon would be leaving a ticking bomb behind him when he left the Likud. Scorched Earth and all.

He would use his self-appointed Likud Central Committee members (1000 members who make up 1/3 of the committee) to do something he perceive as damaging to the Likud, perhaps having them all vote for Feiglin for Likud leadership.

Checking out the Haaretz today I learned that Sharon is even more subtle.

To our surprise, his man Mofaz didn’t jump ship with Sharon. To remind you, Mofaz is the Defense Minister who loyally and eagerly implemented the Sharon Disengagement plan to create Jewish refugees.

It turns out that Mofaz has set up a major clandestine network inside the Likud (ostensibly for the day Sharon retires) to help him get elected PM.

So if Mofaz’s plan succeeds we now have an answer to the question as to how Sharon plans to set up his coalition.

He’ll have his B-list poodles in “Kedima”, while remotely running the Likud though his real right-hand man.

What a shame that Sharon has turned to the dark side of the force.


Batya said...

Yes, we agree, but it's not only Mofaz.

Ezzie said...

Interesting - I also noticed Mofaz was sticking around, though it's not incredibly smart. Mofaz is not incredibly likely to win the Likud's #1 seat; and not having Mofaz with him will hurt Sharon a bit in his bid to win with Kedima. More likely, having Mofaz high in the Likud will make it easier to form a government which encompasses both the Likud and Kedima - whomever wins.

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