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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I am debating as to what to write about this excerpt from Haaretz :

The Jewish public's pessimism can apparently be ascribed to the state of affairs today, which leads an overwhelming majority of 74 percent to expect that even if Israel withdraws from all the territories beyond the Green Line and the occupation ends, Palestinian violence will not stop and may even intensify.

The ramifications of this poll are tremendous.

An incredible majority of Jews today understand that Arab violence against Israel not only won’t end but will even intensify no matter what we give them.

Yet what does that say about the Israeli government and people that keeps repeating the same wrong solutions and mistakes.

There are so many things to write about this, but I will pass the baton to Jameel and hear what he has to say later today.


Ze'ev said...

Joe, the baton has been passed once again...

Help! I've been infected by the Mesorah Bug

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