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Saturday, November 05, 2005
A few days ago a Leftist (formerly religious-lite) friend asked me a strange question.

He was concerned that the disengagement may have shaken my faith.

To be honest, I still don’t understand his question.

But I’ve been thinking about it a lot since he asked.

I’ve been wondering if his understanding and conceptualization of Torah, Judaism and G/d is so simplistic that he believed my commitment to G/d and Torah might be in someway be compromised simply because certain people managed to do something very evil.

The more I ponder his question, the more I’ve come to realize that Leftists in general have this incredibly childish, patronizing outlook towards G/d, Judaism and religions in general (particularly their own).

That is why they overreacted when we nearly had a Parah Adumah a few years ago, that is why they don’t want Jews to pray on Har HaBayit, and that is why they keep misunderstanding what this war in Israel is really about - and how to end it.

Most importantly, it’s why they repeatedly keep pushing inappropriate solutions on the rest of us that merely bring about more and more deaths.

When, surprise, their messianic peace doesn’t arrive, they face severe cognitive dissonance and react like every other shaken cultist who’s UFO didn’t appear on schedule – and at that point there's no more sense to their beliefs at all and they simply become fanatical and fixated.

They’ve adopted a simplistic religion to match their simplistic outlooks while building up convoluted theories as to why everything hasn’t happened as it should have (generally blaming religious Jews and/or Settlers).

Perhaps the first step in their Kiruv is to wake them to the fact that the world is much more complex than their mantra, “Peace Now” and their spaceship isn't coming.


Anonymous said...

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