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Sunday, November 20, 2005

A friend, Robert Klein of Beer Sheva, pointed out this article.

A soldier was arrested for providing 3 guns to Palestinian Terrorist Organizations.

To quote Robert:

"Now if he had provided, say, 50,000 guns, that'd be called a peace process."

Personally I think the guy should get the Nobel prize just for the effort. Why should Shimon share it alone?

Maybe Candy&Rice could have him join her staff.

Jobs this guy is now qualified for:

  • Prime Minister of Israel
  • Israeli Minister of Defense
  • Israeli Foreign Minister
  • Israeli Peace Negotiator
  • U.S. Peace Mediator
  • Yitzchak Rabin imitator
  • Nobel Prize winner
  • Prime Minsterial candidate in the upcoming elections


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: I posted a minute earlier than you, and also gave credit to Robert.

Try to post faster next time.


yitz said...

Joe, you wrote:

Jobs this guy is now qualified for...Yitzchak Rabin imitator

Does that mean, that proportionally, someone's gonna shoot off his left pinky fingernail??? And that this someone is from his own party, but somehow it will be staged as if it's from the opposition???

JoeSettler said...

Yeah, but instead of Herzeliya, he'll be from Rishon L'Tziyon.

Wait a minute, that was a few months ago.

Reminds me of the joke with Carmi Gillon calling Leah Rabin...

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