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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Visiting Paris (France) this week one would think one has entered the West Bank.

If you haven’t been following the news, Arabs in over 9 Paris suburbs have been rioting for the past week.

This includes throwing rocks, burning cars and buildings, Molotov cocktails thrown at a local town hall, and even shooting at policemen with real bullets!

Police responded with tear gas grenades being shot into a Mosque and rubber bullets at the rioters.

There are reports of 2 dead Arabs so far (who managed to kill themselves while breaking out of the police station).

Nor is this the first time that Paris has seen such Arab riots.

And the Arab excuse…

“We’re angry. We’re being humiliated,” claim various Arabs interviewed in the French local media.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

All I can say is:

"PM Villepin, you must act with restraint. You must stop this cycle of violence involving your police forces.

The Arab population must not be humiliated or angered anymore. There are understandable viewpoints on both sides, but France, being the occupier must act with restraint otherwise we will demand that 3rd party forces will be introduced into your region.

In fact, I've requested a UN peacekeeping mission be sent in right away."

But to top it off, I want to remind our favorite French people that when the 10 million+ Arabs (and growing) living in France demand autonomy, or better yet, an Arab state in Paris, I will fully support their demand.

In the meantime I fully laud any plans for a unilateral withdrawal from the Eifel Tower and surrounding occupied neighborhoods by the French government.


Cosmic X said...

Exactly what I am thinking!

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