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Monday, November 28, 2005

Jameel and I were discussing other people’s blogs (opb).

This is anything but an endorsement; it's just a list of a few blogs I tend to check out more regularly than others (obviously not meant to insult anyone not mentioned, of course).

And while not a blog, this is one of the most interesting Torah Drasha sites I’ve come across.

The comments section is now open to anyone that wants to mention their pro-Israel, pro-Jewish blog (your own, not someone else's). I assume Elchanon will be first.


Cosmic X said...

I'm flattered. Thanks.

Ezzie said...


Kidding. Jameel (or was it Ze'ev? No - Jameel...) actually pointed me to your blog recently - you don't post as often, but the quality of your points is excellent. Keep it up.

Ze'ev said...

Joe, thanks for the mention...

You write that this is a joint list of blogs that you and Jameel read... How come The Muqata is listed, but not Joe Settler?

Does that mean that you read Jameel's blog, but that he doesn't read yours?

JoeSettler said...

ze'ev: The one's I look at.
Jameel has a ton listed on the Muqata's sidebar.
I'm more discriminating. :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Zeev: I read joe settler's blog hourly!

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