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Monday, October 31, 2005
This is completely off-topic, but so strange that I felt the need to comment on it.
I might take this post down later as it is really out of place in this blog.

But what is going on between the Yigal Amir family and our Leading Leftists?

Is it simply the anticipation of the upcoming November 4th RabinFest celebrations, or is there something more happening behind the scenes?

For the past two weeks, newspapers have been reporting instigative remarks coming from the Amir family and even more inciteful responses from our leading Leftists.

Each side is publicly demanding the death of their opponents, but today our leading Leftists notched it up a step by expanding the argument and openly demanding that Freedom of Speech be taken away from everyone whom they find offensive – not just the Amirs.

I presume that could eventually even mean you (my readers) or me. (See Jameel’s blog on Shimon Peres’s new goals which were made around the same time Peres was denouncing the IDF for trying to stop Islamic Jihad in Northern Samaria).

But then what totally blew today completely out of proportion was Yigal Amir’s surprise demand for a new trial.

On what basis you may ask?

His prime objection being the discrepencies and contradictions within Rabin’s medical records, the ballistic reports, the Kepler video, (and his own actions).

Suddenly he claims he wasn’t the actual killer.

Go figure.

I personally don’t put much weight in “C”-word theories, but I sure would like to know what’s going on behind the scenes right now, and while we’re at it, how did Carmi Gillon, the man who personally failed to save the Prime Minister (and ran agent provocateur Avisahi Raviv) end up with a series of cushy government jobs like ambassador and then mayor?


Anonymous said...

Carmi was far away from the crime scene (in New Zealand) the day Rabin was killed.

In fact, when he called Leah Rabin to offer his condolences, the surprised Leah asked him, "What are you talking about? Yitzchak is sitting right here next to me in the apartment."

Carmi exclaimed, "Oops, I forgot about the time zone difference!"

JoeSettler said...

You forgot the rest of the punchline.,,

Carmi exclaimed, "Oops, I forgot about the time zone difference! I'll call you again later."

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