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Thursday, October 27, 2005
U.S. policy of Regime Change for non-democratic governments and Israel’s support for it both fall apart when discussing countries such as Egypt and Jordan.

Suddenly, stable dictators (who are our “friends”) are off-limits to this policy, and yet perhaps it is these countries that need it the most – particularly Jordan, for there to be peace.

I needn’t go back far in history to demonstrate how Mandatory Palestine included Jordan.

Nor can I ignore that more than 80-85% of the Jordanian population defines themselves as Palestinian. Even their crown prince is half Palestinian.

It’s enough for the Jordanian-Hashemite (minority) dictator to be deposed or step down and a democratic election be held, to instantly create a secular Palestinian state in the Middle East.

Yet, this idea is not suggested – it is even deplored.

In a Jerusalem Post interview a few months ago, the Israeli government’s Dore Gold declared that having a stable dictatorship like the despotic Hashemite Jordan on our Eastern border as being indispensable to peace.

To quote Dore directly: “...every Israeli hopes the Hashemite Kingdom [will] stay there for ever...”!

Nevertheless, Dore will willingly accept a State of Palestine on our eastern border - as long as it is on our side of the Jordan River.

Does that make sense?

Obviously not.

Unfortunately, beyond lip service (and in Jordan's case, not even that), both the U.S. and Israeli government have not internalized President Bush’s policy of promoting democracy in the Middle East.

It's difficult to promote peace when your policies are selective and arbitrary.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe - Do you honestly expect Dore Gold to openly adopt a policy against Jordan, now that Israel has an official peace treaty with Jordan?

Don't be so sure that he really doesn't like your position, but the same as the "Omega Plan" is anonymous, you can be sure he's not going to attach his name to anything.

NG said...

Turning the Hashemite Entity into any sort of PLO state is a terrible idea. How then would Jews be able to settle the East Bank?

JoeSettler said...

ng: True. Very true.

Let me qualify the post by defining it as a short-term, immediate solution.

Anonymous said...

benny elon's "right road to peace" is the best answer.

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