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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I was rereading the Omega Group’s alternative plan to the Disengagement, and while I don’t 100% agree with their solution I was very impressed by how dead-on accurate their analysis was.

For example, just look at the faults listed in the plan. Except for #3 (so far, but let's see) everything else (particularly #6) has already proved itself true.

Faults with the Prime Minister's Disengagement Plan
Those faults are:

- 1. Capitulation to terrorism.

- 2. The expulsion of Jews is inherently immoral and racist.

- 3. The expulsion of Jews sets precedents in other countries as being acceptable behavior.

- 4. The one-sided expulsion of Jews threatens the social unity of Israel and undermines morale.

- 5. Zero penalty to the Palestinian leadership and terrorist organizations.

- 6. No solution to the "Philadelphia Route" security issues with regard to defense and the easy access via tunnels and border crossings for weapons, drugs and terrorist smuggling.

- 7. No solution to the "occupation" issue leaving us back where we started.

- 8. No solution to the festering refugee camps leaving an underlying aspect of the problem to flourish.

Their plan would have turned all these issues into non-issues.

Well there’s a document that is totally irrelevant now.


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