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Thursday, September 15, 2005
In a recent conversation, Jameel pointed out to me a very unusual nivuah which I am trying to verify. I will correct this entry as I get more valid information.

Ten years ago, Rabbi Baruch Shapira ZT”L said that in ten years Gaza will be cleared of all Jews, and all Jewish homes and synagogues will be destroyed.

Then there will be an earthquake which will cause a tsunami and wipe out all of Gaza.

That’s all I have so far, and the source and quote are still unverified.

More to come as I verify the story.

My friend Steve pointed this one out this nivuah to me from around 2000 years ago. I've taken the liberty to repost it without his interpretations.

Dr. Yosef M. Tabak also has his own interpretation. It's interesting, but I don't agree with him 100% either.

What is very interesting is that Dr. Tabak translates "Generations" instead as "bonfires" or "plowed furrows" - both accurate descriptions for what happened to the Gazan synagogues.

From Devarim (Deuteronomy) 34:3 - Targum Yonatan Ben-Uziel (written some two-thousand years ago) in Aramaic:

It will be that the king of the South will join with the king of the North to attack the citizens of the land;

and the Ammonites and the Moavites that live in the Camps (or Plains) that cause distress to the welfare of Israel;

and the deportation of the disciples of Eliyahu that were expelled from the Jordan Valley;

and the expulsion of the disciples of Elisha that were transferred from Dekel Village (Neve Dekalim)

by the hands of their Israeli brothers
- 200,000 people;

and it will be when the anguish of every generation and the visitations of Evil Incarnate/Armalgos/Armilus and the series of battles of Gog, and during that period of the terrible pain -

- then will Michael arise, with the seed of the Redem ption.

A forecast like that reminds me of the story of Rabbi Akiva.

When the Temple was destroyed and they saw the results, all the Rabbis cried except Rabbi Akiva, who instead laughed.

They asked him why he was laughing.

He answered, "If the first half of the nivuah came true about the destruction, then the second half will come true about the Redem ption."


JoeSettler said...

Unfortunately, so far I have only come up with recent third-party references to the first prophecy.

Nothing that can be reliably used to validate the dating and content of the statements.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hey Joe: If he laughed by the Romans torching the beit HaMikdash, Rabbi Akiva must be really be having a hysterical fit after seeing Sharon and the IDF destroy Gaza's Jewish community.

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