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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
I wonder who is more afraid of the Jordan is Palestine concept. The Israeli Left or the Kingdom of Jordan.

More than 80% of the Jordanian population is "Palestinian".

As a result 80% of Jordanian residents are treated as second-class citizens. Their dictator, King Abdullah, who is from the 20% minority is occupying "Palestine".

Yesterday the Right ran a conference that proposed various alternative solutions to the Palestinians "problem". It was very successful and a number of realistic and creative ideas were put forward.

MK Aryeh Eldad (Ichud Leumi) proposed an idea as a bill in the Knesset.

MK Eldad called his plan “Two States for Two Nations on Two Banks of the Jordan.”

His parliamentary motion against the establishment of a Palestinian state was ratified by 53 MKs against nine and the matter was referred to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

King Abdullah, sensing a threat to his dictatorship went ballistic. After all, any official discussion of an idea like that could trigger a revolution by 80% of his residents.

Because he knows it's right.

But the Israeli Left went ballistic too.

They continue to prefer to ignore that a Palestinian State, especially with the return the refugees and their descendants - who would be forced by gunpoint out of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, etc. into this new state, would create a tiny State so unstable that the entire region would be engulfed in war.

They are locked into their dead-end vision and can't see any other alternative.

But the reality is that the creation of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is not what is driving them.

What is driving them is solely the idea of relinquishing control over J&S because of its historical and religious importance to the Jewish people.

That is why, even if you manage to find a leftist willing to consider the Jordan is Palestine concept, they always want to throw in Judea and Samaria too. Incredible.

But of course, they still don't want the religious Jews living near them, whether it be in Ramat Aviv, Yafo, or even the Negev - as I have been discussing these past few weeks.

It comes down to it that the far Left is driven primarily by anti-Religious motivations, and the Palestinians/Arabs are simply the tool they are using in their battle.


Anonymous said...


The shrimp in Jordan is always going ballistic. Plus, in Iraq, the "titular head of the Saudi Kingdom, got installed, and killed, way back.

So the saud's have used their money to create wahabism. And, no one holds them accountable. Dubya didn't.

What's striking? Obama has taken up Dubya's republican programs! Yes, every time you hear "two-state" solution; you'd know Condi Rice and Bush both tried to sell this stinker. AND FAILED!

Okay. So, within the democratic party there are people, now, with their jaws dropping. Let's call them "voters."

Way back in 1976, when Jimmy Carter first appeared, he appealed to Jews and religious Christians, ALIKE!

4 years later? The Jews and the Christians jumped ship. And, the "old man" Reagan, won the White House. In 1994, as time moves slowly, the republicans also took over the Congress. Which the elder Bush BLEW!

Just in case you don't think that "backstage" has an inability to read mood changes in the audience; I happen to believe the opposite.

Again, until you see a candidate that can convince Americans of their leadership skills; you get the problems mounting up.

All over, the problems are mounting up.

Today, over at Michael Totten, he's running the story of "THE MOTHER OF ALL MYTHS" being the BS about the 2-State Solution.

Oh. As Lincoln said: You just can't fool all the people all of the time.

And, politics STINKS. Obama has the power to be a horse's ass. And, Americans have had this view inside the White House since Eisenhower (who was no better than George McClellan); became the "I LIKE IKE" candidate who ran with no GOP controls. Except for Nixon. Who should NEVER have qualified!

Of course, you have Livni. Same boat. And, you have Bibi under fire from a divided constituency, where the media LIES. I still think Bibi will come out okay. He makes it appear he's not angry.

The key to defeating the crazy media complex is not to let them portray you as angry.

You don't want to see your surgeons angry. And, angry generals lose support.

And, the arabs? They mount terrorist activites. They're cowardly. And, they are divided.

Even with the Shi'a rising. They won't be able to sustain victories. While death is their game.

When religions go nuts, in time, real believers disappear.

Won't help the women who are born into muslim households. But even they can find ways to produce fewer children. The day that begins, the tides will rotate out.

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