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Monday, May 25, 2009
Once again Apartheid has reared its ugly head in Israel.

Deputy Speaker of the House Ahmed Tibi has forbidden the entrance of Morton Klein, chairman of Likud USA from entering the Knesset.

So let's get this straight... an Arab MK, who holds a senior Israeli government position, is blocking a Jewish Likud party official from entering the parliament building of the Jewish(?) state.

Another example of Arab Apartheid dreams, and yet another good reason to kick this enemy of the State out of the Knesset and the country.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rivlin is on the job, and will soon take care of this disgrace.

UPDATE: Arutz-7 has more details of this event, including that Tibi kicked out 2 Jews from the Knesset, not 1. The second confronted Tibi in a lie that he was propogating.


Mike in Tel Aviv said...

Morton Klein is nothing more than an American arm chaired zionist, maybe Tibi has a valid point

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