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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
That's it. There's not much left you can do to stop the Chareidi Jews. So you might as well kill them.

The complaints have been heard to heaven about how they are taking over Jerusalem and they need to be stopped.

When they try to move to Tel Aviv, they are told they aren't wanted there.

So what's left?

What's left is they try to move far away from everyone else.

So they try to move to the Negev.

In fact, they are trying to form their own 50,000 strong city called Kasif and populate that neglected and nearly empty stretch of land that the Bedouins are often trying to grab by creating facts on the ground.


Suddenly, the idea that everyone has been pushing for, which has been about expanding the Negev, creating new Garins, bringing Jews down there, and building it up is suddenly not such a good idea (in this case).

You see, there are people in the Negev that also dislike Chareidim and their lifestyle, so they are fighting this plan.

Ho hum.

To be fair, some are demanding that the Chareidim move to the existing towns that are half-empty and not at all right for the Chareidi lifestyle, because those towns are half-empty and many people there would love for someone to actually want to buy their house so they can move out.

But what can you do, that idea doesn't appeal to them at all.

It's all their fault, they're also going to destroy the environment.


Anonymous said...


Judaism thrived through worse times.

And,there was a branching out. Not just orthodoxy, but movements encompassing successful orientations. To conservatives (who wanted to sit with their wives. And, who wanted their daughters educated, as well.) To reform. Who argued Moses didn't write up the whole shibang.

When the 2nd Temple was destroyed, you didn't have rabbis! (So calling Jesus a rabbi is a huge mistake!) However, what did happen is that the BOOK OF JUBILEES, which is in the Dead Sea Scrolls, was pushed out. Around the beginning of the 300's. Here, you'll discover that rabbis begin. First, by shifting away from the SUN calendar (which is how the priests at the temple got their "divinity" rites.) To the moon calendar, which blossomed for the rabbis. Who reinterpreted the Torah's sacrificial laws, into one of STUDY.

And, like all things. Just as the Catholic Church met fate, and Martin Luther. You went from one church, to many Christian sects.

You even get to America with pilgrims who didn't like the "lax-ness" in England; and hence, they set out to find a new land. Where they could practice their faith, in strict obedience.

Then? Their kids decided to enter the thicket of forests; rather than stay put on Plymouth Rock. The kids weren't as religious.

And, if you think "the old time religion" can be contained; the truth is that children grow up. And, rebel. And, it's welcome news that you can breathe new life into some of the old dictats.

It makes for interesting reading.

While I just read that the Israeli Supreme Court has opened the door to state revenues for non-orthodoxy. It's a new beginning.

Politics? Now that won't solve the issue. Because you can't force people to believe.

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