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Monday, May 11, 2009
There are hints coming out that the negative attitudes towards "Settlers" may more be related to our being identifiably religious as opposed to our living "over the green line" and the "occupation".

Recently the Israel Lands Authority ran a tender to develop a neighborhood in Yafo (which is next door to Tel Aviv, and well within the Green Line the last time I checked).

The winner was the real estate development company "Bemuna" (absolutely not to be confused with Amana).

Now whatever you might think of Bemuna (and there are people and city councils with some very strong opinions about them, and if you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I mean) they aren't exactly a settler movement, but rather a very much for for-profit company that builds neighborhoods for religious Jews all over the country. In fact, far more in pre-67 Israel than post-67 Israel.

Yet here comes YNET and starts claiming that Settlers are trying to create a Jewish Settlement in the predominantly (but not exclusively) Arab neighborhood/town of Yafo.

Now I'm not sure what makes this a settlement.

Is it that the target residents are primarily young, dati-leumi, religious Jews looking for inexpensive housing near the center of the country and Tel Aviv, or is it because some people find it illegal/ immoral / undesirable that Jews might live in an area that also houses Arabs, even in the center of the country, even within the Green line, and even within walking distance to Tel Aviv?

Huh? Isn't there Peace? Or is Yafo now a closed Reservation (and when will gambling and tax-free booze be introduced)?

I hope Peace Now gets involved to prevent this act of occupation.

But at least now it is apparent to all that the problem isn't the Green line, but simply religious Jews, who won a legal tender that was open to all, to buy land near Tel Aviv.

I'm glad we cleared that up.


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