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Sunday, May 31, 2009
It’s interesting; there are two groups of Obamaniacs. The first is thrilled by Obama’s roughshod treatment of Israel and his goals of squeezing and diminishing (and perhaps destroying) Israel. The second are oblivious to everything Obama says and does regarding Israel, or they simply explain it way.

Of course, you can always excuse it on Obama’s habitual flip-flopping - though he really isn’t flip-flopping lately on Israel (so that make’s that answer kind of difficult), and besides, the difference is quite simpler.

The difference between the two groups is not even how far left they are, but simply that the first group is primarily not Jewish, while the second group primarily is.

General Keith Dayton, who is providing advanced training for the PA army (which was involved in a firefight just last week with IDF soldiers), has been strolling around and calling his Arab trained army the Founders of the Palestine State.

He is also working on expanding the size of his army from 3 to 10 battalions, and arm them even better.

Funny how the US is ignoring the Oslo Accords that limit the size of the PA military.

Oh, and Dayton he also made it very clear that if there isn’t a Palestinian State within 2 years, then those US trained forces will deploy against Israel.

Now I don’t know if he is stating that as a fact or as a threat (and a fact), but it would seem to me that if you were a democratic government and you knew that the army you’re training was going to be attacking another democratic government, then I’d be thinking twice about training them… unless attacking Israel is your actual goal.



Anonymous said...


Keith Dayton was dangerous when Dubya put him there! And, he's given the PA machine guns to use. An odd item for a police department!

What's interesting with Obama's policies is that he's taken them from Dubya! (And, yes. The same stuff traveled down through most of the presidencies since Eisenhower.)

You know, when the europeans pushed Jewish women and kids, and men, onto the trains to the concentration camps, the Jews did not fight (except for the Warsaw ghetto's fighting.)

I'm not so sure Israelis are going to behave in the same way. Let alone, what having SOVEREIGNTY means; is that besides Bibi and his government (which can be strengthened, ahead. Because politically Obama's "success" depends on only 51% of voters) ... You also have a Supreme Court. When cases come to them dealing with "natural growth" ... the legal means is to let the judges rule. I doubt if they'll just fold their tents!

For Obama, it's a gambit. He ALWAYS looks to make speeches! He's got nothing else! And, I doubt he gains ground by his obviously muslim endearing behaviors. (He has to keep his 51% happy, remember. And, none of them voted for Bush's policies!)

Heck, he even wants to stick a catholic on the Supreme Court. And, you think this is "smooth sailing?" You think this is a "winning gesture" to Hispanics? Ya know, electing a fish monger to America's highest court just might have a downside.

Even though I don't read tea leaves. We just have to wait things out. Bibi can do that well. He's protected inside the government he's established. While the media? They're at the tail end of successful careers to matter all that much.

If you want 'conversations' you've got to come here to see the variety of opinions.

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