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Monday, June 01, 2009
Ramat Gilad, the hill legally purchased by Moshe Zar 30 years ago is slated for destruction.

You can read about Ramat Gilad (with pictures from last night) here and here.

Barak intends to continue to use his unchanging strategy to destroy this legally purchased hilltop. That strategy is to confuse the residents as to exactly when he plans to rip their legally owned property away from them and tire them out in the process.

First he plans to harass the local resident of Ramat Gilad and the town nearby (Karnei Shomron in this case).

He will release disinformation as to when he plans to destroy it, leaving those defending it tired from running back and forth.

Then he is likely to call for a meeting with Moshe Zar and his supporters to reach a compromise.

Then just when they think he is calling off his plans for destruction because an agreement is being reached, he will send in his troops.

He will probably do it at a time when most people are at work (and certainly after running there back and forth for a few nights in a row).

Alternatively, he will simply use some other disinformation campaign to trick the local residents, and then destroy it.

In other words, he will use some form of deceipt (which is all he is famous for) against citizens of Israel with whom he has a political dispute, to steal and destroy legally owned property because of his extreme Left politics. Typical Barak.

A picture from last night.

The poster says: "Stop Obama's Ethnic Cleansing. Israel isn't Germany!"

In good news, Shvut Ami already rebuilt two structures the army destroyed right after Shabbat.


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