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Sunday, June 07, 2009
Once again we see the same problem rearing its ugly head.

The Right overwhelmingly wins... and then its representatives are afraid to lead and use their power.

In the latest farce to pop up, the government is currently preparing to vote on which MKs will be on the selection committee for judicial appointments.

The committee includes two Knesset members, one from the coalition, and one from the opposition.

David Rotem from Yisrael Beiteinu was selected as the coalition member, and now they are voting between two candidates in the opposition:

The two are MK Roni Bar-On of Kadima, the largest opposition faction, and MK Uri Ariel of the National Union - forced into the opposition by the Likud.

Now quite unbelievably, Likud members are stating they won't vote for Uri Ariel.

This is the opportunity to reshuffle the judiciary. The balance it by introducing judges who don't blindly follow the far left path of Aharon Barak.

Yet, the Likud is afraid to rule, afraid to use their power, afraid to make changes that are necessary and demanded by the people.

God save us.

UPDATE!!!! June 8, 2009: MK Uri Ariel won!

(Perhaps due to something JoeSettler said to someone?)


Anonymous said...


Please! Never let your enemies pick your battlefields! Bibi is smart to say he'll give a speech by the end of the month.

Also, today Lebanon is voting. And, if Hezbollah wins, then Israel won't be pulling out of Garjah. (sp?)

What can America do? Hillary just said Israel can wipe its behind with Bush's letter. But did you know Bush also sent a letter to an angry saud potentate; back in August 2001. Before 9/11. Promising he'd get tough on Israel.

Jimmy Carter does not do a thing for the democrapic party! And, if Israel responds? All this gives the media is a TARGET!

Let Bibi choose how to respond. Stop getting hysterical. The USA cannot force Israel to shift anything! They can't claim to "know where the borders are, either!"

And, yes. There are political costs. If you want me to guess? Hillary just tossed her future on the same pile where you'd find Condi's.

And, yes. Condi was once touted to be the GOP nominee. Until she read the tea leaves wrong, back in the summer of 2006.

Obama is also losing Americans, right and left. His popularity is sinking.

Maybe, there's all this attention on Israel, because the US economy is going down the drain. North Korea had a nuke test, plus missile tests.

And, the media is "one-eyed." By focusing on Israel, they don't have to tell the truth about anything.

Meanwhile, since Hillary says she has no information about the agreements achieved with Arik Sharon and Bush, maybe she should check out her husband's underpants? She'll still find them around his ankles.

Hillary's idea of being tough is to be nasty.

You'll be surprised, ahead, how GOD WORKS IN STRANGE WAYS.

And, just because Obama thinks he's on a winning streak ... he may find out he's gambled "big time" and lost?

Please. Don't jump to conclusions! You're not in Europe. And, every time the arabs thought they were going to kick the Jews out of Israel, they lost. (So, I've come to the conclusion that GOD WORKS IN STRANGE WAYS.)

You think American soldiers feel safe in irak and afgahnistan? They feel safe being "befriended" by the arabs? HELLO!

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