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Sunday, May 10, 2009
With little more than a week to Bibi's upcoming smackdown from Obama, I'm just wondering what the US Jewish and Israeli Orange community are doing to help strengthen Bibi's backbone in what appears will be a series of one-sided ultimatums that can be reduced to the simple question of asking Netanyahu which manner of destruction does he prefer Israel endure.

The dogs have been set loose from J-Street to Rahm Emmanuel. Anti-Semitism and self-loathing are driving the agenda, and historically Bibi isn't strong enough to stand up against such overwhelming pressure.

But if you think about it carefully, you'll realize that when push comes to shove, there is only so much that the US can do to Israel. It certainly can't insert troops and force our surrender.

But Bibi is likely to forget that.

One can only hope that the people with the budgets connect up with the activists with the ideas and present Bibi with a strong and clear message that the worldwide Jewish community stands with him as he opposes Obama (and friends) in their goal to inpose dangerous and destructive solutions on Israel.

Perhaps that will be enough to provide him with the support he needs to do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have much faith that Bibi will stand up to US pressure. The American line has consistantly been a two-state solution. Israel has agreed to this too, so when someone here speaks up about it he/she is looked at as a total fanatic. The very least BiBi can do is insist that the two-state plan does not go forward until the Arabs, Hamas and PA agree that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish State, terror comes to a complete halt and they start building up whatever terrority they control in a normal manner so that their own people can live like human beings.
AND, no more hate Israel propaganda on Arab TV, radio, mosques, etc.
That should stop the two-state solution for at least 100 years.

Anonymous said...


Trust me, it could be worse: Livni could have been going to Washington. But the VOTERS stopped her!

Obama? He's not Jimmy Carter! And, there are realities coming into view; that the Sunni's can end up like the Pakistani's. While, ahead? Iran can veer away from the hated mullahs! But it's "delicate."

Russia and China are also not apt to join America in a "loving circle." Everybody, instead, has their powers of influence.

When the media HOOPLA's stuff? I'm immediately suspicious. Who knows? Aren't they more like the french's vichy government than anything else? So you see stuff in print. But is it true?

Obama wants to become a White Baptist president? Funny, I don't think so. And, I think he's even better than Jack Benny at keeping a straight face.

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