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Friday, September 11, 2009
Today is 8 years since 9/11.

Unfortunately it looks like Islam is still making inroads in the global war on terror (aka the Islamification of Civilization).


Anonymous said...


Oddly enough, up at Glenn Reynolds, today, is an article about GHOST SHIPPING. And, how the shipping container industry is 'dying in the water off Malaysia.' I mention this because Dubai stuck a lot of money into the shipping trades. And, they are on the ropes. Because global economies are tanking.

What once must have looked like "low lying fruit" to the sauds and their cousins, have ramifications for them, that has a "flip side" to the Islam trickery.

I'm not so sure Netanyahu doesn't have choices. His best one (just like FDR's during the isolationist decade in America, prior to Pearl Harbor), is to realize Obama is on a mission. AND, he is also on the ropes.

In American history, when the rag-tag farmers were woken up by Paul Revere, King George had sent 6000 Hessians to terrorize the colonists. Well? The best direction given that day on Bunker Hill was "DON'T SHOOT UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITE'S OF THEIR EYES."

I actually think Bibi is waiting for the most opportune moment. Perhaps it shows up sooner rather than later? I'm just not at his table as a strategist.

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