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Monday, September 21, 2009
Arson has been one of the traditional weapons in the toolbox of Arabs in the Holy Land. Typically they've used it to burn down forests up North, but now they've graduated to bigger and better.

For the second time is about as many weeks, Arab have tried to torch to death Jews living in their homes.

A few weeks ago, a few women (Settlers of course) managed to escape as Arabs torched the building they were in at the time.

Yesterday, on Rosh Hashana, Arabs burned down two homes in Havat Gilad.

Thank God, the 2 families, now homeless, were in Shul at the time, but they lost all their possessions. If this had happened at night, 2 entire families might have been killed.

Havat Gilad (or the Gilad farm) was established on privately owned land belonging to Moshe Zar, following the murder of his son Gilad nearby by Arab terrorists. Gilad Zar was the civilian security chief for the Jewish communities of Shomron.

The farm run by Ittai Zar (young son of Moshe Zar) has grown into a farming village with more than 20 (25?) families and 40 Yeshiva students.

As I've mentioned in the past, Arab terror is clearly escalating.


MAOZ said...

I recall a "Dry Bones" editorial cartoon from way back -- late 80s? -- in the wake of another rash of Arab "nationalistic arson". The character is musing to himself and us something along these lines: "The interesting thing is...that by their readiness to burn up the Land...they show that deep in their hearts it is their belief ... that this is our Land."

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