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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Human Rights Watch has long been known for its strident, one-sided condemnations against Israel.

Marc Garlasco, who headed some of HRW more
avid attacks and one-sided instigations has been outed.

His online identity was just revealed, and this guy is an obsessed collector of Nazi memorabilia. He's proud that his grandfather fought FOR the Nazis.

Do you think there is a connection?

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Anonymous said...

I think so as clearly demonstrated by it,s silence on the Hamas hierarchy sheltering beneath the main
(shifa )hospital during operation cast lead last Novenber/December.
Typical lies and deceit from another discredited leftist organisation.

Anonymous said...

We all remember the two bigwigs in Gaza employed by the UNHRWA ,who continued to lie and deceive the public world wide even when these lies were exposed.Yigal Palmor and the Major Leibovitch ,from the Israeli perspective told only the truth while the two fifth columnists perpetuated their despicable vitriol for all to see.John Ging ,the Irish
bigot professed to knowing about phosphorous and other Israeli ammunition and weapons.How did he know about these things or was he just plain thumb sucking ?

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